Transmetal Garfield!

Yes, everyone's favorite tubby-tabby has a new look! A quantum surge from a microwave-heated Lasanga has transformed the fat-cat into a meched-out metal warrior! He is transformed!

Garfield comes standard-equipped with all these super-enhanced abilities:

But don't worry that all this new power has gone to Garfield's head. Inside, he's still the same lovable cat we've always known:

Affiliation: Himself
Name: Garfield
Function: None that we're aware of

Quote: "I'm Fat, I'm Lazy, and I'm Proud of IT!

Garfield is a true (armchair) warrior at heart. Ever willing to tackle a buffet, Garfield stands ready to consume any food, anytime, anywhere.

In robot mode, Garfield can spot lasanga baking from up to two miles away. With one push, he is able to send small dogs off a kitchen table. He can mail a kitten to Abu Dhabi in under 2.5 seconds, and his powerful Anchovie Breath can knock over an 18-wheeler. In feline mode, Garfield can shred a chair with his powerful claws, which are also useful for hanging on window screens.

Garfield is susceptable to naps in feline mode. He is also prone to over-fueling, which can leave him immobile for hours.