Finding My Star Wars Gun!

The Return of an Epic Saga of New Hope.

I've probably told the story a few times. About how I traded my few remaining non-tf toys to get some more tfs. It's a sad story. This gun was a piece from my childhood. I'd played with it for years. But as a young adult, having discovered collectible toy stores, and feeling the rush, well... I'd valued Transformers more at the time. So this gun unthinkingly went to Ron's Toy Stop in exchange for some G1 car goodness. I'd regretted the decision, but when I checked back, someone had already purchased the gun.


Years pass. Ron's Toy Stop is turned into a parking lot for the Taco Bell. I stop in at Adams' Collectibles on a whim, and... lo and behold, that gun on the wall looks familiar. Could it be.... it is!

Checked the engraving. Yep, had my name on it from when I was a kid.

How my gun went from me, to Ron, to another collector, and eventually to another collectible toy store is interesting enough to warrant this story.

Needless to say, I bought the thing for five bucks. A great deal, considering one of my favorite items, traded away and regretted ever since, has returned home to roost.

It will not leave home again.

And now... you know the rest of the story.