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Transformers Case Assortments

This series of pages is dedicated to the various shipping assortments of Transformers since 1984. Most of this information was taken from Hasbro Toy Fair catalogs and first-hand viewing of just-opened cases. Other information was taken from reports from other sources and best-guess reasoning.

For the most part, each case is divided evenly among the toys in that particular assortment. In very few instances were there any short-packed toys. As such, the relative scarcity of any given toy today does not necessarily correlate with it having been short-packed. Usually the newer toys in an assortment are weighted more heavily than continuing product.

Each year's listing is sorted by assortment number first, then by product number. The exceptions to this occured when an in-package premium was added to an assortment. (i.e., patches, decoys, and posters) In these instances, the assortment which shipped first is listed first, making them be not necessarily in numerical order. The sequence of assortment numbers usually correlates with the relative size of and time of shipment of the respective toys, but not always. (i.e., lower numbers indicate smaller toys and earlier shipments) Most larger toys, however, did not have assortment numbers and were shipped individually.

Prior to 1995, each assortment was given a new number, even if it contained products from the previous year. However, beginning with the Go-Bots and Cyberjets in 1995, decimal numbers began to be added to the base assortment number to indicate either new product cycling into the assortment within the current year or a new combination of the same toys.

These listings use asterisks to indicate which toys were new to a particular assortment. The number after each "PK" indicates how many total toys were packed in that assortment, with individual amounts listed for each toy. Assortments which were carried over from the previous year are also included in order to indicate their continued availability past their initial releases. All package and toy variations are listed in the appropriate assortment in which they shipped. Finally, approximate shipping dates are listed, where known, for each assortment since 1993.

None of these cases are for sale. This is simply a listing of what has been seen in stores. Please do not ask about ordering any of them!

We were only able to restore this list as of October 9, 2004. There are no further updates beyond that.

Generation 1

Series 1 (1984)
Series 2 (1985)
Series 3 (1986)
Series 4 (1987)
Series 5 (1988)
Series 6 (1989)
Series 7 (1990)

Generation 2

Series 1 (1993)
Series 2 (1994)
Series 3 (1995)

Beast Wars

Series 1 (1996)
Series 2 (1997)
Series 3 (1998)
Series 4 (1999)
Series 5 (2000)
Series 6 (2001)

Machine Wars

Series 1 (1997)


Series 1 (1999)

Beast Machines

Series 1 (2000)
Series 2 (2001)

1-2-3 Transformers

Series 1 (2001)
Series 2 (2002)

Robots in Disguise

Series 1 (2001)
Series 2 (2002)
Series 3 (2003)


Series 1 (2002)
Series 2 (2003)

Heroes of Cybertron

Series 1 (2002)
Series 2 (2003)
Series 3 (2004)


Series 1 (2002)
Series 2 (2003)
Series 3 (2004)

Built to Rule

Year 1 (2003)
Year 2 (2004)


Year 1 (2002)
Year 2 (2003)
Year 3 (2004)


Series 1 (2003)
Series 2 (2004)


Series 1 (2004)


Series 1 (2004)

20th Anniversary

Series 1 (2004)