Fast Food Transformers

Burgerbots, transform and eat out!

Nothing like a toy to sell your salt and grease... If it came in a kids meal, or a happy meal, it's here. From the 80's, 90's, and today. Let me say just one thing: I HATE manufacturer stampings! I picture just a small number of the possible stampings available on these guys! Read on...

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St Louis

(Bumblebee, Cliffjumper, Gears, Brawn)

Only released as a test-promotion in the St. Louis area, they featured non-transforming figures of Bumblee, Cliffjumper, Brawn, and Gears. Depending on how you count, there could be anywhere from 24, up to 30+ different ones to collect because of color variants. For more information on these toys, visit this page from has it detailed, and says it the best. :-)


Solardyn | Velocitor | Motron | Magna

Sorry, I don't have anything witty to say about these guys. :-) Sad as it is to say, they DO interesting 'gimmick' they have is that they can waddle-walk in robot mode (if wound up).

The Original Burgerbots

| Shake | Nuggets | Big Mac | Quarter Punder with Cheese | Sausage McMuffin w/Egg | Fries |

Yes, the McChangeables that started it all! Not to be confused with the non-transforming TF-figures (see St. Louis) these fellows set the standard for all future transforming Happy Meal toys. Blah blah blah. Here we go!

The Shake

No surprises here, except for the start of many, many manufacturer-stamping changes:

Shake | Manufacturer Stampings

The Nuggets
Same here, no surprises, except for the ungodly stamping changes:

Nuggets | Manufacturer Stampings

The Big Mac
Ahh, variants! The first transforming mc-food variant that people took notice of. Here we can see that in addition to blue and green robot bodies, we also have a change in the color of the meat on the mac (dark vs light). And of course, a ridiculous number of manufacturer-stamping variants:

Big Mac | Manufacturer Stampings

The Quarter Pounder with Cheese

The usual stamping changes, but also a change in the color of the blue on the body:

Quarter Punder with Cheese | Blue Coloring Variant | Manufacturer Stampings

The Sausage McMuffin with Egg

My fav sandwich! He has, like most of the others, a stamping variant:

Sausage McMuffin with Egg | Manufacturer Stampings

The Fries

Say hello to another variant! Like the Big Mac, Fries here comes with a major color change, in addition to some manufacturer-stamping variants:

Blue vs Green Face | Manufacturer Stampings

Happy-Smiley Burgerbots

| Burger | Hotcakes | Shake | Ice Cream | Quarter Pounder With Cheese | Fries |

Why do I call them that? Have you looked at their faces? They all have these stupid grins on them. I'm not sure I want to call them 'robots'. More like clowns.

The Burger

Anyways...first up is happy-smiley burger. He comes with a number of changes to him, including 3 different-colored burgers (rare, medium, well done) as well as a mold-change to the face (shallow versus deep eye sockets). The color of his green...shirt(?)...can be light or dark green:

The Evil Happy Smiley Burger | Burger Face | Burger Buns

The Hotcakes

Next up is happy-smiley hotcakes. In addition to the usual ungodly manufacturer-stamping-changes, this fellow also comes as painted or unpainted eyes:

Painted vs Unpainted Eyes | Manufacturer Stampings

The Shake

Happy-smiley shake. Comes with an unusual mold-change; a 'fat' face, or a 'thin' face, most easily noted in the eyes (round vs egg-shaped) and mouth. Please note that this is not because of paint-spray; although there is a paint change (light vs dark red) this is a noticeable mold-change:

Master Shake | Face Variants

The Ice Cream

Happy-smiley cone. UGLY! In addition to the manufacturer-stamping change, there is also a difference in paint on the face (eyes and lips); big eyes and full lips versus small eyes and split lips:

Happy Smiley Ice Cream | Manufacturer Stampings | Face Variant

The Quarter Pounder with Chees

Happy-smiley quarterpounder. Just the usual ungodly manufacturer-stamping changes:

Manufacturer Stampings

The Fries

And finally, happy-smiley fries. The usual manufacturer-stamping changes:

Manufacturer Stampings


| Happy Meal | Big Mac | Quarter Punder with Cheese | Nuggets | Shake | Fries | Ice Cream | Hotcakes |

The Happy Meal

First up is dino-happy meal. Pretty straightforward, for the most part. There is a mold change on the bottom; square versus round holes:

Square vs Round Holes

The Big Mac

Next up is dino-bigmac. Again, straight-forward, but there are a number of manufacturer stamping changes on him:

Manufacturer Stampings

Quarter Pounder with Cheese

Dino-quarterpounder. And an ungodly number of manufacturer stampings:

Dino Pounder With Cheese | Manufacturer Stampings

The Nuggets

Dino-nuggets. A paint change around the eyes is visable, noted as small versus large pupils:

