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Declassified by chief of communications 2/2000, 10/2000.

From the secret files of the TF Militia: Visitations

TFM gets a visit from a most unusual source: Cybertron!

...There are always people wondering why Hasbro doesn't re-release some more of the classic tfs, like they did for Generation 2. Some rumors hold that the molds for these toys were either destroyed, or wore out, or were lost in a tragic warehouse fire, and that all we have left are what we got. And then you hear about how expensive it is to retool for such a limited run of a toy, that there is no profit in it, so Hasbro won't do it...

You have been lied to. The rest of the molds are still around: merely stored away in a warehouse, waiting to be pulled out and reused. There has never been a compelling financial reason for the company to do so. Why bother? Profit was the main motive, and it was a better bottom line with the new stuff...In time, even the exact location of the molds was lost to them. They simply didn't care. So we're taking matters into our own hands. You want a G1 Mirage as a BotCon Convention Exclusive? You got it. Need a Blue Bluestreak? No problem! We'll make as many as you need...as soon as we get ahold of the molds, that is. We found where they are. Now we just have to get them. When negotiations have failed, and you have no one else to turn to, call on us. We're the TF Militia!

So now you know what the mission is about. We were interested in getting the molds. And we knew where to find them. What we didn't know at the time was that someone else was out to stop us. Someone...out of this world.

part 1

Mission Debriefing Decoded: translation of mission log of the Autobot Prowl from Cybertonian Database:

Planet Earth. An island the humans call, 'Japan'. It's early morning for this location. As this planets sun comes into contact with the surface, the moisture begins to evaporate. This suits me fine; if the ground and air would have been moist much longer, I would have developed rust spots. As it is, I'm already feeling cramped from being in this mode for so long. If I could, I would transform and give my stiff servos a good stretch. But at this phase in the mission, its critical that I stay in vehicle mode.

I can see them moving to the location on the other side of the street, towards the large building at the dead-end block. A storage building for a corporation. The actions of these humans puzzle me. I am intrigued. I can't understand why they would be after the little bits of plastic and metal in that warehouse. After all, they're after isn't anything valuable by our standards, like energon. It's not even valuable from a human standpoint; it's not any type of currency currently being used as a means of exchange. they're just... trinkets. This self-proclaimed group of saviors aren't saving lives; they're saving...what did they call them...action figure molds? But from who? And for what reason? This completely baffles my logic circuits. I must know more.

I enhance my scanners and zoom in for a closer look. I've been parked here on this side street, in full view for as long as the humans have been here. Longer, really, since I've had this location staked out when we first learned of the strike. I would have thought my earthen form would give them pause; yet, they continue on, oblivious to me. Strange, very strange. If what I am told is true, they are about to commit a crime. From my studies of earthen culture, most criminals would, 'cut loose', at the sight of a police car, the very image of law enforcement. Yet they continue on with their mission. I suppose, since they have been so successful at evading their own kind, they expect this to be another routine mission. They hadn't counted on me. Logically, this will give me an advantage in this exercise.

Granted, this shouldn't even be my concern. And normally it wouldn't be...except that Prime assigned me to this mission himself. He felt it was important enough to merit our attention. He said that it could concievably have an effect on us. I calculated the odds of that, and found them too small to even be a consideration. Prime disagreed with me. He used the example of something the humans call, 'chaos theory'. Like the small earthen butterfly flapping its wings, Prime feels that the almost unnoticed actions of these humans will have a ripple effect leading straight to us. I still don't see how they would be able to harm us. It's only a small group of humans. But Prime insisted; and as he is wise in many of these matters, I agreed to withhold my judgement, and go on this mission. If nothing else, it would prove to be a valuable data-gathering exercise. Perhaps I'll finally understand why this 'TF Militia' goes around collecting little platic representations of us. If I understand that, then perhaps I'll understand Primes concern.

There they go now, straight toward the key building. The game is afoot. And I intend to join in. I'm following them. This may be my chance to finally understand these crazy, illogical humans. Then again, probably not..."



Enter: Japan. The warehouse complex of the Takara corporation, where TFM has learned the molds to the G1 transformers are being kept in storage. Four figures approach the building. They are: Rjung, Msipher, Skyjammer, and Rachael.

