Yes, it's another one of 'those'. Special thanks to the Autocon mailing list, and specifically Dark Design, Ginrai, Maz, Esteban, and Himawari, who all knowingly and yet unwittingly contributed to this latest masterpiece.

Power Cannon

Function: Heavy Artilliary

Rebuilt from the remains of Powerglide after an epic, and ultimately losing battle. Transforms into a flying cannon. Feels that a good shot is worth more than a good intention. Fires both particle and shelled weapons. Functions as the main (hand) gun for Supreme Toiletbot. When combined with Cosmos, becomes the more powerful Cosmic Power Cannon.

In this mode, the power-boost allows him to achieve earth orbit, as well as fire shots that are several times more powerful. Power Cannon can also combine with Grind Wheels to form the even more powerful Powered Grind Wheels.

Grind Wheels

Function: Ground Support

A peaceful 'bot at heart. Does not wish to fight, but rumbles into battle when his friends need him. Transforms into a tank. Cybertonian design allows him superior mobility on a variety of terrains. When combined with Cosmos, becomes the more powerful Cosmic Grind Wheels. In this mode, he is able to activate a powerful shield in addition to his use of superior firepower. Can also combine with Power Cannon to form the even more powerful Powered Grind Wheels.


Function: Communications

Reaches for the stars, but never leaves his friends. Excels in espionage. Transforms into a spaceship, allowing him to traverse space. Can travel to the moon and back without breaking a sweat. Unfortunately, he is not well-suited to functioning in robot mode. Acts as a Mini-Con partner to Power Cannon and Grind Wheels.

Allegiance: Autocon
Name: Powered Grind Wheels
Function: Ultimate Warrior

Quote: "Nothing less than Total Victory!"

Powered Grind Wheels is the end result of a merge between Power Cannon and Grind Wheels. Working in unison, they combine to create a weapons platform of near-unstoppable power. Able to deploy quickly into ground battle, their mere arrival will make the enemy turn and run. And should their standard combined mode somehow not be enough, they rely on their Mini-Con Partner Cosmos to help them achieve Powered Cosmic Grind Wheels., an ultimate powered-up version that can devastate targets with a shingle shot of its signature, 'burning geitenkaas' weapon. The power is legendary.

Notes: So I like making fun of certain concepts in the TF universe. What else is there to say? :-) I posted to autocon a few months back, asking for a name and function to one of my bots (the one ultimately called Power Cannon). I was stumped. Needless to say, several members jumped in, and when all was said and done, I ended up combining another bot I was building to the mess, and creating the conglomeration you see before you.

Power Cannon is made from parts of a knockoff Onslaught, a Delta Megazord mini, BM Stormjet, and the head of Powerglide. Grind Wheels is made from Soundwave, BW TM RatTrap (specifically, the upper arms), a knockoff Onslaught, the body and legs of Soundwave, a broken knockoff condor, the flipout guns from Windsweeper, and a canopy from Hardhead. Cosmos is made from...Cosmos. :-)

All things considered, the unit holds together well in combined mode. There's even a couple of places for weapons and micromasters to be stored...which was going to be the original idea. But since Armada is currently hot, I decided to go a slightly...different route. Which meant leaving out a fourth bot, who will show up in a future kitbash(probably sporting the rest of RatTrap's pieces, no doubt). He was going to be an enlarged-wheels platform, simply called wheels. Which meant Grind Wheels would have only been called grind, and since he doesn't transform into a coffee-maker, well...

Grind Wheels does roll, incidently. He's got a friction-powered motor that grinds him along merrily. :-) And by the way, what ever happened to Cosmos? I miss that guy! I suppose a minibot can have a new life as a least, in my little universe.