Freds Fanfics!

Yes, he tries to write, too! :-)

I've always had a yen to write. I've actually been doing it for years, although never about Transformers. The closest I'd come to that was the creation of a ficticious organization called The TF Militia. It was way back in the day. I got my kicks, and did my first TF writing there (one of my fav stories, though not the best of the lot, is The Case of the Missing Prototype).

There was a branching out, of sorts. I wrote a crossover fanfic, Visitations, as a jumping point into 'regular' TF fanfic. Before then, it was just ficticious 'mission logs'. I thought it came off rather well, as 'first' fanfics go. Yes, it contained 'real life' characters of a sort, but the story simply wouldn't have been the same without them.

Since then, I've been dabbling in 'regular' TF fanfic, as well as an ongoing-series (fanfic and toys) for local Transfans called the Dairycon Universe. Basically, now that I've started talking, I can't seem to shut up. :-)

I hope you enjoy them!

Crime and Punishment

An ancient Autobot tries to determine the best course of action in the fufillment of his duties.

| Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six |

Call of Duty

The Autobots head back to Earth to face a new Enemy.

| Part One | Part Two |

The Long Road Home

Alone on an empty world, an Autobot searches for his friends.

Time Warriors

Two small transformers make a big impact on history.


A transformer struggles for survival in the Great War.


TB-1 wants to return to the old ways. Megatron wants to stop him.

Band of Brothers

An Autobot searches for his brother. (Another piece of the puzzle to Crime and Punishment and Call of Duty.)

Alternate Universe

And you thought Unicron was the only chaos-bringer...

The Hunt

The Predacons have a new prey: Wheelie!

Return of the Legends

Heroes return to Cybertron - boy, won't they be surprised!

| Part One | Part 2 |

How about Another One?

Kup over-indulges again.

Born to be Wild

The fuel burns hot in this Transformer.

The Tao of Tai

Musings from an Unlikely Source...


The armada fanfic that takes another look into Smokescreen's origins.

Sideways into the Night

This fanciful tale will leave you scratching your heads...