Skyjammer: "I still don't think this is a good idea, guys. If we turn back now, we'll avoid getting into any trouble. I saw a great sushi bar just down the street..."

Rachael: "If you didn't want to come, why are you here? We could have done this without you."

Skyjammer: "I didn't have any choice. The Hartmans are punishing me for my Waspinator impression at last year's Botcon. They made me come..."

Rachael: (stepping close to him, and lowering her voice to a seductive baritone)"Well, tell you what. If you help us complete this mission, I'll PERSONALLY make it worth your while."

Skyjammer: (His cheeks red in embarrassment)"Gleep."

Msipher: "Yea, just make sure you stick it out this time, and not bail out on us like you did in California. That should have been YOU on that mission, not RedAlert. We still haven't gotten him out of jail."

Skyjammer: "Hey, that was NOT my fault! I only asked to be let out of that mission because .."

Rjung (cutting him off) "Enough, both of you. Let's just get in, and get this done, preferably without bloodshed. This is too-important to screw up. If we can get our hands on those molds.."

Msipher "None of us are carrying weapons. Just the usual assortment of break-in tools for the common criminal, so you have nothing to worry about in the bloodshed department.."

SkyJammer: "We are NOT criminals! At least, I'm not. I don't know about the rest of you anymore."

Rachael: "And why is that?"

Rjung: "Because this is all fake, and the writer is putting words into our mouths?"

All: "huh?"

Rjung: "Um, nothing. Just looking over some Trannies ballots here, don't mind me..."

Skyjammer: "NO, I mean that, I don't understand how we got to this point. Or how I got to this point, for that matter. I'm not even into Special Ops..."

Msipher: "You were brought along because of your computer skills. We'll need you to acess the systems inside so we can get a location on those molds. And a list of anything else that might be useful to us. But enough of this banter. We have a mission to accomplish. I, King Weasel, have spoken!"

Rachael: "Do you always have to say that?"

Msipher: "Your cell phones are mine, yuppie scum!"

Rachael: "Ooookayyyyy..."

Skyjammer: "Hey guys, did you happen to notice that police car on the other end of the warehouse?"

Rachael: "Yes, what about it?"

Skyjammer: "I think it just moved."

Rjung: That's impossible. There was no one in it. We scoped it out prior to getting here, remember?"

Skyjammer: "I know, I know, but I'm telling you.."

Rachael: (cuts him off) "You're just being paranoid. There's nothing to worry about. This is the weekend. No one is here. It probably belongs to the security guard who's sleeping in that booth. He's not going anywhere. We'll be in and out before you know it."

Skyjammer: "Sigh. Fine. You're the trained professional; I'm just the computer geek."

Rjung:(slaps him on the back) "That's the spirit! Now let's get going. We have toy molds to rescue!"

**Meanwhile, outside the Warehouse complex:** Prowl, still in vehicle mode, is moving closer to the location of the four humans. Unbeknownst to him, the watcher, in this case, is the one being watched...

Rumble: “Stupid Autobot. So focused on those worthless flesh creatures, he doesn’t notice us sneak’n up on him. Let’s smash ‘em!”

Shockwave: “Patience, Rumble. The timing on this is absolutely critical. Our objectives are clear. The primary focus is on the actions of those humans. The Autobot is a secondary issue. For now.”

Rumble: “Aw, cripes! Fine, have it yer way. But I still wanna smash him! And those stupid little humans, too!”

Shockwave: “Succeed in your mission, and you may have that chance. But for now, we need them alive. And you need to start your assignment.”

Rumble: “I can smash them later? Well, why didn’t ‘cha say, so!? I’m off!” (Rumble runs off)

Shockwave: “Sigh. If I had eyes, I would roll them.”

**Meanwhile, back with our group of heroes at the Building:**

Rjung, Msipher, SkyJammer, and Rachael are at the door to the building, and already stuck.

Skyjammer: “Tell me again why we’re just standing out here?”

Rjung: “Because we can’t get in?”

Rachael: “Don’t look at me; I wasn’t in charge of this mission.”

(Everyone turns to look at ‘M’)

Msipher: “This is NOT my fault! There were so many other things to plan for! This was...an oversight.”

