Scoot, The Brave Little Starrior

The Story: The story of Scoot is far-too-epic to be told here. Mere words could not contain his greatness. Suffice it to say, this brave little Rammor gave his life for a cause he believed in, and even in death managed to save those he cared about. Would that we could all aspire to be Him.

Notes: The picture you see above is an approximate recreation of the struggle between the Wastors and Protectors factions in the Starriors comic. Specifically, issue 4 of the mini-comic series ('The Trap'). He's the little white car.

The short version is that Scoot died in battle. We never get the full story, but it's one of those scenes that sticks with you, because someone actually died! The horror! In this case, however, the evil Slaughter Steelgrave took Scoot's dead body, and transferred the soul of his minion (Backfire) into the shell, then sent him out to betray his comrades. However, the plan went awry. Enough of the goodness of Scoot remained behind, for when push came to shove, Backfire (in Scoot's body) sacrificed himself again in order to save his friends (taunting Deadeye the Cosmittor into firing his demolisher disks at him rather than at his friends, therby alerting them to the trap).

It is a brave and noble thing that he did, and a pity that no-one knows the full story behind it. It is in his honor that I took up the reigns where Tomy failed, and gave Scoot a proper toy incarnation.

Note to Purists: You will recall that in the comic, Scoot is blue with white accs, wheras this toy has the colors flipped. That's done on-purpose. If you recall, the colors of ThinkTank were flipped this way as well (white toy, but blue comic incarnation). I wanted to keep with the spirit of this motif. My next project will be to get ahold of an extra MotorMouth and paint him up in blue. :-) (After all, his toy was brown, but appeared white in the comics.) Don't ask me, I just work here...