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Dairyland Transfans      
DairyCon     Dairyland Transfans Unite! Join them in their parody of a Convention.
Autocon     A secret group of shadow-collectors who operate above the Fandom. Autocon is also the home of the VariQuest, Fred's eternal mission to track down tf variations worldwide!
TF Militia     Do you have a problem? Can nobody else help? Well, neither can they.
Our Webmaster's Sites
Thanks, Fred!     My main Transformers site...grossly in need of updating.     My Transformers Memorabilia Collecton with pictures of nearly 7000 items.     Archiving 4500+ Transformers Tech Specs and Bios.     My personal site and Blog about way too many things. Featuring the "Transformers Artifact of the Week".
Other Sites
The TransManual! (No Longer Available)     Proud supporter of this awsome guide. Go to his site and secure your copy today!
ReWork's PIA     Scans of all parts/accs belonging to all TFs.
Transformers Land Acc Page (No Longer Available)     Scans of all parts/accs belonging to all TFs.
The Toy Archive     Talks about a lot of toy lines. I'll never be considered insane as long as this fellow's around. He rocks.
R. Jung's Electric Escape (No Longer Available)     Home of the Complete Toy List of every Transformer ever made! It's a doozy.
Raksha's Artifacts List (No Longer Available)     Has EVERYTHING inspired by TFs, from backpacks, lamps, and campy hats, right down to silverware, plasticware, and underwear.
Ben Yees Page     You want Beastwars info? Here's all of it.
Charl's Fanfic Page (No Longer Available)     And in a tip of the hat to Transformer fanfic.
Looking to buy from reputable internet dealers? Here are two of my favs.
Big Bad Toy Store      
Digital Toys      
Looking for dealers who are also collectors, and thus might trade as well as sell?
Snarls Homepage (No Longer Available)      
Temple of Primus (No Longer Available)      
Yellow Monster Collectibles     No Longer Selling
HeeBeeGeeBees (No Longer Available)      
Robot Monster Toys (No Longer Available)      
Particle's House of Toys (No Longer Available)      
Web Rings
Places to go, people to see, things I belonged to. Amazing how entrenched you could become after awhile...Remember back in the day when webrings were the 'in' thing? :-) Yea, me too. I leave these images here as a memorial.
Banner Exchange
Even better than simple links, or webrings...a time when fellows in the cause exchanged full-color banners of their sites with each other. Alas, those days are nearly gone as well...Follow the pic below to see. :-)
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Other Sites

Alt.Toys.Transformers     Where is all began.