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     Trans-form-ers! More Var-i-ants to buy!

     Var-i-ants! Enough to make you cry!

     Variants wage their battle to make Fred and Lewis go com-pletely insane!     

     Trans-form-ers! More Var-i-ants to buy!

     Var-i-ants! Enough to make you cry!

(Webmaster's Note: I can't speak for Fred, but in my case...the variants won.)

Fred takes time to talk about his favorite variations on this awsome line of toys. Click here for the latest updates!

The Variations Q and A

It's Prime Time!

Magnus Deals with it Now

Super Mega Minibot Rampage!

Everything Else Autobot

The REAL Dinobots

Let's Talk about Jets, Baby!

Everything Else Decepticon


Japanese, European, and Worldwide TFs

Mold stampings and Rubsigns

The Classics Generations


      Beast Wars

Machine Wars

Beast Machines

R. I. D.

BotCon Exclusives

Package Variants

Fast Food TFs

The Patent Pages

Diaclone and Pre-Transformers!

Armada Universe and Energon

Alternators, Cybertron, and Beyond

Other Toy Lines

Collecting Dangers

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The Variations Q and A!

Question: What is a "variation"?

Answer: A variation (in TFs anyway) is any difference between two or more similar Transformers. Or a deviation, if you prefer, from what is considered 'standard' for that particular TF. This can be a running mold change, a part change, a color change, or even a change in the package! We do it all! Most changes are done on-purpose, it is thought, to improve the toy or the manufacturing process in some way; but a few are 'errors' that slip by quality control. Then, of course, there are the endless recolors and special editions and...

Question: What causes variations?

Answer: Too-many things to list here in this small space. We've dedicated entire pages to these theories. Click here to find some of the reasons why variations have occurred. Click here to find out who was responsible, and click here to find out how much blame each of them gets. Further, you can click here to find out who invented the first Transformer!

Question: What variations, 'count'?

Answer: ALL of them. At least, all of them that YOU wish to count. I try to explain that concept in more detail here. It's a long read, and may give you more questions than answers...but that's what it's all about. :-) Enjoy.

Question: Why bother documenting this?

Answer: Because I LIKE variants! :-) And because I was frustrated with attempts to get information about variants, always having to ask about what a certian variation looked like, or what a description meant on the variations list, etc. There were never any pictures; just word of mouth and text descriptions that didn't really help. It took me a long time to hunt this stuff down. Since I already had the information, I saw no reason why others should have to repeat the laborous task that I undertook. Here it is, in all one handy place, with LOTS of pics!

Question: So what can I find here?

Answer: *Everything*. Or at least, everything that we know about. :-) If it's a Transformer, and there was any kind of change, we'll tell you about it. Expanded descriptions, detailed pictures, comparisons of transformers variations from all over the name it. ;-) We talk about everything here, in some way, shape, or form! Hell, you want to see documentation from Hasbro on the history and first year of TFs, we have that too. ;-)

Question: Did you do this all by yourself?
Answer: Heck, no! Thanks go to Rjung for the Complete TF Toy List,'M'Sipher for the original text Variations List, and to Lewis ( - Now out Webmaster!) and Derrick ( for getting me started with info and pics in the Beast Wars section. Special thanks must also go to Joebot, Crazy-Steve, and Particle Man, for trading numerous e-mails with me, and doing the lion's-share of the work of filling all the holes we found in the text Vari-list. And thanks (and maybe a swift kick in the pants to) jerunski and joebot for partially getting me into this awful variants habit in the first place. Thanks guys! If it weren't for you being so helpful and informative, I'd already have my house paid for. :-) And of course a hearty thank you to all the fine folks of Autocon, the Yahoo-group where the Vari-Quest mailer now resides, for being supportive, and constantly finding new variants for me to document. If it weren't for you guys, this list wouldn't be as complete as it is. There are literally hundreds more people to mention here, and since I can't fit that in all one space, I put small thanks in every Vari-Quest update I do. You'll see their handiwork all over the site.

That's the format. Read on. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated. Oh, and...please be patient. There's a LOT of pics, so if it's loading slow, give it some time...or buy a faster computer... :-) Kidding!

Let's Look at what we'll find in each Catagory:

The Variations Q and A
     That's the page you're on right now. :-) Look above for the whys and how-comes.
It's Prime Time!
     Every single slagging variation on Optimus Prime's FIRST mold, and believe me, there were a LOT!
Magnus Deals with it Now
     You don't even wanna know how many variations we found on him. Get ready...
Super-Mega Minibot Rampage!
     Anything having to do with any minibot anywhere in the *world* can be found here.
Everything Else Autobot
     The title says it all, really. All the other Autobots, and all their various variants. Lots of pics! Wow!
The REAL Dinobots
     The original fab five are soo darn cool, they deserve their own section.
Let's Talk about Jets, Baby!
     You guessed it...Scream, Sky, and Thunder...and a whole lot more than you'd imagined!
Everything Else Decepticon
     The rest of the troops are almost as bad as the Autobots!
Combiners !
     Does it merge? Then it's here, and it was probably changed.
Japanese, European, and Worldwide TFs
     Just so you don't think that variations only occur in America. We have the woldwide variant listing here! :-)
Mold Stampings and Rubsigns
     Number or Manufacturer stampings? Faction Crystals? Rubsigns? You'll find it all here!
Who Got Variations in my Beast Wars?
     They had some changes...boy, did they EVER have some changes. (Includes the complete list of controvertial Transmetal color variants!)
Machine Wars: Recycled Extreme!
     Not only did they recycle European molds, but they recycled molds within the same release!
Beast Machines: It Had to Happen
     I thought they'd learn to be consistant...then THIS has to happen.
R. I. D.
     Coming soon to American shores, Robots In Disguise! Er, ahem.
The BotCon Exclusives!
     All the toys that you WON'T see in stores!
The Ever-Luvin Packaging Variants!
     A list of the changes on all the boxart, bubbles, and toy packaging! Wow!
The Patent Pages!
     Although scattered all over the site, have a look at the blueprints of all your favs, in one handy spot.
Diaclone and Pre-Transformers!
     At last! Look at variations before they were variations! Meet the ancestors of the TFs, and see how they 'transformed'...
Fast Food TFs
     From McChangeable burgers to Arby's Beast Wars, if there was a variant, it's listed here!
Armada Universe and Energon!
     Hey, with a name like Mini-Cons, it has to be good...or, more fodder for the Recycled Extreme series. If you didn't buy it the first bazzilion times, now's your chance (again).
Alternators, Cybertron, and Beyond!
     They just don't stop making them. Sigh...
Other Toy Lines!
     Lord knows, Transformer variations aren't's a collection of Knock-offs, Playschool, SD, Gundam, Gobot, and maybe even Megazord variants.

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