Dino Nuggets | Large vs Small Pupils

The Shake

Dino-shake. I hate him. For starters, he was manufactured both in China and Tiawan. Because of this, there are a number of color changes on the toy; the eyes are sprayed differently, as is the Mcdonald's logo on the front. Finally, a number of manufacturer stampings (Note: this seems only to occur in China):

Dino Shake | Shake Front (China vs Taiwan) | Dino Eyes

China vs Taiwan manufacturer-Stamping | More Manufacturer Stampings

The Fries

Dino-fries. And more manufacturer stamping variants:

Dino Fries | Manufacturer Stampings

The Ice Cream

Dino-cone. A number of changes. The cone can be either light or dark yellow, there is a manufacturer-stamping change, and the eyes can have large or small white pupils:

Light vs Dark Cone and Manufacturer Stampings | Dino Eyes

The Hotcakes

Last one up! Dino-hotcakes. There is a change in the color of the tailwing, either pink or purple. There is also a small versus large pupil variant:

Dino Hotcakes | Tail | Eyes


Ah, Wendy's! Yes, they got in on the transformable food toy craze...some would say before McDonald's did. But few remember these wonderful bots licensed from Tonka. So we feel it important to mention them here:

Vehicle Mode | Robot Mode

Wendy Car: (Beamer) No variations that I've found thus far.

Wendy Truck: (Pow Wow) No variations that I've found thus far.

Wendy Shuttle: (Guide Star) No variations that I've found thus far.

Wendy Spaceship: (Odd Ball) No variations that I've found thus far.

Wendy Plane: (Sky Fly) No variations that I've found thus far.

Wendy Helicopter: (Breez) Ahhh, NOW we have variations. :-) The orange on the chest and cockpit can come in light or dark orange. In addition, there are several number-stampings on the rotors (I've found 1 thru 17 so far). In addition, there seems to be a molding issue on the helicopter arms. On two fresh specimens, you can have either loose-fitting, floppy arms, or you can have arms so tight they don't want to move at first. :-)

Manufacturer Stampings | Copter Canopies | Copter Chests

Dairy Queen Prime

Dairy Queen Optimus Prime: Doesn't transform (hey, an actionmaster toy!) but looks nice. This was released for the G2 line.



Arby's Beasts

Arby's Beasts...well, They were also released in 1998 as a Krystal promotion...same toys, identical except for the manufacturer-stamping, as listed below.

Junglezoids, ? 1996 Arby's Inc. Made in China
Krystal-Zoids, ? 1996 DCI. made in China.

Gorillazoid...magenta body, yellow chest, green robot arms.
Tigazoid...yellow body, blue chest, red head. body, red chest, magenta head. body, magenta chest, yellow head.

Arby's Beasts

Mc Beast Wars

| Panther | Rhino | Manta Ray | Beetle |

McDonald's takes charge as transforming toys loom popular once more.


We start with Panther. No stamping variations, but there is a color change on his eyes; light vs dark yellow:

Mc Panther | Panther Eyes

Manta Ray

Manta-ray. No stamping-changes, and no other variants so far, amazingly enough:

Manta Ray


Rhino. Here's where the variants problem begins! The first was a color change on his chest, between dark and light red (similar to the BW Scorponok red variations). In addition, these same units were found to have light vs dark orange plastic versions on the arms and legs. Finally, an ungodly number of manufacturer-stamping variants, noted in the numbers change:

Rhino | Light vs Dark Orange | Light vs Dark Red | Manufacturer Stampings


Beetle. No variants other than a number of manufacturer-stamping changes:

Mc Beetle | Manufacturer Stampings

Mc Transmetals

| Scorponok | Dinobot | Blackarachnia |

I tried to scan in the different manufacturer stampings, with little or no luck. The surfaces where they are stamped, unlike the burgerbots, are not conducive to scanning. Therefore, a description of each variable manufacturer stamping (where appropriate) is listed with each unit.


First up is our pal Dinobot. Comes in three different color versions: light green, green, and dark green. There are two different stamping types. The HK series, and the RC series (many different numbers for each). The HK series seems to have the darker green heads in it.

Dinobot | 3 Dinobot Heads


Next up is Scorponok. While not in possession of as many variations as Dinobot, he does come in two claw types (light and dark) as well as two eye types (green and yellow). The manufacturer-stampings are the SN and KG series. I've found a substantial number of the sn series, in a variety of numberings, but few of the KG series (although those few have had high numbers, usually in the 20s, while sn was usually 1 to 15).

Scorponok | Dark vs Light Claws | Small vs Large Eyes


Last, but not least, is Blackarachnia. There seem to be a moderate amount each of light and dark blue, spider-body-wise (the eyes come as light or dark green as well). The manufacturer stampings are of the HT and TF series. In my area, they seem to have fairly equal distribution. I have noticed that there is a popular reoccurance of TF27 and 28.

