Diorama 6.5 Special Edition

The ones folks actually asked about!

For those following the original Diorama, Diorama II Plastic Hulabaloo, etc I was asked if I had any additional shots. Since I've long since sold off the pieces, I can't take new pics. I did, however, have alternative angles for some of your favorites. In no particular order, here are the ones you asked about:

Oh Dear, we simply *must* do something about your hair!

Mmmmmm.... donuts....

Charlie's WITCH'es? or were you admiring the Wonder of the Gen 13?

Yes, Harley is in-fact goosing the Joker. Talk about 'Action'....

Yes, there are three explicit things going on in this picture.

This angle will probably give you a better perception of what is going on. This would be the perfect time for someone to make a witty comment about Crystarr and the Sith-Lady...

(Lewis writes: 'I'm more interested in why Popeye has *two* cans of spinach... does that power him up to Super-Sailor levels?')

Oh, and to answer your question: as you could see from an earlier picture, and probably figured out by now (with all the images misdirecting you) the trick is is that the Wolverine in the Scuba Gear *is* a real Wolverine figure under the equipment... however, the chrome one wearing the mask is really an IronMan figure. Hope that settles all bets.