Skyjammer: “An OVERSIGHT!? YOU were in charge of bringing the lockpick tools...you brought a crowbar, and a roll of salami! Where’s the shims, the picks? We can’t even get thru the damn door to START the mission! We’ve failed before we even started, and you call that an oversight?! Come closer so I can slap you!”

Rachael: “Wow, Phil...I’ve never seen you so...agitated.”

Skyjammer: “Do you find it sexy?”

Rachael: “Why yes, I do...let’s go off someplace private.”

Skyjammer: “OK!”



Our heroes, on their way to rescue the toy molds, and already stopped by a locked door, are about to split apart. Rachael, and Skyjammer are about to go about their own business, while Rjung and Msipher are about to have lunch. Meanwhile, their actions are being watched from afar by the Autobot Prowl, who is in-turn being watched by the Decepticons. The plot thickens...what will happen next?

MSipher) “Hey guys, waitaminute...before you go, what’s that lying in front of the door?”

Rjung) “ A convenient plot device, I’d wager...”

All) “...”

Rjung) “Sigh. Fine, allright. I’ll play along. ‘It looks like a cassette. I wonder how it got here?’ Man, the things I do for this cameo...”

Suddenly, the cassette transforms, and grows into the shape of Rumble, the Decepticon.

Rumble) “What’s up, squishies!”

All) “Aeiiigh! A Decepticon!”

Skyjammer) “I KNEW this was a bad idea! I’m letting the wrong head think again!”

Rachael) “Shutup!”

Msipher) “C’mon guys, he’s one puny robot. There’s four of us. We can take him!” (waves the roll of salami menacingly in the air) “Charge!”

Rumble) “Ya really tink so? Try THIS!” (Rumble fires a blast from his pile-driver arms)

Msipher (screaming in pain) “Aaaeeeiii!” (His ribs smashed, he falls to the ground)

Skyjammer) “Greg! I mean, King Weasal! Are you all right?”

Msipher) “No, I’m not allright! I just had my internal organs smashed! And I lost the salami! Oh God, the pain...”

Rachael) “We need to get him some help right away!” (Rachael begins undressing)

Skyjammer) “I don’t think that’s going to help him much...”

Msipher) “gurgle...I will be...avenged...(dies)

Rjung) “Well, that takes care of the obligatory death scene for this story...”

Rumble) “Anybody else got a smart mouth? Eh?”

Skyjammer) “Nope.”

Rachael) “Not us.”

Rjung) “Nothing to add here.”

Rumble) “Good. Now let me tell you squishies why I’m here...and why I’m gonna help ya.”

All) “...What!?...”

Meanwhile, across the parking lot, Prowl stares in horror at what he just witnessed.

Prowl) “My God! A Decepticon! And he’s attacked one of those humans! I’ve GOT to stop him! (calls over his inter-autobot radio) Prowl to Autobot base! Prowl to Autobot Base! Decepticon sighted! (encounters static) What? My radio is being jammed. But that can only mean...Aieeeegh!” (Prowl screams as a big blue hand smashes down on his roof)

Soundwave) “Reinforcements undesireable. Communication terminated.”

Prowl (transforms to robot mode...painfully) Soundwave! I should have known it was you after I saw that punk Rumble attack the innocent humans! Call him off, Decepticon, before I do!”

From behind Prowl, another figure emerges.

Shockwave) “Your analysis of the situation is faulty, Autobot”

Prowl)(spins around quickly) “What!?”

Shockwave) “We are not here to attack the fleshlings. They are part of our plan, although they do not yet know it. However...”

Prowl) (interuppting Shockwaves speech)“What the hell are you talking about? You’re not making any sense.”

Shockwave) “It doesn’t matter... my plan says nothing about leaving meddling Autobots alive.” (fires gun directly into Prowl’s chest, point-blank range)

Prowl “Aarrrgh!” (falls to knees, clutching chest.)

Soundwave) “Music to my ears. (fires another shot into Prowl’s already damaged back)

Shockwave) “Let your dying thought be this, Autobot scum: the humans are unwittingly going to help us achieve world domination...and there’s nothing you can do about it. With the success of this mission, we will solidify our hold over Cybertron, and finally drive you off...but I’ve already said too-much. Goodbye, Autobot.”

