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Crime and Punishment, Part Three

by Fred's Workshop

Iacon. Former city-state and stronghold of the Autobots; now a grand floating city. The city glowed with the same aura as the Allspark energy; or at least, that’s what these three guests would have said, had they been familiar with the look of the Matrix outside of their floating-spark existance. Thru robotic photo-receptors, it was merely energy of an unknown type and classification.

The floating disk that had brought the three up to the city now gently deposited them in the center square before dissipating. Iacon spires rose around them, in a glory not seen since the first golden age. An awe-inspiring sight? To say the least. The three could not help but to be moved.

Goldbug: “Incredible. Iacon never shined like this when we were here last.”

K-9: “Well I wouldn’t know. I’m not from here. But it certainly fits the picture of legend, if that’s any help.”

Prowl: “Legend...yes. I can’t help but to wonder what this is all about.”

Goldbug: “What do you mean?”

Prowl: “Why is Iacon here? What is its purpose? There’s no logical explanation for this.”

K-9: “Oooh, a mystery. I love mysteries.”

Prowl: “This isn’t a game, K-9. It wasn’t like this the last time we visited Iacon. This city was firmly planted ON THE GROUND, where it should have stayed. There is nothing in my investigation that explains this. Or that voice we heard in our heads.”

K-9: “Well, where do you want me to start?”

Prowl: “Head down to the lower levels, to the Oracle chamber. Examine the remains closely. Scan for any clues as to how long it’s been inactive. Goldbug and I will scout around and see if we can find if anybody’s home.”

K-9: “Beastmode.” (transforms) “Ok, boss, I’m on my way.”

Goldbug: “Try not to fall out the bottom. That first step’s a doozy.”

K-9: “Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind.” (Heads off to the accessway to the lower levels)

Goldbug: “So, the lights are on, but is anybody home?”

Prowl: “That is exactly what we are going to find out. Come on.”

The two transform and drive off deeper into the city, in search of who brought them here. They do not notice the small robot hanging off of the spire above them a moment ago. A simple mechanoid, but one who is the eyes and ears of Rodimus.

Rodimus. Formerly Hotrod, formerly Rodimus Prime, formerly Hotrod again...and now, Primus himself reincarnated (so he’s been told), with the power of Vector-Sigma and the Allspark at his command thru the Matrix holder that resides within him once again. He watches the screen close to his chair in the former Elders Chambers as Prowl and Goldbug transform to vehicle mode and drive deeper into the city. To him. Coming closer, almost as though driven by an undefined instinct. As he expected.

Rodimus: (to the image he sees on his screen) “Yes, my children. Come to me. Come home, and all will be explained. I promise.(pauses) Eh, one of you is not coming? Seeking answers somewhere else? Understandable. (he motions to one of the Guardians) Bring him. His presense is required, as is the other soon to arrive. Then we can begin.” (the Guardian does not speak, only nods, as he lumbers off into the bowels of Iacon to find K-9. Rodimus again stares at the screen as he wills the view to change; an exterior view of the base of Iacon, where he sees Cheetor looking up at the floating city, clearly surprised.

Rodimus: “Ah yes, you are welcome as well, my young friend. Come.” He gestures, and another glowing disk forms under Cheetor, floating him up to Iacon as well. “A brave one, he. Reminds me of myself when I was his age. So full of hope.”

Vector-Sigma/Oracle/Matrix: “That is not a realistic comparison. That persona you identify with is but one small part of your greatness, a mere vessel for your power.”

Rodimus: “Are not all my pieces important, just like my children?”

Vector-Sigma/Oracle/Matrix: “You are Primus now, not Hotrod. He was a means to an end, the fufillment of your divine return. You should not identify too-closely with that former persona, as it will only confuse you.”

Rodimus: “Wasn’t I...he...made in my image? How can it be a harm to identify with him? Or anyone, for that matter? All are One under Primus.”

Vector-Sigma/Oracle/Matrix: “Yes, of course, but try to remain focused on your task.”

Rodimus: “Fear not, Oracle. I know my place; just make sure you know yours as well.”

Their conversation drifts off to silence from that point on. Rodimus becomes reflective. There is a part, a small part, of the Hotrod persona not accessable to Vector-Sigma/Oracle/Matrix where Rodimus does some of his thinking. And he thinks that perhaps he wasn’t told everything that he should have been. If Rodimus was, in fact, Primus reborn, why were there still questions, spots of knowledge curiously blank to him? Was he not a God? Did he not have full access to the Allspark and Vector-Sigma himself thru the Matrix? Did he not control the cosmic energies, and be able to bring about new life itself with a mere thought? Shouldn’t he know all? Was there something missing?

Or perhaps...was the Oracle deliberately hiding something from him? Not likely, of course, but one can never be too-sure. That’s why Rodimus willed it that Prowl, Goldbug, Cheetor, and K-9 would be brought here to him. A look at the different generations of transformers, a chance to talk to and review Primus’...his handiwork, and to see what the true path of Cybertron was to be. For in spite of what the Oracle believed, Rodimus was not completely convinced that the supposed True Path, the existance of an organic Cybertron, was in fact the Right One. It was this question that he wished answered before he made any decision. When the Right Path was revealed to him, then, and only then would he make his will known. Instantly. And permanently. Whether it was to keep Cybertron organic, or to return to a pure metal existance, or even...something in-between. The time would come soon.

