Canadian Motormaster Error-tech!

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Allegiance: Autobot
Name: Motormaster
Function: Ballerina

Quote: "These wheels are made for dancing."

No one in theatre is colder and crueler. Shows no mercy to those who share the stage with him. Seeks to destroy Optimus Prime so that he can claim to be the, "Lord of the Dance." Uses Cyclone gun to pirouette at up to 400 miles per hour. With fellow troupe-members, combines to form DanceFever.

Notes: This is NOT my fault. :-) Maz and Dan were joking on Autocon about the variations on motormaster box-art that Esteban was showing us. They suggested this character. I think they did it on-purpose, just to send me over the edge...after seeing the result of their discussion, and this tech, Esteban was quoted as saying, " I remember the episode where the Canadian Stunticons first appeared-"The Key to Saturday Night Fever". The explosive finale that had Prime and Motormaster in a dance-off under the Vector Sigma disco ball was classic." -Steve

(See Also: Disco-Prime)