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Members of the TF Militia


For a long time our operatives have been shrouded in secrecy. While their true identities must still be kept secret, we can now, reveal their codenames and specialties. The previous propaganda page can be seen here.

It takes a lot of people to run an operation like ours. We are blessed with some of the best talent available.

Name: Classified
Codename: Fred's Workshop
Function: Supreme Commander

Quote: "Insert Quote Here"

Probably the man most responsible for our day to day activities, and second to none. Nothing gets by him. Nothing. Refers to himself in the plural. Seems to be everywhere.

Equipped with sword, badge, gun, pot-belly, and comfy chair.

Prone to debilitating bouts of anal-retentiveness.

Name: Unknown
Codename: Watcher
Function: Technical Operations, Mission Support, and (Allegedly) Intelligence

Quote: "My keyboard's more lethal than any gun!"

The most reclusive and mysterious member of the TF Militia team, Watcher's true identity and the location of his secret base of operations is known only to Fred's Workshop. (Though his "bunker" is rumored to be the basement of his mother's house.) From his secret lair he has access to every piece of technology and data in the world and functions as the eyes and ears of the TF Militia's field operatives providing vital intelligence while coordinating missions.

The ultimate hacker. An encryption has not been devised that Watcher can't crack. No firewall can stop him. Has developed much of the tech used by agents in the field, including his pride and joy, which he calls the Cheesenator. (A gauntlet that includes a laser cutting torch, personal force field, communications array, missile launcher, brass knuckles, and a Cheetos dispenser.) Has an uncanny knack for planning complex missions and thinking on his feet...well...in his chair anyway. Remains cool under pressure, mostly due to keeping his lair at a constant 55 degrees. Has never met a donut he didn't like. (Not sure why he considers this an ability...)

Watcher's addiction to Prime Time television makes him unavailable between 8:00PM and 11:00PM EST causing scheduling difficulties. Has been known to spill Diet Coke on his keyboard leading to excessive downtime. Cannot be disturbed during mealtimes. Often causes confusion by speaking in movie quotes. Is under threat of assassination by a number of the TF Militia's own operatives for his excessive use of awful puns and his habit of laughing at his own bad jokes. Deathly afraid of spiders.


Quote: ""




These fine people are what make TFM strong. These Special Operatives are just a small fraction of the talent we have available here. You're in good hands when you call on us. :-)

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