Odds and Ends

As we've reconstructed the site, we've found that there are quite a few items linked within the variants that you might not find, unless you're *really* looking. So, we've put links to them here. There aren't many items yet, but we'll be adding more.

The Adventures of Car Robot!
Crazysteve presents the ROBOT with all the powers of a CAR!

The Hartman's Case Assortment Archive
Transformers case assortment from 1984-2004.

Ever wonder who created the first Transformer?
This article answers that queston.

Transformers Oral Care!
Comparison of Oral Care stations of 1984 and 2008.

Random Pictures!
Random Pictures! (I think I said that already...)

Optimus Prime Costume
A home made G1 Optimus Prime Halloween Costume.

My First Transformer
Fred tells us about his first Transformer.

Fred's Banner Swap Page
Now *here's* a classic from back in the 'new' days of the fandom. Banners. :-)

Merry Christmas 2012
Fred's Workshop wished you a Merry Christmas!

Batman and Robin on the Run!
Holy Monsters Batman!

Found: Old Toys!
Somebody's old toys have a new home.

Found: My Old Toys!
My old toys have a new home.

Finding my Star Wars Gun!
The Return of an Epic Saga of New Hope.

Interesting Find
Transformers hiding in Milwaukee?

Fusion! Ha!
Good grief.