Blackarachnia | Dark vs Light Blue

Rally/Checkers Rhinox

Rally/Checkers Rhinox: Ugliest toy ever made. No variations so far. Even if there were, I don't think I'd collect them:>

Robot | Beast

Mc Beast Machines

| Blackarachnia | Cheetor | Megatron | Optimus | Rattrap | Nightscream | Tankor | Thrust |

For show accuracy, a number of people have commented that these toys are better than the entire first wave of BM!


Nothing at this time.



As with nearly all Mcdonald's toys, there are a number of manufacturer-stamping changes. So far, I've found S-WS with different numbers afterwards (1, 17, etc) located on his right shoulder. There is also a change in the color of Cheetor's spots: light, and dark:

Cheetor | Dark vs Light Spots


An eye variant (large vs small pupil) as well as a color variant (light vs dark red). A number of manufacturer stampings (S-SV 01, 17, etc) loacated on the foot.

Megatron | Manufacturer Stampings | Eyes

Optimus Primal

No variations at this time, save for manufacturer stampings (S-MT 8, 16, etc). Loacated on his back.


The interesting variant I found on him involves his face...specifically, his eyes come as either the 'zombie-look' (little or no pupil) or the 'angry-look' (thick pupils and rings around the eyes). A number of manufacturer stampings (S-TF 11, 15, etc) loacated on his wheel

Ratrap | Eyes | Manufacturer Stampings


Primus, he's ugly. The usual manufacturer-stampings (S-SN 01, 02, etc) are found on his wing.

Ugliest MC-TF Ever | Manufacturer Stampings


No variations at this time, save for manufacturer stampings (S-HK 01, 03, etc). loacated on the inside of the wingflap/headcover.



Ah, a color variant! Light or dark blue. (Sound familiar? It's a common theme in BW/BM toy variations.) A number of manufacturer-stampings (S-IT 11, 14, etc) are found on his back.

Tankor Smash! | Dark vs Light Chest | Manufacturer Stampings


There is a difference in the yellow coloring on him (light vs dark yellow) as well as manufacturer stampings (S-GG 01, 04,etc) loacated on the underside of the wheel carriage.

Manufacturer Stampings


KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut (all owned by the same company) brought us Happy Meal versions of the Animorphs (an evil show about child Transformers). There were four that transformed (a fifth unit, Tobias/Hawk, was a solid piece of crappy plastic for the under-3 set).

Jake/Lizard (Human) | Jake/Lizard (Animal) | Marco/Shark (Human) | Marco/Shark (Animal)

Rachel/Fly (Human) | Rachel/Fly (Animal) | Cassie/Anteater (Human) | Cassie/Anteater (Animal)

Tobias/Hawk (Under 3 Toy)

Mc Armada

Optimus Prime | Hotshot | Starscream | Cyclonus | Smokescreen | Red Alert | Megatron | Demolisher

No variations at this time. But stay tuned. :-)

Mc Energon

Only released in the Netherlands, and the UK. No variations at this time. (See the Foreign Food Transformers section, below.)

BK Cybertron

4 Molds: Prime, Megatron, Jetfire, and Red Alert. No variations at this time.

(Pic In Process)

Brother Bear

| Kenai-Bear | Denhai-Wolf | Sitka-Eagle |

More evil Animorphs! Well, sort of. They function exactly the same.Out of an eight possible toys, three of them transformed. Thankfully, no variations on these at the moment:

3 Brother Bear TFs

Foreign Food Toys

A small section to highlight food toys from other countries. ;-)

Mc Beast Machines Australia

For example, the Beast Machiens toys in Australia came in wild colors. And I mean wild. Like the 24 versions of the St Louis TFs, you need at least 6 of RatTrap alone.

(Pics of Australian TF Food Toys In-Process)


In-addition, what about food TFs...that didn't come in a Happy Meal, but are still food Transformers? Take these lunchbots, for example. They're like our original bigmac and shake, but instead it's a can of tea, and a bowl of noodles. ;-) "Can of tea transforms into Ninja Warrior! Bowl of noodles transforms into Ninja Assasin!" That's actually the taiwan version of the Japanese Lunchbots. Yep, Takara had a line of transforming foodstuffs, and they...oh, just look at the pics. ;-)

Lunchbots! | Lunchbot 1 | Lunchbot 2 | Lunchbot 3 | Lunchbot 4 | Lunchbot 5 | Lunchbot 6

Mc Energon UK / Netherlands

Then there's the Energon Happy Meal toys that were only released in the Netherlands and the UK. For whatever reason, the USA didn't get a chance at these:

Energon Happymeal Toys