Knock-Off TFs

Knockoffs, bootlegs, unlisenced toys, fakes...whatever you want to call them, they're a peck of fun for people to collect. ;-) Though we don't wish to attempt a complete listing of fake TFs, we do want to give you a little flavor for what's out there. With that in-mind...

This section has two areas; the first is where I document the spot-on accurate TFs that have caused problems for the TF collector. Most times, these items are covered in a specific TF's section as well (ie, fake jet accessories on the jets page and fake Dinobots on the Dinobots page). This is more or less just a page to collect all these 'fakes' under one heading for easy reference. Used to be classics from the 80s, knockoffs in this catagory nowadays have to be expanded to include all the Chinese KOs that look real, but aren't (covered in the Chinese variant section of the site...)

The second section contains things that no one would ever confuse for legitimate TFs, but are cool nonetheless. Like Roadbots. ;-) Well, I like them...

We have a couple of guys working on a more comprehensive listing of fake TFs. In the meantime, please visit the Korean and Chinese section for more information. (That's where 99% of the knockoffs come from, anyways.)

| Real and Scary KOs | Cool and Neat KOs |

Real and Scary

Fake Cassettes
Amazing how they are still causing us problems.

Fake Seeker Jets
4-Star and KingDam Knockoffs

Fake Reflector
Microx camera knockoff at the bottom (more soon on him).

Fake Dinobots
Pre-History robots, fake Dinosaur Robo, and others.

Fake Combiners
Some old, some new, from Bruticus, Superion, and others.

Fake Micros
A big set, the right colors, but completely ripped off. (Pic 2 | Pic 3)

Fake Whirl
Almost right, but no copyright stamping.

Gen 3 Inferno
Taking the rainbow-colored inferno to the Tarmac. :-) Note the water-cannon! (Pic 2)

There are way, way too-many of these guys.

Fake Quake
A 2004 reissue of the popular tank mold, sans TM guns.

Fake Shockwaves
Several types, including the unknown black argentina version!

Just one of the many rainbow-colored KO versions of this fellow. :-)

Laser Prime and Skullcruncher
Some nifty KOs of these guys... (Pic 2 | Pic 3)

The Headmaster tank gets a chrome redeco, among other things. :-) (Pic 2)

The real one is stamped Takara and has chrome guns; the fake one is missing the copyright...

Cheetor, Rattrap, and Laserbeak (Terrosaur)
Fakes that are easily told apart. :-)

Primals and Megatrons
Frankly, I think the knockoffs are cooler than the Robotmasters versions. ;-)

Fake Braver
A KO of one of the Japanese Roadceaser bots.

Fake Overlord
The 1/4 size mini-me version of Japan's double Powermaster! In pastels!

I just think they're neat. :-)

Fake Armada Megatron
Half-again the size, new head, and a shield to make it look more like a real tank! (Pic 2)

Fake Super-SixBuilder and Super Brutator!
Knockoffs that are huge, and mixed. :-)

Mini-Me Devastator!
2/3 the size, but 1/2 the play value. :-)

Another 4-Star Jet
This one looks nothing like a seeker jet, but it's made by the same company as the cool ones. ;-)

4-Star Devastator
Mr. Hard Hat, as he's known to his friends. :-)

Convertors Insecticons
Toyarchive has a huge sampling of them. These are my favs.

Prowl's Grandpa!
This is the greatest knockoff of all time. Rejoice in the horror!

Been wanting these for years. Like legos, only less so. :-)

Alternators Roadbots
They have the name, but they're supersized!

Fake Micromasters
Smaller than micros...nano-masters, maybe?

Godmars vs Godmars Custom
Don't be fooled, the taiwan version is smaller...still cool, though...

A neat Devastator coloring of the Multiforce 14 robot. (Pic 2)

ZY-bots Not Z-bots. Manufactured by Remco, in Macau. (Pic 2)

A small neat set of vehicles that combine!

It's a tank-thing! It's a robot-thing! It's a...piece of crap.

(See Also: Korean TFs)

(See Also: Chinese TFs)