Allegiance: Cybertonain
Name: Rodimus
Function: Protector
Quote: "Experience is the Benchmark of Maturity."

Hot Rod to the ultimate degree. Reformatted by the Oracle into this version of Rodimus, he possesses great power and wisdom. His sole purpose is to determine the Right Path for Cybertron. Gifted with the powers of Vector Sigma and the Allspark, as well as having the Oracle energy contained within the Matrix, Rodimus has the power to reshape Cybertron itself. He is likened to Primus himself by others. The Oracle looks to further this belief in both Rodimus and the other Cybertonians.

Note: Please read the fanfic Crime and Punishment for the background story on this kitbash.

Able to manipulate and reshape time, space, and energy to his whim. Thru the Allspark, is connected with every Cybertonain on the planet, as well as the planet Cybertron itself. The Oracle energy contained within the Matrix allows him to create new transformer life thru mere will.

As the purported reincarnation of Primus, the transformers' living God, he has a great passion for all of his 'children.' As such, this compassion is percieved as his only weakness.