Dairycon 2001 Exclusive!

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Allegiance: Autobot
Name: Uncle Whiskey Breath

Quote:"Hey Dere! Cold 'nuff fer ya? Where'bouts dem Decepticons, eh?"

Sent by Optimus Prime to be the guardian of the Midwest. Spending time amongst the inhabitants has caused him to pick up some of their mannerisms, most notably their pattern of speech.

Cybertonian vehicle mode allows him unprecedentad mobility over nearly any terrain. Blizzard shotgun freezes enemies solid upon impact. Also comes equipped with Cloak of Cow(allowing him to blend unnoticed within the landscape) and Wedge of Doom(whose purpose remains a mystery).

Cybertonian form doesn't blend in too-well with the native enviornment. (neither does a giant robotic cow, for that matter). Can occasionally overfuel on energon, leaving him immobile for hours.

Variant Uncle Whiskey Breath with Cheddar Rifle