Prowl) (getting weaker) “I’ll find a way to stop you...”

Soundwave) “Unlikely.”

Prowl) “Unnnggghhh...” (passes out)

Shockwave) “The mission will proced as planned, Soundwave. And do tell your cassette not to damage any more humans. We still need them...for now.” (Soundwave nods, walks off in the direction of the warehouse)

Left alone, smoke pouring out of both his wounds, Prowl’s thoughts swirl around his central processor as his body (now off-line) cycles thru shutdown in an attempt to repair the damage inflicted from the double-blast.

Prowl) (core consciousness) “What are the Decepticons up to? How does it involve the humans? Why are these little bits of plastic and metal suddenly so important? I wish Prime would have said something more to me...”

...Meanwhile, back at the warehouse, Rumble, Soundwave, and the humans are finishing their conversation...

Rachael) “OK, Decepticons, let me see if I understand this...you’re going to help us get the molds to the toys. In addition, you will provide us and our organization with any needed assistance in order to set up services to MAKE these toys...”

Soundwave) “And others that we’ve designed...”

Rachael) “And others that you’ve designed...um, OK...we get free toys , and in exchange, all you want are the PROFITS from this little venture?”

Rumble) “Dat’s right. You got a problem with your audio receptors?”

Skyjammer) “...nooooo, but we don’t understand WHY you’re doing this. What do you guys want with money? Much less our help to get it? Don’t you guys just steal whatever you want?”

Rumble) “Isn’t that what what you squishies were about to do? Steal some stuff you wanted?”

Skyjammer) “But that’s DIFFERENT!”

Rumble) “I don’t see how...you take what you want. So do we!”

Rachael) “But UNLIKE you, we exhaust all our other options before we resort to stealing.”

Rumble) “So basically you waste time doing stupid shit.”

Rachael) “Grrr...be warned, Decepticon. Cross me, and feel my wrath!”

Rumble) “Is that a threat? Are you threatening me, you puny fleshbag?’

Rjung) “Um, no, no she’s not. What say we get going, shall we?”

Rumble) “Best idea I’ve heard all cycle!”

Rachael) “First, we have to get in the door.”

Rumble) “Hah! This puny thing? Tinfoil!” (Rumble fires up his piledriver again, and with one punch knocks the door clear off it’s hinges) “First we crack the shell, then we crack the nuts inside!”

Skyjammer) “Nuts?” (checks below) Um...I gotta go to the...bathroom.”

Rachael) “Oh no you don’t! You’re in this with us. The stakes just got a little higher, that’s all.”

Soundwave) (points to Skyjammer) “Human, you will carry me.” (transforms into tapedeck mode)

(Rachael grabs one of skyjammers arms, while Rjung grabs the other. Skyjammer desperately clutches the now-transformed Soundwave. With Rumble leading, they proceed inside the building)



Recap: when we last left our heroes, they were in the middle of breaking into a warehouse at the takara corporation. Unbenownst to them, their activities were being monitored by the Autobot Prowl. Unknown to both the humans AND Prowl was the possibility of Decepticon involvement, involvement which has already cost one human his life...man, is this plot ever convoluted

Rumble) “I thought you squishies knew what you were doing.”

Rachael) “Give us a break! We’re going by information that is possibly years out of date.”

Skyjammer) “Look at all those boxes...”

Rjung) “Yea, and the molds we’re looking for are in one of them. Does anyone see an inventory computer anywhere?”

Soundwave) “Sensors detect signs of primitive computational electronics.”

Rjung) “Excellent. Once we access the inventory database for this warehouse, Skyjammer can hack in, and we’ll be able to pinpoint where exactly the molds are being held.”

Skyjammer) “Then I can go home?”

Rachael) “But you’ll miss out on your reward for all your help.” (wiggles her hips suggestively)

Skyjammer) “gleep.”

Rachael) “You’d better be ‘up’ to it.”

Rjung) “Stop teasing the boy.”

Rachael) “Who’s teasing?” (winks)

Soundwave) “Detecting elevated hormonal levels.”

