Taking a look at Smokescreen's origins...

by Fred's Workshop

They never saw it coming.

I'd waited a long time to get my revenge. Too-long, it would seem. That the others had to suffer was a fortunate happenstance.

I never will understand why they didn't suspect something. Apparently, the autobots ARE as stupid as they look. Are they so easily decieved by appearances? My excuse about being seperated from them during transport, and ending up in a different location was accepted without question. The fools.

He was dead before he even hit the spacebridge. I had my spark transferred into his lifeless corpe, and sent on to earth. I thought for sure they would have figured me out when I slipped up and told them the wrong name. Still, Isuppose it doesn't matter to them whether I am an architect, a diversionary tactician, or a surgical engineer, as long as I am one of their own.

You'd think I would remember his name, though. After all, it was him, along with our leader that designed the powerplant back in the day. Oh, I suppose a number of things have gotten lost and confused over the years, what with the various timestreams being jumped into and altered. Hmmm...perhaps the precision that guides my work also keeps my memory banks in a logical order. Or perhaps I am one of those few 'indestructible' souls (like that traitorous Starscream) that can exist unaltered throughout the eons.

Yes, the spark; our very soul. There are different schools of thought on the matter. Some think that we are merely placed in our vessels, and live out our existence in that shell. Others believe that our sparks alter the vessel that we are in, in order to reflect the inner being. Whatever the reason, we were covered, although the latter seems applicable in my case. I was chosen because my spark-qualities are similar enough that I would end up with the same vehicle-mode for this mission, should the scanners pick a form based on the spark, versus randomly. We both had the same alt-mode, we were both familiar with the seemd like a perfect match. Although I am alive (albeit in his form) while he has gone to join the matrix.

Finding our comrades was of the utmost importance. Until the signal reached Cybertron, I wasn't sure it would even be possible. And to think they all ended up on this mudball planet is ironic.

Then again, it is their own fault, too. Why they decided to undergo the micromaster process so late in the game is beyond me. Sure, they assumed that combining it with the powermaster process would somehow make up for the mistakes of the earlier ones (who went on to claim they were our decendants...the nerve). But things turned out no better. One set of micros becomes maximals, another becomes predacons...and the last ones become tools; nothing more that a power-booster. Little fellows. Minicons, indeed. Just because most of them were Decepticons is no reason to label them all that way. Mirage certainly wasn't on our side.

But Swindle was. So was Scrapper...excuse me, Liftor(names, it's always about names). Megatron doesn't care what minicons he finds, as long as he can use them. Me? I was sent here to rescue our own. And I have finally done so. And corrected my earlier mistake of letting those earth-children live. One blast from my weapon reduced all three of them to ash. And the best part is, I won't take the blame! When the autobots arrive, I'll tell them Megatron did it.

I've got Liftor. Now, I need to find a way to get Swindle away from Starscream. Then, it's merely a quick hop back to Cybertron for a retrofit. Restoring them to their original forms will allow the others to rise again. With Devastator and Bruticus back from the dead, the autobots truly do not stand a chance. We needn't follow this psedo-Megatron's orders after that. We'll crush him first.

It's odd. Scavanger was supposed to meet with me once we both arrived. I haven't heard from him yet. And our time is running short. The longer we stay, the better our chances are of being discovered. I hope the process hasn't altered him irretriveably...

Here come the autobots now. It's time for me to act damaged and sad, to better have them swallow my latest story. The kids and I found the minicon, but Megatron ambushed us, and killed the children. won't do to have the minicon seen just yet. Optimus might suspect something if I gained a minicon at the cost of those fleshlings. I'll tuck him away for now, and pull him out for 'discovery' at a more opportune time. Yes, that should do nicely. I was simply ambushed, and the children killed. Ahem: "groan..."

Optimus Prime: "Smokescreen! Are you alright?"

Smokescreen: "Unnghh...yes, but the children..."

The End

Notes: Yes, it's Hook, the constructicon :-) Grapple was supposed to go on the mission, but was assasinated by the Decepticons before he made the trip. They sent Hook in his place, for the reasons outlined above. The powerplant reference ties in to an old G1 cartoon where Scrapper and Grapple worked together on a little project :-) Hook screwed up and tossed out the name Smokescreen instead of Grapple. That must be why everyone kept repeating his name 100 billion times in the armada 'underground' episode...they were expecting Grapple! Yea, that's it, that's the ticket...which means that the mission here must be to find the missing team members of certain Decepticon gestaults that were killed during an obscure, unknown japanese animation in order to bring them back to life (I am getting pictures of flowing capes here).

The children are dead. They *should* be. So should Koji.

Yea, I'm trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. I like my continuities to all fit together...somehow. My lastest foolish idea is that things are a bit scrambled in the tf-universe because of all the transwarp crap during the two Beast-eras (plus the minicon ship probably screwed-up and went thru a transwarp gate, ending up who-knows when :-)...combine this story with my Crime and Punishment one, and...well, it's enough to let me sleep at night anyways. Whatever rationalization it takes :-) Is it a good fit? No. Did I amuse myself at work for an hour instead of being bored out of my mind? Yes ;-) besides...what if I am right?