Beast Machines Variants

It had to happen some time...

The Beasts

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| Dinobots, Skydive, Snarl, Terranotron, Rapticon, and T-Wrecks | Gekkobot and Quickstrike |

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The Machines

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| Thrust | Blastcharge | Stryka and Spystreak |

Everything Else

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We wondered who would be the first to end up here...and the kudos go to...Jetstorm! The first BM toy variant, and boy, he doesn't slouch. He comes fully equipped with TWO different sets of arm-and-knee mold changes. :-)

TWO pips on his upper yellow arm; ONE pip on his upper yellow arm.

Jet Arms, One Pip vs Two Pips

SHALLOW knee-joint depressions with a PIP in the center; DEEP knee-joint depressions with NO PIP in the center.

Shallow vs Deep Knees

Keep in mind that if we were talking symmetrical, all-at-once releases of these changes, we'd only have four possible combinations. However, there have been numerous reports of the different arm and leg variants being mixed up (one pip on one arm, two pips on the other, etc). Since I don't have enough fingers and toes to count that high, we'll call it the mysterious (ooooh) '5th' variant. The mixed bag of whatever combinations you can find. I leave it up to the reader to decide whether or not to collect one of every possible combination. Have fun.

(Webmaster's Note: "I have found EIGHT versions of this toy. The arm pips come in all four combinations, 1L/1R, 2L/2R, 1L/2R, and 2L/1R. I have found each of these versions with BOTH types of kness for a total of eight. The pip variant seems to be random throughout the run of the toy. I suspect that it was intended to have one on one arm and two on the other, but since the parts are interchangeable, the parts must be randomly taken from the molds and used in the toys, thus making all four versions possible at any time and the only running change, the knees. This is supported by the existence of the pip variant on EVERY release of this mold. (Yes, I have found all four versions of each of the later releases.)")

Note: This figure was recolored into Sonic Attack Jet in this line, into Storm Jet for the RiD line, into Jhiaxus for the Armada line, and into Skywarp for the Universe line.)

Ultra Jetstorm

Yes, it's true...just like Tigerhawk and Optimal Optimus (to name just a few blue TFs), this fellow comes in your choice of light or dark blue:

Ultra Jetstorm Dark | Ultra Jetstorm Light

Note: This figure was recolored into Cyclonus for the Botcon convention.

Sonic Attack Jet

We like to call the SAG a jet drone, but you can call him what you want. :-) Deluxe Jetstorm mold, but flying spiffy new colors:

Sonic Attack Jet | Jetstorm

Apparently, you can have one-or-two pips on the arms, but the deep-knee was phased out pretty early. Only the pipped-shallow knee is to be found on SAJ.

(Webmaster's Note: "The arm pips come in all four combinations, 1L/1R, 2L/2R, 1L/2R, and 2L/1R.")

Note: This figure was originally Jetstorm in this line, was recolored into Stormjet for the RiD line, into Jhiaxus for the Armada line, and into Skywarp for the Universe line.)


...and in the grand tradition first established by Transmetals in the Beast Wars, Beast Machines has decided to grab some of the color-variant glory. First entry in that catagory is Cheetor, with his deep-gold, and light-gold chest variants:

Dark vs Light Gold Mega Cheetor

Also, a rumor abounds over whether or not there is a 'painted' version of Cheetor's head. There's *not*. There's clear red plastic, and solid red plastic, but nothing painted. As you can see, the 'solid' plastic does have the appearence of paint that has run, so presumably that caused the confusion.

Solid vs Clear Plastic Head


...not to be outdone, BM Scavanger comes out with his lots-o-paint on claws, and his hardly-any-paint-on-claws versions. And if you think that's funny, what about the idea of a Scavanger without any paint on his claws at all:

Little Paint vs Lots of Paint on Claws | No Paint on Claws

...if it were me, I'd more readily say that the variation is paint and no-paint, versus the idea of a little paint versus a lot of paint...but hey, this is a flexible variations page. Whatever makes you happy makes me happy. :-)

There's also the issue of light versus dark highlights on his treads...the bright highlights seem to be mostly on the versions with little paint on the claws, while the lots-o-paint and no paint come mostly with the dark highlights:

Light vs Dark Tread Highlights

So, to recap, here's the possible combinations:

Type 1: Lots of paint on claws, dark tread highlights.
Type 2: Little paint on claws, bright tread highlights.
Type 3: NO paint on claws, dark tread highlights.

Note: This mold was recolored and released in a: RiD 3-pk.


