Quikestrike's Battle Suit...

Remember in the third season of Beast Wars, when Primal became Optimal Optimus...and the Predacons wanted to take control of his body? All part of the nefarious plot to get the access codes for the Ark. Aaannyyways...part of the plan was to take control of Optimus via a control suit, which was piloted by Quickstrike. I decided to slap one together for the fun of it:

Of course, it's not complete without a Quickstrike figure actually piloting it, so here's our little buddy waving gaily from the cockpit:

Interestingly, if you follow the Universe comics, the Vok took this abandoned control suit, and used the matrix to fashion Primal Prime, who went on to lead the new Wreckers into battle. Later, Primal Prime and ApeLinQ were bonded into one being, called...Sentinel Maximus. ;-) Too-bad the comic series didn't finish.

Notes: Take one Optimal Optimus, removed the gunpod, apehead and wheelpack, slap on a coat of paint, and presto! The platform is made from parts of a toy I never identified (something kinda like kinnex or tinker toys, solid plastic, with bits that looked like the Unicron toys' wings), so I made this and threw out the rest. :-) Quikestrike is made from Quikstrike.