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The TF Militia Headquarters

Armed and Dangerous!

Welcome to the TFM Headquarters. We have a big job to do, and we're fully prepared to do it. Thanks to a generous number of contributers, we were able to construct our secret base of operations, from where we launch all our missions to rescue the transformers.

Frequently, our missions take us into the city, where many evil dealers are located. That's why we use the UAV, or Urban Assult Vehicle. Able to slip into the city undetected, we can sneak our operatives right up to the door of our unsuspecting enemy. Armed with a 150 Db sonics, (4)1-million candlepower full-spectrum optics, small munitions, and 400 horsepower, we can pop in, stun the dealer, and leave quickly with the TF POWs without any bloodshed.

Of course, with all that armament packed into such a tight space in the UAV, we don't have much room to haul away the larger loot. That's why we always have vehicles like necrotron to back us up. Plenty of storage space in a beefy 65 Cadillac Superior Landau Hearse.

The evil dealers have a complicated network of operatives, and thru them will sometimes find out in advance where we are going to attack. They barricade their store in a futile attempt to stop us. In those cases, we call in some of our heavier artillary, as seen here.

With the dealer concerned with protecting his front line, he is unprepared for an attack from the rear. We often employ a secret team of sweeps for this manuever. Usually used for spying on the dealer prior to a mission (because of their unique ability to blend into the enviornment) they can also sneak in the back door of the store, and retrieve the TFs for us, many times unnoticed. After all, who would suspect a toy?

To eliminate all traces of our operations, we employ a crack team of Borg drones led by Joebot to cover our tracks. They arrive on scene as our operatives are pulling out. They go thru and assimilate all traces of the dealer, his store, and any witnesses to our operation. Resistance is futile.

As you can see, we CAN get the job done. And this is just a fraction of what we have available to us here at the TF Militia. With our advanced technology, battle saavy, and dashing good looks, no foe can stand against us. So call us. We CAN help.

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