Rumble) “I’m not even gonna ask. Some of you fleshies are weird.”

Rjung) “But not all of us?”

Rumble) “Nah, there was this one real cool dude that gave me a Blaster toy in 1995, as you count years. That fink Starscream and I went to one of your conventions. That’s how we found out about the toys you make of us, and just how important they could be.”

Rjung) “You seem much more intelligent in person that you are portrayed in the cartoon.”

Rumble) “Yea, that stinkin’ cartoon never gets anything right! I outta smash the jerks who wrote me that way! Raarrrgggh!” (He punches a box, shattering it and the contents)

Skyjammer) “gleep. (does waspinator impression) Wazzzpinator not like violent cassette-bot...”

Meanwhile, at the other end of the lot, a lone figure struggles to stand up...


Continued! Part Five

"The pain is intense, a searing stab of pure agony both in front and in back. I am just barely functional; I'm leaking mech fluid badly. Repair circuits are on-line, but it will be a temporary solution at best. Weapons systems are off-line; the jamming Soundwave was doing has ceased, but it's a moot point with my communications system smashed.

I've tried to look at this from a logical perspective, but the facts of the situation make no sense. I am in no condition to continue; I must head back to base. But I will determine the status of the injured human before I go.

I attempt to transform. Metal screams in agony; it turns out the scream comes from my own vocal unit. I do finally achieve vehicle-mode; or what's left of my vehicle mode anyways. If I had been an earthen car, I'd be towed away as a wreck. A gaping hole in my engine compartment, and a crushed roof don't make for the best disguise.

I roll over to the downed human to ascertian his condition. My scans indicate that all life functions have ceased. I am unable to help him, and I can no longer stay to help the others. They are unprotected, and alone with the Decepticons. And I am powerless to do anything about it."

slowly, painfully, the autobot Prowl rolls out, and heads back to the Ark for repairs, and to make his report to Optimus Prime. Whatever is going on, Prowl thinks to himself, Prime was right about the situation; with the involvement of the Decepticons, it will have an effect on the Autobots. What that effect will be, only time will tell...

Meanwhile, back at the warehouse, our faithful group of heroes have located a terminal. Skyjammer begins to access the data:

Skyjammer: "I'm in. I'm pulling up inventory records." (frowns) Hm. Nothing back-logged. Only current inventory. I'll try the archives (tries to access the database). "Dang-it!"

Rachael: "What?"

Skyjammer: " I can't get access to the archive. And I need to look at records from the 80's if I have a hope of finding where the molds were placed when they got here. But I can't get thru the firewall to the remote system."

Soundwave: "Problem minor. Solution obvious. Place me near the console."

Rumble sets Soundwave down on the table, next to the console. A blue glow surrounds the tape compartment. Suddenly, a blue arc shoots out at the computer. Numbers roll across the screen.

Rjung: "Did everybody else see this coming?"

Skyjammer: "It's working. He's into the system." (taps more keys) "I've got it! October, 1986: 24 units moved into cold storage in this warehouse. 6 of them pulled in 1992, and replaced in 1993. The dates and numbers match up. This is what we are looking for!"

Rachael: "Well, where are they?"

Skyjammer: "Section B, row 12."

Rjung: "That's right below us. We're literally sitting on our prize."

Skyjammer: "Yep." (hitches up pants, speaks in a hillbilly drawl) "We done got ourselves some molds!"

Rjung: "Please don't do that."

Rachael: "I'm going down for a look."

Rachael runs down the steps to the level below the terminal. She is greeted by...some very large packing crates.

Rachael: "Umm...I don't think I'm going to look, after all."

Rumble (from above): "You fleshies are all weak." (jumps down) "Lemme!" (rips off the top of the box as thought it was tinfoil, and lifts out a large metal square). "There's writing on it." (holds it down for Rachael to see)

Rachael: "Hotrod, 1985, Optimus Prime, 1983...oh my GOD! Jackpot!"

Skyjammer: "What did you find?"

Rachael: "I've found the freakin' toy molds, that's what!"

The two Decepticons carry out the large packing crates, the three humans following close behind. Shockwave is waiting outside the door.They all walk past the lifeless body of Msipher, not giving it a second glance.

