The Movie Toys


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...everything you love about TFs was watered down for the masses. Not only did they release a *lot* of toys in one shot, they also released them concurrently, in sets, as store exclusives, as mail-aways...*

My childhood is gone, destroyed by the corporate beast that is Hasbro (and people wonder why I don't like beasts). It's bionicle on steriods, its...well, some of it's ok, actually. Too-many toys. Literally, three movies and thousands of toys later, the Bayformers have made Transformers 'mainstream.' Good for the shareholders...bad for completists. :-)

In-addition to the multiple recolors (and repackaging) of movie molds at regular mass-retail, we saw Walmart, Best Buy, and Target-specific recolors, recolors of Energon and Cybertron say nothing of old movie toys recolored and remolded, and released into the *next* movie line.

It's huge. Needs a page to itself. Doesn't deserve it, considering what has happened to the fandom, but there it is. :-)

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Movie 2007

There were several TFs released in the Universe subline during The Movie. These have been listed in the Universe section of the site. Or possibly here. Lewis will likely remind me. :-) Don't think I didn't see the crack in the combiners giftset listing. Voyagter Blackout with Scorponok is not a combiner. He's a Targetmaster. :-) The big one wasn't sold with deluxe Scorpy as a giftset in the US. So there. Nyah!

(Webmaster's Note: Okay, it's your site...but if the Darkwings are considerd a Giftset, then I don't know how Blackout and Scorponk aren't...but you're the boss, I just work here. :-))

* - Note: Recolored into Different characters.


Optimus Prime
     - Original.
     - Recolored blue as Nightwatch Prime.
     - Premium metallic.

     - Original.
     - Premium metallic.

     - Original version.
     - Recolored beige as Desert camo Brawl.


Optimus Prime
     - Original version.
     - Recolored 'Robovision' version. (Metallic, Target Exclusive.)
     - Battle-damaged in Sams Club Giftset.
     - Recolored in G1 colors as First Strike Prime.

     - Original version.
     - Recolerd silver with clear parts, Best Buy exclusive.

     - Original version.
     - Recolored in G1 colors.
     - Recolored metallic, Best Buy exclusive.

     - Original version.
     - Recolored blue as Thundercracker.*
     - Recolored in G1 colors with new head, Target exclusive.

     - Recolored metallic as Deep Space Starscream, Target exclusive.

     - Original version. Comes with mini Skorponok.
     - Remolded and Recolored orange as Evac. Comes with raft/gun.*


     - Original version.
     - Remolded battle-damaged version with new weapon.
     - Recolored in G1 colors, Target exclusive.
     - Premium metallic.

Bumblebee (Concept)
     - Original version.
     - Original version in box set (Legacy of Bumblebee) with Bumblebee (Classic) and Bumblebee (Classics).
     - Battle-damaged in box set (Evolution of a Hero) with Bumblebee (Classic), Target exclusive.
     - Recolored red as Cliffjumper.*
     - Recolored black with remolded head as Stealth Bumblebee.
     - Premium metallic.

Bumblebee (Classic)
     - Original version with battle-damage.
     - Original version in box set (Legacy of Bumblebee) with Bumblebee (Concept) and Bumblebee (Classics).
     - Original version with excessive battle-damage, more black spray in box set (Evolution of a Hero) with Bumblebee (Concept), Target exclusive.

Bumblebee (Classics)
     - Repaint of Classics Bumblebee in box set (Legacy of Bumblebee) with Bumblebee (Concept) and Bumblebee (Classic).

Barricade with Frenzy
     - Original version.
     - Recolored blue as Recon Barricade.
     - Original version Barricade with black Frenzy and figures.
     - Premium metallic.

     - Original version. Says "Orsen's Towing" on door.
     - Boxed version with figures. Says "Mike's Towing" on door.

     - Original version.
     - Recolored in grey as Camshaft.*

     - Original version.
     - Recolored green as Jungle Bonecrusher.

     - Original version.
     - Recolored blue as Overcast.*

     - Original version.
     - Battle-damaged in Sams Club Giftset.

     - Original version.
     - Recolored red as Salvage.*

Fast Action Battlers:

Power Hook Optimus Prime
     - Original version.
     - Recolored as Fire Blast Optimus Prime.

Axe Attack Ratchet
     - Original version.
     - Recolored as Rescue Torch Ratchet.

Fusion Blast Megatron
     - Original version.
     - Recolored as Night Attack Megatron.

