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Rework's Transformers Parts Identification Aid

In the years I spent building my US collection (mostly at flea markets), I found the most difficult task was learning to identify all the different parts that go with each toy. There was very little to work with. The catalogs are filled with errors, IF you can even find them!

I'd think I shouldn't have to state this, but this is obviously not a for sale page. These are my parts, that go to my toys. So please stop sending me "How much for all the parts to Trypticon?" e-mails! THEY AREN'T FOR SALE!!!

BTW: If you find you have extra parts, please bounce over to my parts Trading Post! (Link No Longer Available)

Good Luck!


Optimus Prime  -  Both the grey and blue roller versions.

Autobot Cars  -  Trailbreaker, Wheeljack, Hound, Ratchet, Ironhide & Mirage.

Autobot Cars  -  Jazz Sunstreaker, Sideswipe, Prowl & Bluestreak.

Megatron  -  Stock, scope, silencer & cannon.

Soundwave & Friends  -  Includes parts for the original Decepticon cassettes.

Decepticon Jets  -  Starscream, Skywarp and Thundercracker.

Reflector  -  Handguns and camera parts.

Omnibots  -  Camshaft, Downshift & Overdrive.


The Dinobots  -  Swords, Guns & Missile Launchers.

Autobot Deluxes  -  Whirl & Roadbuster.

Jetfire  -  Armor, Gun & Mounting Pod.

Autobot Cars  -  Skids, Tracks, Red Alert & Smokescreen.

Autobot Cars  -  Hoist, Inferno & Grapple.

Other Autobot  -  Perceptor, Blaster & the Jumpstarters.

Constructicons  -  Individual & Gestalt parts.

Insecticons  -  Regular & Deluxe.

Year 2 Jets  -  Thrust, Dirge & Ramjet.

Year 2 Triplechangers  -  Astrotrain & Blitzwing.

Omega Supreme  -  Everything except the tank.


Year 3 Autobots  -  Rodimus Prime and the movie characters. No gestalt teams.

Ultra Magnus  -  All parts.

Year 3 Decepticons  -  Galvatron, Cyclonus & friends. No gestalts.

Aerialbots  -  Gestalt parts and individual weapons.

Protectobots  -  Gestalt parts and individual weapons.

First Aid/Grove Note: The handguns for these two were commonly switched both in package and in different instruction versions. What I show is how most were packaged. There is no definative correct answer for this.

Stunticons  -  Gestalt parts and individual weapons.

Combaticons  -  Gestalt parts and individual weapons.

Metroplex  -  All the parts.

Trypticon  -  All the parts.

Predacons #1  -  Razorclaw, Divebomb & Rampage.

Predacons #2  -  Tantrum & Headstrong.

Note that Divebomb, Rampage, Tantrum & Headstrong come with two handguns each in the USA.


Fortress Maximus  -  The normally removable parts, except the ramps.

Scorponok  -  The normally removable parts.

Year 4 Headmasters - Autobots  -  The 4 Large Headmasters

Year 4 Headmasters - Decepticons  -  The 3 Large Headmasters

Year 4 Headmasters - Horrorcons  -  Apeface & Snapdragon

Year 4 Headmasters Faces  -  Scans of all 9 large Headmasters

Year 4 Targetmasters - Autobots  -  The 6 Large Targetmasters

Year 4 Targetmasters - Decepticons  -  The 5 Large Targetmasters

Technobots  -  Gestalt parts and individual weapons.

Monsterbots  -  Grotusque, Repugnus & Doublecross.

Terrorcons  -  Gestalt parts and individual weapons.

Other Year 4 Decepticons  -  Sixshot, Duocons, Clones & Cassettes.

Other Year 4 Autobots  -  Punch-Counterpunch & the Cassettes.

Autobots Clones  -  Fastlane & Cloudraker

Cassette Combiners  -  Grand Slam/Raindance and Squawktalk/Beastbox.


Year 5 Targetmasters  -  All 6 Small Targetmasters

Powermaster Autobots  -  PM Prime and the 3 Powermaster Cars

Powermaster Decepticons  -  Doubledealer and the 2 Powermaster Jets

Headmaster Autobots  -  The 3 Junior Headmaster Cars

Headmaster Decepticons  -  The 3 Junior Headmaster Monsters

Seacons  -  Gestalt parts, individual weapons and weapons stands.

Pretender Beasts  -  All but one part for the 4 Pretender Beasts.

Carnivac's Tail   -  Missing from the original scan (Thanks to Michael Haring for this)

Pretender Vehicles  -  Gunrunner & Roadgrabber.

Decepticon Pretenders 1  -  Skullgrin, Bomb-Burst & Submarauder.

Decepticon Pretenders 2  -  Bugly, Finback & Iguanas.

Autobot Pretenders 1  -  Splashdown, Groundbreaker & Sky High.

Autobot Pretenders 2  -  Waverider, Landmine & Cloudburst.


Classic Pretenders  -  Jazz, Bumblebee, Grimlock & Starscream - Includes Legends toys

Mega Pretenders  -  Thunderwing, Crossblades & Vroom.

Ultra Pretenders  -  Roadblock & Skyhammer.

Regular Autobot Pretenders  -  Doubleheader, Pincer & Longtooth.

Regular Decepticon Pretenders  -  Bludgeon, Stronghold & Octopunch.

Decepticon Monstercon Team  -  Gestalt & Individual parts.

Countdown  -  Autobot Micromaster Base.

Groundshaker  -  Autobot Micromaster Base.

Skystalker  -  Decepticon Micromaster Base.

Skyhopper  -  Decepticon Micromaster Base.

Autobot Micromaster Stations  -  Hot House & Ironworks.

Decepticon Micromaster Starions  -  Airwave & Greasepit.

Monstercon Card Backs

Here are the instructions from the back of the Monstercons. This should help those who can't tell who gets which weapon. The catalogs are wrong! These are done in grey-scale to save disk space.

Also, notice that the individual weapons have tiny number imprinted on them. These match the numbers below.

Icepick (#1)

Bristleback (#2)

Wildfly (#3)

Scowl (#4)

Slog (#5)

Birdbrain (#6)


Carded Action Masters  -  Series 1.

Carded Action Masters  -  Series 2.

Carded Action Masters  -  Series 3.

Small Vehicle Action Masters  -  Prowl, Over-run, Starscream & Axer.

Medium Vehicle Action Masters  -  Sprocket and Wheeljack.

Large Decepticon Vehicle Action Masters  -  Megatron and Gutcruncher.

Action Master Optimus Prime  -  Small weapons and dual cannon barrel.

Autobot Micromaster Combiner HQ  -  Micromasters & Weapons.

Decepticon Micromaster Combiner AA Base  -  Micromasters & Weapons.

Micromaster Combiner Transports  -  Cannon, Missile & Tanker.

Generation 2

Thanks to some generous help from Fred at Fred's Workshop, scans from some of the Generation 2 Transformers are now available for you.

Autoroller Missiles

Autobot Cyberjet Missiles

Decepticon Cyberjet Missiles

Laser Cycle weapons  -  (though they aren't really supposed to come off!)

G2 Autobot Cars  -  Jazz, Sideswipe & Inferno

G2 Ramjet


G2 Starscream

Color Changers - Autobots  -  Gobots & Drench

Color Changers - Decepticons  -  Deluge & Jetstorm

Combat Hero Optimus

Combat Hero Megatron

Autobot Laser Rods  -  Electro & Volt

Non-US Releases

The following were contributed by Goldbug.

The Predator's Weapons

3 of 4 Turbomaster Cars

The Rescue Force Buggy


Color Changer Hydradread