Optimus Prime is Jewish?!

Based on the popular Family Guy episode where Peter goes to Temple. Lo and Behold, Optimus Prime rolls in, transforms, and deploys his yarmulka. Peter is heard to exclaim, "Holy crap, Optimus Prime is Jewish?!" Note that, while it would have been more appropriate to to use the Powermaster Prime cab (as that's what was featured in the episode), I found it better to use the Masterpeice version, with the obligatory Mel Gibson figure underfoot. Those in the know will understand why.

Notes: This is the one McBotcon refused to picture on their website. :-) Still, they did leave it in the art contest. After all, I'm just a crackpot, right? And after all, there's never, ever any other hidden meaning, right? :-)

Upon closer inspection, those who read the tablets would find the following:

I: Thou are Not the Thought Police.

II: Thou Shall Not enforce Political Correctness.

III: Thou Shall Give Back the fans the Right to Vote in the Art Contest.

IV: Thou Shall Not turn Transformers into GiJoe.

V: Thou Shall Honor they Founders of Botcon.

VI: Though Shall Keep Holy the Spirit of the Fandom.