Found: Old Toys!

Somebody's old toys have a new home.

So after a couple of months, I was finally able to process this wonderful box of G1 goodies a friend was kind enough to send my way:

Clearing and sorting, a familiar pattern began to emerge. These were someone's beloved toys:

At some point in their lives, these oys were modified. Example: someone took the time to *make* a replacement wing for their Starscream figure:

They took the time to cut out and paste additional stickers onto the bodies (note the silver custom bumper on the throttlebot):

Aditional symbols for soundwave... even a new head (made from an eraser head) for Onslaught. The initials, 'F' and 'K' are pasted to the bottom of Buzzsaw's wing. Though damaged, missing pieces, and broken seemingly beyond repair, at some point, these toys had a rich, full life in someone's imagination. These toys were someone's *childhood*:

From Livewire073:I recognize the letter stickers on Buzzsaw, my fuzzy memory recalls them from a Cap'n Crunch cereal promotion. Doing a Google search only came up with this picture, though I know there was a color set at one point:

Even Skids, broken into several pieces, was taped together at one point so that these well-loved toys could continue their play:

Status was important. The Grimlock had a rub symbol placed on it from another toy- but he was not an original Transformer. He was the 'knockoff' of the pre-tf from back in the day- no takara stamping on the leg (it must have mattered enough that someone put the rub symbol on it- technically, another case of customizing your toys):

So now they're here, at their final resting place at the Workshop. I wonder what the original owner of these toys would think, knowing that they are in a place where they will be as loved as they were when they were new?

I wonder if they will care?

I care.....