Shockwave: "Excellent work. Did you find all the molds?"

Soundwave: "Enough of them to make a start."

Rachael: "A start? A start on what?"

Shockwave: "My fellow Decepticons and I have secured a manufacturing facility once owned by a human named GB Blackrock. With the addition of these molds, we will be able to produce, in mass-quantities, the toys that you fleshlings seem to desire. With contacts within another fleshling organization called Hasbro, we will ship these toys to your purveyor of goods. The profits from those sales will be used to buy fuel for the Decepticon army. Since these actions allow us to acquire fuel legally according to your laws, the Autobots are powerless to stop us."

Skyjammer: "But what about the legalties of THIS operation? Breaking and entering, theft, possession of stolen goods...you can't tell me that THIS part of the operation is legal?"

Soundwave: "Consequences unlikely, operation known and cleared."

Rjung: "Say WHAT?"

Shockwave: "Your operation was known about in advance. As part of the deal we brokered with Hasbro, Takara will not be preessing any charges. Permission has been granted; there has been no crime."

Rachael: "But HOW could anyone have known about this operation in advance?"

Rumble: "Hehe. Maybe your little Militia isn't as secret as you think, squishie."

Shockwave: "Nonetheless, you will now accompany us to the facility to oversee the installation of these molds, and to make determinations on the product. Since you crave these items so much, you will each be provided with product from our factory for as long as it is in operation. Consider it 'payment' for a job well done." (Shockwave extends his hand to the ground, in order for the three humans to climb aboard for the flight) "Join us. Together, we will realize all of our dreams. It is, after all, only logical."

The three humans pause to consider Shockwave's offer.

Rjung: "I always wanted to be part of the adventure. What could be more exciting?"

Skyjammer: "Somehow, this doesn't seem right. What will the others say?"

Rachael: "You two do what you want. I'm going to get me some toys!"

The toys. The molds. That which brought these three humans here in the first place. And a chance to, not only get more, but to also be a part of the process. There is a momentary pause, as each considers their own personal reasons for and against going. Rjung readily climbs into Shockwave's hand, as does Rachael. Skyjammer pauses, looks at the mangled corpse of Msipher, swallows a few times, then reluctantly climbs into the hand as well. Thus secured, the three Decepticons and three humans fly off into the distance, the humans with dreams of toys, money, and fame, and the Decepticons with dreams of conquest. Far below, unnoticed by anyone in the air, a lone police car drives slowly along the highway, heading west for an unmarked shuttle, and then home. The Autobot Prowl is thinking about all that has transpired this day, and wonders what will become of the humans in the Decepticons care...wonders why humans and Decepticons are working together...wonders what this means for the Autobots, who have always considered it their duty to protect the humans from the Decepticons.

Prowl ponders these things, and finds no answers. He instead looks forward and up, to the sky and to the distant horizan. The skies are cloudy; gray. It looks as though a storm is building. If Prowl were a human, he would have considered it an omen. Instead, he continues his slow trek to the shuttle, and mentally prepares his report for Prime. It is, after all, the logical thing to do...

THE END...for now.

Writer's notes: Visitations Epilogue:

We have spared no expense in order to bring you the mission log of this adventure. Special thanks to everyone. Apologies to everyone else, including those that have been insulted, and/or killed.

This adventure takes place NOW. Because of our desires, our greed... the Autobots to lose Cybertron prior to 2005. Sure, we retrieved the molds successfully, and issued the toys...everything from Optimus Prime, HotRod and Ultra-Magnus, to completely new designs, such as Fire Convoy and SpeedBreaker. The Decepticons gather the profits, and buy fuel legally! (And you didn't believe that Hasbro/Takara is evil) The Autobots are unable to stop them from refueling their armies, and are driven off of Cybertron. Future events unfold as per the historical documents recorded in Transformers: The Movie. History will record that it was the actions of the members of ATT that brought this about. It's our fault. If we would have left those molds alone, if we wouldn't have been so insistent on new toys, and formed an unholy alliance, the Decepticons would never have obtained the necessary energy to take over Cybertron. Our friends would not have died in 2005. Our greed has caused all of this. Our greed.

Think about it.

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