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This is the section that relaunched my love for Generation One. :-) For years, there was talk about having true G1 characters with modern articulation. Realising our collective whiny arses would buy this, they finally caved and actually gave us what we want. :-)

I would have to say that bar-none the ability to design a mold that transforms differently... so that, when recolored, he looks like a whole new the best gimmick of nearly all time. Glad they finally got those keys out of their system. Anyways... these cross over so much that I almost hesitate to list things in subsections (it would be more fun to list all the jets that have come out in the seperate lines as one big-wrap-up... might do that another time). Either way, enjoy.

TF Classics

| Astrotrain, Rodimus, and Starscream | Sunstreaker and Sideswipe |

| Prowl, Bluestreak, and Smokescreen | Bumblebee and Optimus Prime |

With the launch of the new line, fans desperate to own more than one of these wonderful designs looked for any and every variation. :-) And we were happy to oblige. If it were up to me, I'd list *every* single Classics mold, they were just that good (except for Tanko, er, Octane. He was bad. Bad Octane). Luckily, the best molds had the best possible recolors.

Astrotrain, Rodimus, and Starscream

Astrotrain comes in a light, or dark purple for his initial-release.

Rodimus actually comes in *three* versions, revolving around the thickness of the black line on his tampo-stamped hood flames (which can be thick, medium, or light).

Starscream comes in light and dark blues, with a transitional mold line on his vents that carries over to the Skywarp mold (Skywarp having been released in a 2-pack with a recolored Prime cab as Magnus.) There was a later release of Starscream, mostly white (compared to his grey release).

Astrotrain Dark and Light Purple | Rodimus 3 Line Hood Tampos

Screamer: Light and Dark Blue | Mold Vent Lines 4 vs 5

Sunstreaker and Sideswipe

This is the mold that impressed the heck out of me. Sunstreaker was first out of the gate. Change his head, transform his legs backwards, recolor it red... and you have Sideswipe. :-) Versatile mold, and a peck of fun to boot.

Sunstreaker and Sideswipe Comparison

(See also: McBotcon Punch/Counterpunch)

Prowl, Bluestreak, and Smokescreen

Like their vintage bretheren, this version of the mold was used three times within the initial run. Significant color changes (and obviously, Prowl got the siren lights). What I find very interesting to note that Bluestreak came with either solid or clear windows.

Prowl, Bluestreak, Prowl Cars | Bluestreak windows

Bumblebee and Optimus Prime

One of the most significant mold changes to come out of the initial Classics line was the switch on Bumble's roof scoop, from a ** vent to a ** vent (to accomodate the rubsign, or whatever you want to believe.) The latter version of this mold would see later re-use in the Bumblebee 3-pack, as Botcon Bugbite, and more recently as Bumblebee (again) in Generations.

It almost doesn't pay to mention that he was recolored red and called Cliffjumper. :-)

Prime is as Prime does. He was red. Then he was white and called Magnus. While I found it cool in the Dreamwave comic (to find a white Prime under Magnus' armor) I am getting tired of them simply repainting Prime white and calling him...ah, why do I bother. His mold was further recolored as the SDCC Nemesis Prime.

Bumblebee Roof Scoops | Prime vs Magnus vs Nemesis Prime

(See also: Botcon SG Prime)

TF Universe

This is the section that deals with that pesky Universe name re-use covered in the Armada, Energon, and Universe section. In this case, truly classic characters with new molds (Powerglide, et all) are featured. Inevitably, the recolors of same came crawling out :-) with Onslaught/hardhead, Powerglide/Stormcloud, Silverbolt/Skyfall...not to mention those few molds they tried to sneak into the Movie subline. (Fracture? Really? Sigh.)

Silverbolt and Skyfall | PowerGlide and Stormcloud | Hardhead and Onslaught

Tredbolt and Classics Jetfire | Thrust, Fracture, and Blaster | Acid Storm


Generations and Reveal the Shield

Ostensily mixed in with leftover bits of that god-awful PowerCore Combiners line on toyshelves (covered in another section), the Generations and Reveal the Shield were some prety nice pieces. Continuing the tradition that Classics started, we had a number of new molds, as well as recolors of some favorites.

Red Alert and Jazz | Thundercracker | Tracks and Wheeljack | Grapple vs Inferno | Strafe

Red Alert and Jazz

Red Alert is a remold (the roof, to accomodate lights) and recolor (of Sunstreaker/Sideswipe in Classics above) gives you Red Alert. It is interesting to note that (like the Japanese Henkei Prowl), Red is sporting less chrome and a different set of molded lights than his Japanese counterpart.

As for Jazz...his initial run came with painted white forearms. Later runs had the forearms molded in white. Hard enough to find one in stores, and they had to go ahead and make a variant. :-)

Red Alert vs Sunstreaker vs Sideswipe vs PCP | Jazz Flexing His Forearms


I think a lot of people (those who aren't patient enough to be frugal and wait several years) probably felt slighted when this finally saw release in the US. Bad-enough that he wasn't in the initial classics run....worse that he was going for two hundred bucks on ebay as a Botcon exclusive in 2007...and even worse still when the same fans ponied up fifty bucks for the Japanese Henkei release. But then, to see this have a short run in US stores (to the point where fans are paying 30 bucks or more for a ten dollar retail toy...) well, it's just too-bad his name wasn't Frenzy, since this is what it caused with the fans (don't get me started on the as-yet unreleased US Rumble and Frenzy). So Thundercracker is a recolor of Starscream, Shywarp, Acid Storm, and whoever else they've released this thing as by now.

Thundercracker and Company

Tracks and Wheeljack

Like Sunstreaker and Sideswipe, this has become another favorite for this line. Tweak the mold, change the color, transsform the legs backwards, and you have a different toy. :-) Cool. The mold has had enough tweaks that you could nearly consider it a seperate piece.

Tracks vs Wheeljack Heads | Wingtips | Grillwork

Grapple vs Inferno

Inferno was recolored into Grapple in this line. Gun was changed to a cool hook on top of the vehicle.
Grapple Ttops Inferno


Just another crappy Movie Mindwipe recolor.