Now here's the same problem. It's a pretty radical difference, but it's another one of those things that may or not be what you want to call a 'variant'. But it is certainly a 'difference':

Brown vs Green Wings

There's also a third version where the wing is brown, but has a thin strip of green along the edge of the wing (considered to be the most common version).


Now we see the same color problem with first, I thought one was red, and one was brown. Turns out we have another spray-op variant. One has just a hint of red paint, while the other one really layers it on. But you can call it whatever you want. :-)

The Longhorn Roundup

Dinobots, Skydive, Snarl, Terranotron, Rapticon and T-Wrecks

Beast Machines Dinobots

(See Also: Beast Wars Dinobots, Armada Dinobots, and Universe Dinobots.)

Yep...a few variations on them. :-) Everyone that came with the 'Dinobot' logo on the card gets shoved in here. Snarl gets shoved in here because he's got the name of a former Dinobot. :-) A mixed bag of old stuff, new stuff, formerly-foriegn stuff, and crappy stuff. Onward!

Dinotron, of course, is a significant remold of the Beast Wars Dinobot mold, (first released in Japan as 'Hardhead') the Beast Wars Grimlock, (and the Fox Kids recolor Dinobot) Dinotron comes with ratcheting dino-legs... And, since we can never leave these things alone, :-) Dinotron comes with either light or dark-yellow legs:

Dinotron | Dinobot | Dark vs Light Yellow Sinotron Legs

Triceradon comes with either orange, or...puke-colored horn tips. Hey, what would YOU call a combination of yellow, green, and brown? Looks like puke to me. There's also a difference in the sprayops of his back: light, and heavy. Or if you prefer, a light coating of olive versus a heavy coating of green. :-)

Orange vs Puke Colored Horns | Green vs Olive Colored Back

Airraptor doesn't get by without a change on his wings. He comes with either light sprayops, or heavy sprayops on the wings, as well as light versus dark yellow (or yellow versus gold, if you prefer). As for Skydive (well, I list him as a dinobot) :-), he comes with either lots of paint on his beak, or just-a-touch of paint on his beak. And Snarl (well, he has the name of a G1 Dinobot) comes with either a full silver mane, or just highlights going halfway back:

Airraptor Wings | Skydive Beaks | Snarl Mane, Full vs Half Painted

Then, we see a batch of recolored Transmetals from the Beast Wars line come over into Beast Machines. Rapticon, formerly the TM2 Predacon Dinobot. Particle Man states: "Rapticon (TM2 Dinobot Dinobot) is made from the white Dinobot mold, not the beige Dinobot mold. How do I know? The peg size problem that the beige TM2 Dinobot had, ie the hand peg was too big for the tail hole and would split the hole on the tail hole was fixed on the white TM2 Dinobot. Since Rapitcon can hold his tail just fine, he's made from the white Dinobot mold." And never one to leave these things alone... :-) a color change on his green paint. Light versus dark. Yay. Oh, and the paint on his back can be either, "a-lot", or, "not a lot".

TM2 Dinobot (Both Versions) | Rapticon | Rapticon's Light vs Dark Highlights | Rapticon's Back

And of course Terranotron, the recolor (and remold, as like Rappy/Dino he now has a spark crystal instead of a rubby) of the Transmetal Terrasaur, who like his original, also comes in two different color variants, orange and red (or light and dark orange-ish gold, if you prefer):

Orange | Red

Is that everything? Yes. However, we would be remiss if we forgot to mention that T-wrecks is a recolor of the Ultra Megatron mold from Beast Wars:

Megatron vs T-Wrecks, Robot Modes | Megatron vs T-Wrecks, Beast Modes

(See Also: Beast Wars, Armada, and Universe Dinobots.)

Lordy, these guys were recycled all over down the line.


The horrible recurring paint problem strikes again. Sigh. We have Mirage in light-yellow, and dark-yellow versions.

Mirage, Light vs Dark Yellow

(See Also: RiD 3-pk)

Gekkobot and Quickstrike

Released at the same time, and the variations I've seen came out at the same time as well. On Gekkobot, we see versions with gold, brown, and red highlights on the head, as well as light red versus dark red paint on the body:

Light vs Dark Red Bodies | 3 Head Types

Note: Like Ramulus and Optimus Minor, there was a limited-release (one store) of an all-red Gekkobot.

