Other Toys

Gobots, Gundams, Megazords, and More!

Playschool TFs
A look at the variants on the modern kids' TF.

SD and Choro-Q TFs!
Attack of the cute tf-variants! :-)

Smallest TFs!
Attack of the tiny tf-variants! :-)

Kabaya TFs!
Attack of the model kit tfs!

TF Juniors, and Robot Masters
Not models, but not full-size toys. The heck?

RPMs and Speed Stars
Match Box car size Transformers vehicles that...sort of Transform.

The Brave Line
Transformers...that aren't.

Knockoff TFs!
Attack of the fake tf-variants!

See where the Prime's trailer pilot figure comes from! :-)

Animorphs and Star Wars TFs
All evil, all insidious, and less documented than ever before!

Why is Cykill green? Crasher white? Bickmore tells all! This, and more on the US-version of machinerobo. (Catalog)

Well, they're robots, a few of them transform...and there are variants. :-)

Oh god, the pain! But it's true. There were changes.