Dairycon 2009 Exclusive!

Allegiance: Dairycon
Name: ToiletBot
Function: Warrior

Quote: "A Clean Toilet is the Right of All Sentient Beings."

The epicenter of the entire Dairycon Universe. Unaware of his origins, the unit designated TB-1, near stasis-lock, scanned the only object in his immediate area: a dirty, broken gas-station toilet. His sparkcore did the rest, providing him with his classic Toiletbot warrior form. Undeniably noble, and instilled with a roll of convictions, he inspires the Dairycons with glorious tales of Cybertron's past. His own past, however, is shrouded in mystery...

Twin toilet-water cannons in chest are accessable to him in each of his three modes: robot, Toilet, and flying jet-toilet. Can launch incendiary paper rolls from his gun in robot mode. Lower torso equipped with titanium drill-turd missles. Can combine his weapons for dramatic effect.

The inability to comprehend his own origins is a source of a chronic processing glitch in his toilet-core. Porcelin bowl torso, being the weakest part of his body, can shatter if hit correctly. Leaks unknown fluids when handle is jiggled.

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Notes: This is the 10th anniversary of Toiletbot. First created in 1999, he is arguably the entire reason the rest of the Dairycons (and the Dairycon Convention) exist. They've all, in one way or another, evolved from this very simple premise:

Transformers are Crap.

If Ass-09 didn't beat the point home, then I expect the appearance of ToiletBot will completely...sorry, but I'm flush out of puns.

For those wanting to be 'in the know', I highly recommend reading Methuselan's Interview and The Myth Behind the Moo for further information.

Toiletbot was an extremely Limited LuckyDraw Exclusive for 2009. Only 6 of the Classic Toiletbot were produced for the Dairycon Convention. History of Toiletbot.

Story of the One True ToiletBot | Super Extremely Limited Gold Lucky Draw Toiletbot Prize