"Violence will not be tolerated...TankorHawk SMASH!"

by Fred's Workshop

TankorHawk is a bizarre clone-fusion of Beast Wars Tigerhawk, and Beast Machines Tankor. Reviled by his own impure existance. Longs for his pure techno-form. Doesn't like fighting, and will fly into a rage when something (or someone) upsets him, destroying everything within reach. Belongs to no faction, but usually ends up helping the Maximal cause. As a fused techno-organic being, he's hunted down by Megatron and the Vehicons. The Maximals know enough to give him a wide berth...

TankorHawk comes with a bizarre assortment of powers and weapons to aid him in his cause; several projectile guns, a pair of blunt smashing tools, and a bot-rending saw, capable of cutting through enemy armor with one swipe. Has also been known to tear his opponents apart (bare-handed) with his titanium claws. When he loses his temper, weather patterns in his immediate area go crazy, causing widespread destruction all around him; torrential storms and hurricane-sized winds batter all those around him.

Originally thoughtful, intelligent, meditative...now surly, short-tempered, and very strong...TankorHawk searches for an end to the creators of his mutated existance, and a return to his pure technological form. Stay out of his way.