Dairycon Exclusive!

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Allegiance: Dairycon
Name: Ticker
Function: Field Medic

Quote: "My touch is your remedy."

TICKER is rumored to have once lived peacefully on the Autobot colony world of Paradron. A visit from the Decepticons shattered her existence, and she reentered the war. Shy and reserved, she is hesitant to take up arms, but will do so to defend herself and her comrades. Believes in healing the mind as well as the body. On Earth, she would be considered a "new-age" healer. Sometimes uses scientifically unproven methods to treat her patients. "Can-do" attitude allows her to make repairs under extreme conditions. Will occasionally treat her enemies as well as her allies. Friends ocassionally refer to her as 'Mary Sue', to her confusion and every one else's amusement.

TICKER transforms into a heavily armored medical shuttle. She can achieve orbit and is capable of interstellar flight. Possesses laser weapons on each wing, and can shoot a neural paralyzer beam from her shutle nosecone that temporarily shuts down the mental processes of it's targets. Her undercarriage has grabber-claws which can be used to quickly retreive injured comrades from the battlefield.

Aside from her relatively weak armaments, her only perceived weakness would be her compassion for her patients.


Notes: Yes, Ticker is a female. There are never enough female characters in any series. This is our attempt to remedy it. As you can see, Ticker has recently undergone a transformation, thanks to Shawn. :-) As with Burning Furry Monkey, Shawn has created a much better figure based on my crummy prototype. Speaking of which, see Ticker's original crummy prototype here.

Ticker, at this time, has not been offered as a Dairycon exclusive figure.