Dairycon Exclusive!

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Allegiance: Dairycon
Name: Spot
Function: Protector

Quote: "Ensuring the Safety of the Humans is Job One"

Originally Hotspot of Protectabot fame. Underwent the Maximal upgrade; choosing to downsize in return for increased power. An accidental overdose of gamma radiation caused his experimental ablative armor to lose cohesion in random spots, creating a permanent blotchy pattern that Hoist was unable to paint over. Discraced, Hotspot changed his name and fled to the Midwest, to continue the fight where he recieves the least amount of ridicule...

Fireball cannons augmented with Blizzard bazooka mounted in ladder assembly. Can freeze targets solid upon contact. Ablative armor, when working, can stop nearly all forms of armor-piercing and electrochemical attack.

Openings in armor suseptable to most forms of attack (amazingly, no one has thought to target him there). Will break down and cry when teased about his new look. Small childrens' taunts hurt him the most, as they normally love firetrucks otherwise. "You look smaller in person than in pictures," and "You're not a REAL fire truck...you're blue, and not big enough." Size matters.


Notes: This is a prototype; the final version can be found here.