Double Missle Brawl
     - Original version.
     - Recolored as Desert Blast Brawl.

Plasma Punch Bumblebee
     - Original version.
     - Recolored as Rally Rocket Bumblebee.

Cannon Blast Ironhide
     - Original version.
     - Recolored as Pulse-Cannon Ironhide.

Battle Blade Starscream
     - Original version.
     - Recolored as Claw-Slash Ramjet*.

Ion Blast Jazz
     - Original version.
     - Recolored as Sonic Shot SmokeScreen.*

Real Gear Robots:

Booster X10 (MP3 Player)
     - Original version.
     - Recolored blue as Night Beat 7 (MP3 Player).*

Speed Dial 800 (Cell Phone)
     - Original version.
     - Recolored black as Wire Tap v20 (Cell Phone).*
     - Recolored red as Highline 1070 (Cell Phone).*

Spy Shot 6 (Camera)
     - Original version.
     - Recolored black as Photon T-34 (Camera).*

Zoom Out 25X (Video Camera)

Power Up VT6 (Pocket Game)
     - Original version.
     - Reecolored black as Hacker x-3 (Poscket Game).*

Longview (Binoculars)
     - Original version.
     - Recolored blue as Farsight T-20 (Binoculars).*

Midnighter XR-4 (Watch)
     - Original version.
     - Recolored gray as Meantime (Watch).*

High Score 100 (Game Controller)
     - Original version.
     - Recolored green as Twitcher F451 (Game Controller).*


     - Original version.
     - Recolored gray as Patrol Barricade.

     - Original version.
     - Recolored red as Cliffjumper.*


Includes molds from other/previous lines, ex. Cybertron, Armada.

Target-Exclusive Basics:

Energon Skyblast as SkyBlast (tan) and AirRaid (green).
Energon Arcee as Arcee (blue) and Elita-1 (pink).
Energon Signal Flare as Signal Flare (green).
Energon Strongarm as Strongarm (green).
Cybertron Clocker as Clocker (blue).
Cybertron Armorhide as Armorhide (black).
Cybertron Hardtop as Hardtop (black).

Robot Replics:

Optimus Prime
     - Standard grey head.
     - Blue head version.
     - Battle-damaged version.

     - Dusty gold version.
     - Deep light gold version.

Movie 2009


Movie 2011

Cyberverse Legion Basics and Action Sets:

     - Original. (Recolor of ** and **.)
     - With trailer. (Recolor of ** and **.)

Cyberverse Commanders:
     - (in-process)


     - Original. (Substantial remold of ***.)
     - Nitro. (With engines on trunk.)
     - Cyberfire. (Maybe that's the Nitro one I mislabeled.)
     - Scanning (Partial-clear recolor of **, TRU.)
     - #84 (Recolor of ***.)

     - **. (.)
     - Scanning. (Recolor of ROTF deluxe Ratchet, TRU.)

Mudflap and Skids
     - Black with orange stripe, black with green stripe, Mech-Tech holes.

     - Scanning series. (Semi-clear recolor of ROTF deluxe Ironhide, TRU.)

     - Original.      - Recolored blue. (As Thundercracker.)*


Ratchet [Target]
     - Same darn thing recolored about 6 times now.


A number of these were recolors of previous movie/universe/ whoever toys. Ostensibly released as 'exclusives' to various bigbox stores, since they changed the colors on the figures we can't just list them as repacks, thus doubling my workload.

     - Optimus Prime (Voyager) & Committor (Deluxe) [Walmart] Recolor of voyager ROTF Prime with recolor of Armorhide.
     - Bumblebee vs. Soundwave with Rodimus (Legion) [Walmart]
     - Bumblebee/Bumblebee vs. Starscream/Starscream (Legion) [TRU]
     - Autobot Daredevil Squad (Human Alliance) [K-Mart]
     - Flash Freeze Assault (Human Alliance)

Robo Powers Series:

Sucking up most of the kiddified stuff from previous lines. No variants yet, but trust me, they'll recolor them. They always do.

Robo Power Robo Fighters:

Robo Power Activators:

Robo Power Bash Bots:

Robo Power Go-Bots:

Robo Power Revving Robots:


Note: Much like the Power Core Combiner nonsense, the same gimmicky weapon could be spread across multiple figures. A rough list:

The Flipout Axe: Mudflap, Optimus Prime (Walmart)

The Gun-Saw: Topspin, ***