While Quickstrike comes in brown versus gold versions:

Quickstrike, Brown vs Gold


The latest of our additions, we have Thrust sporting either light purple, or dark purple sprayops (you can say indigo versus violet if you so choose):

Thrust, Light vs Dark Purple


Our work is never done. Here we have bat-boy sporting either a light-brown, or a dark-brown lower abdominal area:

Light Brown | Dark Brown


Like BM Cheetor before him, (and the Beast Wars Transmetals before that) our buddy Blastcharge has the luck to be sporting a light or dark gold front cab section, as well as (reminicent of BE TM Cheetor) a third ORANGE version:

Silverbolt and Nightviper

Silverbolt comes with either orange, or red shoulder pads:

Orange vs Red Shoulder Pads

While NightViper comes with either a dark red, or a light red chest:

Light vs Dark Red Chest

Primal Prime

Primal Prime is a remold and recolor of the Beast Wars Optimal Optimus mold:

Primal Prime vs Optimal Optimus (Robot-Mode)

In addition to color, it is interesting to note a mold change between PriPri and OpOp (OpOp's missle is on the left, PriPri's missle is on the right).

Primal Prime vs Optimal Optimus's Missles

It should also be noted that to light the robot eyes on Optimal Optimus, you must pull the missle launcher out. On Primal Prime, there is a button in the back of the laucher that activates the eyes instead (presumably so that you don't have to risk lauching the missles in your eyes to see the robots eyes light up). (Pic)


The first 'Battle for the Spark' variant found. The picture speaks for itself. :-) Yes, that goofy transmetalized problem again, ala-Nightglider, in this case. There's actually three variants, but until I scan all three in, take a gander at two kinds of brown:

Light vs Dark Brown


Deployers have been released as a recolor. Lucky us. :-) Many have taken to calling them (the recolored ones) 'Reployers'. I like it. At least it's not a 'controvertial' color variation. :-) Although on the recolor Mol, you DO get a choice of a light or heavy sprayop on the back. :-)

Deployers | Repaint Deployers | Mol Back

Che and Mechatron

No, we don't know why, either...they're hideous. I refuse to talk about it.

Che | Repainted Che | Mechatron | Repainted Mechatron


I will quote Particle Man on this one: "The variant in question is on his robot chestpiece. The very bottom of his chestpiece has two little lock tabs for holding the whole thing together in beast mode or robot mode. Some Rattraps (mine) have the tabs fully painted, some (Sarah's) have barely any paint on the tabs at all. Two things to note about this-#1, there are no molding or color changes elsewhere on the body, and #2, the amount of paint very much affects transformation. The unpainted tabs variant doesn't stay properly transformed and has a tendency to flop around, especially in beast mode."

"Now, you may be asking yourself if Sarah just wore her paint off through repeated transformations, however, it was mint out of the box and examination of the tabs reveals no splotching (which would indicate wear), only a smooth surface (indicating it was done at the factory)." And that, as they say, is that. :-) Take it with a grain of salt, as I plan to. Below are some pics:

Painted Tabs | Unpainted Tabs

Beastchanger (Savage/Noble)

Although best seen from the front, here is a side shot of Beastchanger's canopy, which can come as either fully gold, or just a touch of gold on the top:

Less | More

Stryka and Spystreak

These two are the ultimate variant-collectors nightmare: no two are the same. The best you can hope for is that some come with lots of paint, while others come with little paint.


On the upside, Stryka does come with two distinct variants: Similiar to the G2 Brawl 'purple vs black camo', Stryka comes in either light purple, or purple-black (dark purple). In addition, her wheels are either light, or dark gold:

Stryka Canopy | Stryka Wheels

Note: Spystreak was recolored and re-released in the Rid line, as part of the RiD 3-pk, and later on in the Universe line as Fireflight, along with 2 Mini-Cons. Stryka was recolored and rereleased in Universe as Nemesis Stryka.

Night-Slash Cheetor

Just when we thought it was safe to come out from under any more Cheetor variations... This fellow comes in light, and dark-yellow spots:

Light vs Dark Spots

Note: Nightslash Cheetor was recolored as the Botcon exclusive figure Catscan.

Supreme Cheetor

Primus forbid that a toy this size should have variants. But it's true. Orange versus red shin guards, for one. Another is this lovely change in the color on the head (dark vs light green):

Supreme Waste of Plastic

Battle Unicorn

What can we say? A color-change, of course. :-) The horn-paint can cover nearly the whole horn, or just half the horn:


Note: Battle Unicorn was recolored and re-released in the Universe line as Magna Stampede, along with two Mini-Cons.

Tank Drone

Tank drones can come with more or less yellow on the tip of the missles. :-)

Tank Drone Missles

Note: Tank Drone was recolored and re-released as Stockade in the Universe line, along with two Mini-Cons.

Are there MORE Beast machines variations on the way? God, I hope not. :-)

Well, as usual, Hasblow has read my mind and made my nightmares come true. As of 2005, they've finally issued the Beast Machines in Japan. And of-course they recolored them!