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(The following was recovered from Web.Archive.org and was originally posted on home.europa.com/~joebot.)

All about Necrotron

Necrotron is my '65 Cadillac Superior Landau Hearse. Also known as the Spektyr-mobile, this is my ultimate dream car. Currently resting comfortably at my apartment complex (and boy do they love it, too). Necrotron is in dire need of engine work to restore full functionality. In real life, he is primarily used for hauling my extensive inventory to shows and conventions in the greater Portland, Oregon metro area. In Transformer Life he is a triple changer, from Hearse to Vulture to Robot. As soon as I get my cad skills refreshed, I'll post some pics. But meanwhile, this will have to suffice.

In TFRPG reality he is a former decepticon surgeon left behind during a pitched battle on the surface of cybertron. After using his own power converter and several other vital internal parts to repair his leader on the battlefield, Necrotron is ordered to guard the retreat of his fearless leader Straxxus, after being guaranteed safe return to polyhex prior to the surgery. So he waits until they are out of range, then surrenders. Not very noble, but knowing his time is just about up, he convinces the Autobot leader (then Ultra Magnus) to affect the needed repairs in trade for indentured servitude as a surgeon under the Autobot cause, with the restriction that he do no battlefield surgery. It was many a brave bot that went under the plasma scalpel of Necrotron, but many a thankful one afterwards. He gradually gained renown among Autobot and Decepticon alike for his incredible feats of surgical skill and life-saving. So why, you ask, was he a decepticon to begin with? This is where his tale takes a much darker turn.

Necrotron was always of the belief that a spark was eternal, and that it could be called back from the matrix or beyond at will if the proper link was made. And if that were the case, it could be harnessed as a source of energy with nearly boundless limits. To that end, his secret lab deep within the depths of Cybertron was filled with the corpses and parts of dead Autobots and some Decepticons, awaiting his return to his experiments.

The Decepticon Command had no reason to care what he did with battlefield remains, so he had limitless material to work with. He was adept at cloning and re-creation of forms, both dead and alive. He was also an excellent drone maker, and was able to supply bodies with rudimentary brains that were merely programmed, not self-aware. He was not, however, able to recall a spark, or create a new one. Nor had he ever experimented on a live cybertronian. As a side effect of his research, he invented a rudimentary device that drew power out of others by touch, which was his most closely kept secret. The lab that he used was not of his own construction, but of Quintesson origin, and was a surgery used by the Quintessons for repair (or creation?) of other Quintessons.

As the megacycles passed and he became well trusted by the Autobots, he was given free reign to roam the non-sensitive areas of the base, and eventually outside with an accompanying escort. He gradually roamed farther and farther afield, always keeping well away from known decepticon outposts or controlled areas, but moving ever closer to his secret lab. Eventually the opportunity arose. While out on one of his excursions, he and his escort Tachyon were nearing his secret lab when they turned a corner, and ran head on into a Decepticon patrol. Shots were fired, and just as Tachyon made a distress call, he took a head shot and went down. Necrotron dragged him to cover, transformed, loaded Tachyon into himself and sped off to his secret lab, with the decepticons in hot pursuit. He was able to elude them in the many twisted ways of the bowels of Cybertron, and gained his lab undetected. He unloaded Tachyon, transformed, and set him on the surgical bay. Tachyon was still alive, although fading fast. Necrotron was able to stabilize him, but the shot to his head was draining power faster than he could replenish, and Tachyon's auto-repair sequencers were fried, so he made his decision. He would experiment on Tachyon to determine if a spark could be followed into the beyond, then selected out of the many, retrieved, and restored into a new body.

He ran as many tests on Tachyon as he could to determine his spark's makeup and unique characteristics, then deactivated the life support energizers. Tachyon at that moment regained consciousness. "What...what are you doing to meeee...?" said Tachyon, who expired almost immediately thereafter. His devices were working! He was tracking his expiring spark into the unknown. The energy signature changed slightly, but was clearly recognizable even after it passed the bounds of known dimensions. His devices claimed to have a lock on to it, and had activated some of the original quintesson equipment to do this. He was intrigued, but more intrigued at the discovery of the dimension of sparks! After making all the vital repairs to Tachyon's body, He set his devices to prepare to retrieve Tachyon's spark. At that moment, the Decepticons who had hunted him finally closed in and began assaulting his outer base defenses. Necrotron began the process to retrieve Tachyon's spark, gave the commands to do so to his automatons, then sealed off the concealed surgical chamber from the rest of the lab. He then activated all of his cobbled together defense robots with their limited, crude brains (but a fair amount of firepower) and sent them at the main entry doors with orders to kill.

Necrotron himself crouched in a defensive position with his escape through the shaft above planned, and his Magnarifle ready. He heard the main doors blow, and then a huge battle ensued. It lasted much longer than he expected, when suddenly three decepticons came around the corner, at a full run. He began firing immediately, and took one down, before taking a hit himself. He transformed into Vulture mode, and took to the sky to escape, when he was blasted repeatedly by one of the decepticons. He spiraled headlong into the floor, scattering parts and debris.Critically injured, he felt his life force rapidly slipping away. He crawled towards his former allies and attempted surrender, but had his hand blown off for his trouble. "Now, Autobot Lover", his executioner bellowed, "Savor this moment, for it is your last..." and **BLAM**, the decepticon grimaced and fell to his knees, steam and fluids flowing from his mouth.The other decepticon turned and was holed through the chest three times. Just as Necrotron's vision blurred, he spotted his savior. Tachyon approached him, knelt, and whispered in his audio receptor "This is a hell of a lot more than you deserve, but I think I'll just let you lie here and die rather than turn you in to the Autobot Tribunal. I know what you did to me, and ultimately for me, but that wasn't your real motive. I took a little look through your personal files, and I think you're better off dead than imprisoned and executed. Oh, and thanks for the repair, no complaints as usual..." Just then several Autobots led by Kup entered the room.

"Tachyon, I never thought I'd see you again, or Necrotron either. The sounds of the fighting drew us right to the Decepticons. You guys did a pretty good number on them. Funny thing, I seen some troops laying out there I thought were reported destroyed a long time ago, before my time even!"

"Necrotron is dead," Tachyon replied, "and I don't know what the deal is with this place except that I want to get out of here as fast as I can. There are more Decepticons about, so we'd better move it. We'll send a mop up crew later, If we have the troops."

"I couldn't agree more, this place gives me the creeps." Kup replied. So they left.

Necrotron's vision was gone, and his audio circuits were shutting down, but he did hear them leave, so he pulled his remaining power together to transform to robot mode and crawl to his concealed door to his surgery. He gave verbal commands to his devices as he crawled onto the surgical table, then lost consciousness.

He awoke to an unpleasant surprise. He had been repaired, but only partially. His power converters and storage cells had been replaced by the only power units available...his transfer device. All of his decent spare parts were used up in the creation of his defense robots, and only the worst stuff remained for him as he had not been back to this base since he started working for the Autobots. So he went to find fresh meat, er, parts. Scattered amongst the wreckage of his robots were a few of the decepticon patrol, not to mention the two that were taken out by Tachyon. He couldn't risk the time to replace his power converters, as he didn't know whether the Autobots or Decepticons would return, so he quickly repaired his hand and both wings and made a minor adjustment to his propulsion systems. He then sealed up his surgery, and vowed to return. He now haunts the back alleys and battlefields of Cybertron, draining life force from his victims, and stealing their bodies for parts. Someday he'll be seen, someday he'll be caught, but until then, he's his own bot.

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