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The TF Militia Missions

Mission Accomplished!

Better than anything else we could tell you, here's proof of our success. A small sample of our missions, both diplomatic, and military. We'll fill you in as we de-classify them.

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Missions Accomplished - Names, Dates, Places, & Mission Profiles.

Collectors Toy Stop; A Checkbook Diplomacy Mission
How the TFM solves one of it's first missions, without resorting to violence.

Belich's Nostalgia World; Another win for Checkbook Diplomacy
Using donated funds, TFM succeeds again with their primary weapon of choice.

Super-D Collector; The Mission That Went Very Wrong
The TFM calls in the heavy hitters from BotCon to deal with a resistant foe. (Warning! Violent Content!)
| Part One | Part Two |

Dairyland Transfans Unite!
Wisconsin Transfans Take Down a Local Dealer, and Win Glory for TFM. A Prime example of why TFM was created in the first place.

TFM at BotCon99
We came, we saw, we sold out!

Two new recruits get their first mission.

The Dutchbotters Devvi and Argus take on another mission...if they can ever leave the pub.
| Part One | Part Two |

A New World Order
The dead walk again in this techno-militia future.
| Part One | Part Two |

Missions In-Progress - Our Current Stake-Outs, & Mission Status.

A and T Toys; targeted using a Dealer Whip followed by a Beavis/Buthead method.
A budget crackdown from high up forces the TFM to refine Special Ops. (available soon)

Dealers Strike Back!
The TFM, already Crippled, may have been struck a Death Blow.

The Great Southern Report
A story of Liberty and of Captivity from Down Under.

The Case of the Missing Prototype
Hasbro's Unicron prototype has been stolen! Read about the details here, and find out what TFM is doing to find the criminal.

LEE's AFN is out of BUSINESS!?
At long last, the TFM may finally rest...

TFM gets a visit from someone that is...out of this world.

Crazy Habib Joins the TF Militia!
And we thought Deadpool was bad...

Missions in the Future - Who's on the List?

Lee's ActionFigureNews
Long-range plans call for a takeover of Lee's ActionFigureNews and turning control over to 3H Enterprises to help further the cause. If we succeed, the TFM could finally rest in peace.

US Operations of Hasbro
Long range plans also call for the eventual takeover of the US operations of Hasbro, to keep them from screwing up the line any further.

Fox Kids Must be Destroyed!
What the TFM is doing to Fox Kids, and Why.

Special Features: The Foundation of the TFM.

Special Ops: Declassified Notes from the TF Militia Training Manual
It's tough being the best of the best of the best! But we do it well. As a special operative in the TF militia, it is imperative to be familiar with these basic tools of the trade. We couldn't function in the field without them. We find that any one of these methods is effective in its own right when dealing with an evil dealer. When you use them in combination, no one can stand against you.

Who is Rachael? From the Secret Files of the TF Militia
At last! The inside story on Rachael, one of the most capable (and desirable) members of the TF Militia!

A Special Letter from the Director of Security at TFM
Thanking you for your support of TFM.

A Day in the Life of TFM
The human side of our Military. Even terrorists need a day off.

So what do you DO with all those toys?
A look deep inside the inner workings of the TFM Warehouse.

What is your TF problem? How can we help? Let us know!

YES! I want the TF Militia to help me wipe out the injustice!

1) Do you have a TF Problem?

Yes! Help Me, by Primus!
No, not yet...but I could use your advice.
Well, I don't have a clue, Mr/Ms experts...you tell me.

2) How would you like us to help?

I need you to negotiate on my behalf for a TF.
I have knowledge of TFs being held hostage.
Destroy this evil dealer. He's ripped us off for the last time.

Please describe the nature of the problem. Include your contact info.

All information is held in confidence.

The TF Militia Missions

Mission Accomplished!

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