Variations Quest! The Updates, the Mailer, the Works!

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My Name? Fred. My Quest? To locate variations on Transformers, those Robots in Disguise! The average flying speed of an unladen swallow? I dunno...(thwump) AEIIII!!!

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Vari-Quest is a subsection of the Yahoo-group Autocon. It's a mailer I send out according to the 'whenever I feel like it' schedule (approximately several times a year). To sign up for the mailing list, simply subscribe to the Autocon Group, and join us now! (Warning: Autocon is a secret shadow-group of collectors with extreme knowledge of TF subject matter. Incite them at your peril.)

If you wish to contribute information to the Quest (but prefer to avoid the mailing list) it's easy! Just contact Fred ( Please set the message subject to "Variant Info For You!" to make it easier for us to respond to your submissions.

If you have any technical problems with the site, please contact our Webmaster, Lewis ( Please set the message subject to "Variant Support" to make it easier for us to respond to your questions.

What kind of variations do we like to know about? ALL of them! Color-variant, mold-variant, packaging-variant, foreign-variant, or whatever...let us know! We'd love to hear from you!