Ultimate Gravitybots Prime!

Whoa. Heavy.

It seems like every time we turn around, old Optimus is either dying or getting upgraded.

A slightly less popular notion has been of the downgrade- Optimus is still with us, but now he's a computer game, or a records clerk, or a dockworker. Thanks to some plucky teenagers or nebulons or aerialbots, Optimus is restored in the nick of time.

In what can only be described as a popular economics, marketing, what-have-you move, Optimus as a toy has been reduced in rank from Prime to Maximus - except that he can pilot his Maximus form as Prime (and have his friends with him in the gobots powersuit fashion).

I certainly won't pay 31 dollars retail for that, much less 81 dollars online. Instead, I think about the toys we already have.

A trip to the Goodwill store, and $1.50 later, we can make our very own Optimus Maximus:

Wow! Look at that. A large Optimus, operated by a smaller optimus.

Seems familiar, huh?

But wait! This optimus can also separate from his larger form...

aaand have it with him. Just like the other one, It 'transforms' because we say it does!

Still not impressed? How about this: our optimus can also carry his friends around with him:

...just like the other one!

If that isn't enough to convince you, our optimus *also* is ecologically friendly - he's super-powered via a small pullback motor:

Hah! Take *that*, optimus Maximus! Our Ultimate Gravitybots Prime wins, hands down. It's cheaper, does exactly the same thing as the other one (more, really), and we recycled.

I hear the nobel prize committee calling. They must have heard about the time I invented the internet.