Fred's Banner-Swap Page!

Now *here's* a classic from back in the 'new' days of the fandom. Banners. :-) This page was inspired by Particle-Man. Years ago, we had a talk about various banners on his site, and I liked what he was doing with his. The way it worked was simple, really. People would just copy the code into their site:(or copied and uploaded the actual banner to their own website).

Alas, the time of banner-swapping seems to have come and gone. Like webrings, bannerswaps don't see much use these days either. But it's nice to wax nostalgic :-) Have a look below.

The Freds Workshop Banner:

The Variations Quest Banner:

Back in the day (after they'd added my banner), I would ask people to e-mail me, and add their banner as well :-) As you can see, many fine sites (and people) have dropped out over the years. I keep this here to remember the good old days...

In memory of scrambled city, one of my fav sites out there.

In memory of the Particle Banner Exchange!

Proud Member of DTF, The Dairyland Transfans! (Still around, and better than ever!)


In memory of the first try to create a mailing list like Diaclone or Autocon. :-)

In memory of the Diaclone mailing list, from which sprang Autocon!

Web Rings

Places to go, people to see, things I belonged to. Amazing how entrenched you could become after awhile...Remember back in the day when webrings were the 'in' thing? :-) Yea, me too. I leave these images here as a memorial.