Barney Battle Base

The Dinobots. The most fearsome band of warriors the Autobots possess. And yet, Prime is unable to use them for many battles, because they cannot blend in with their surroundings in either mode. After much thought, (and even more tv) Optimus had the Barney Battle Base commissioned. Similar in function to a Pretender shell, BBB has the ability to transport all 5 Dinobots right into the thick of battle without alarming any of the human population. Bright, shiny smile, and soft, cuddly exterior put all the human children at ease, while forward-facing ramp allows quick egress of the warriors.

In addition to transport, the Barney BattleBase is equipped with balloons, and stupid songs that render Decepticons befuddled, allowing them to become easy targets for the Dinobots. Tantrum and Rampage are especially susceptable to this. Bright, shiny smile on BBB can blind most targets within a five-mile radius.

Instead of being calmed, human adults usually react in anger to the sight of the BBB, throwing rocks and shooting at it, inadvertantly helping the Decepticons in the process. Sludge is usually distracted by the songs and balloons, rendering him useless in battle, while Slag has been known to turn his flame-thrower on BBB in a mindless rage.