To Be Continued.


K-9 prowled the lower levels of Iacon, in search of the Oracle Chamber that he was sent to investigate. Padding thru accessways, he paused to marvel at the look of the city itself.

K-9: (to himself) “So strange, the look of this city. Metal, but with an organic overlay to it, like the rest of the planet. Except for this strange glow. Must be connected to why this place is airborne. What a weird way to do it. If this were the work of the organics, I’d think a big vine, or a beanstalk would be more appropriate...”

Soon, he came to the room in-question. As Prowl had described it, the chamber bore the scars of various battles, the second golden age, and the reformatting. What seemed strange was the lack of organic material in the chamber. “Odd,” he thought, “I assumed the whole planet, from crust to core was reformatted. Apparently that’s not the case. This chamber still bears the look of classic Cybertron. I wonder why?” K-9 continued to poke his nose around the chamber, using his keen animalistic senses to detect anything the others might have missed. Moving closer to the sphere, the hairs on his back stood on-end. “Whoa, what do we have here? Maximize.” Transforming to robot mode, he stepped closer to the sphere, scanning it.

K-9: (to himself) “Yep, I thought so. This thing’s not dead. Or at least, it wasn’t until recently. From the look of things, I’d say Vector Sigma was active VERY recently. Look at these residuals.”

K-9’s thoughts are interrupted when he hears a strange clanking noise, like large metal feet. Thinking quickly, he transforms back into dog mode and hides behind a pile of rubble, poking his head out just enough to see what was coming this way. Shadows played across the walls, until from around the corner the largest robot he’d ever seen lumbered into the room, scanning from him. “Slag,” thought K-9, “Whatever that thing is, I hope it can’t detect me.” As though it could sense his thoughts, the Guardian robot turned to the pile of rubble where k-9 was hiding, and spoke.

Guardian: “Concealment illogical. Presense required.”

K-9, deciding his hiding spot was pretty useless at this point, came out in a fast charge, took three strides, and leaped, landing squarely on a protrusion of the Guardian’s chest, and looked up...and up, into its faceplate.

k-9: “Ok big guy, ya found me. Now what are you going to do about it? I may be micro-sized compared to you, but I’ve got enough tricks up my sleeve to get around. And speaking of you, what the hell are you? I thought Omega Guardian units were extinct.”

Guardian: “Threats and queries inconsequential. You presense is required by the creator. Come with me.”

K-9: “The creator? What are you talking about?”

Rodimus (speaking in K-9’s mind) “He means me, child.”

K-9: “Uh-huh. And you are...?”

Rodimus: “Primus, the creator of all of Cybertron.”

K-9: “I see. So you’re...God.”

Rodimus: “You doubt me.”

K-9: “Let’s just say I’m cautiously pessimistic. For all I know, you’re just a voice in my head.”

Rodimus: “You know, don’t you, that there are no answers to be found in my empty shell in this chamber.”

K-9: “YOUR shell? So you’re Vector-Sigma?”

Rodimus: “I go by many names, to many people. Vector-Sigma, Primus, Matrix, The Allspark, Oracle...I am all these, and more.”

K-9: “...? That’s a lot of ground to cover. So uh, if you’re not here in this sphere, where exactly are you?”

Primus: “All will be answered. Accompany the Guardian. Your friends will be joining you.”

K-9: “Is that an order?”

Rodimus: “Of course not, child. Merely a request. You are needed to determine the fate of Cybertron.”

K-9: “Way to put pressure on a guy. OK, ok, I’ll come quietly.”

K-9 settles in on the Guardian’s chest. The giant lumbers back out of the room, and toward the Iacon Council Chambers, and Primus.

To be Continued.


The City; the Maximal Cheetor has just been deposited on the center-square, Iacon-proper. Like Prowl and the others, he wonders at the meaning of this.

Cheetor: (to himself) “Great. The Sparks are in danger, Prowl is missing, and instead of finding them, I’ve found Iacon floating in the sky. What next?”

Before he can answer his own question, he spots Goldbug driving toward him from another part of the city. Spotting Cheetor, he picks up his pace, and transforms, using his momentum to carry him thru the air to land neatly in front of him.

Goldbug: “Great! You’re here. Where are the others?”

Cheetor: “It’s just me.”

Goldbug: “Just YOU? Oh man. This isn’t what Prowl had in-mind. Aren’t the other Elders available yet?”

Cheetor: “Rattrap is the only one working on your bodies right now. It takes time.”

Goldbug: “What about the other Cybertonians? Or your team of Maximals?”

Cheetor: “No one’s in a position to be here right now. And it takes a day or more to get across the planet without a vehicle-mode, especially since the Reformatting of the planet.”

Goldbug: “We’ve got a problem.”

Cheetor: “I think I may know some of it. What have you done to cause this?”

Goldbug: “There’s this voice that(pauses)...Us? What are you talking about? We didn’t cause this, kid. We found this when we got here. This voice that...”

Cheetor: (interrupting him)“Something is hurting the sparks. I had a vision.”

Goldbug: “Like that Primal fellow? Your spiritual leader?”

Cheetor: “Yes. They cried out in pain. You and the Elder were out here investigating when it happened. There’s a connection. You disturbed the Oracle, and now the Sparks are suffering.”

Goldbug: “Look, I’m not going to argue. You wouldn’t believe me anyway. Come with me. You can see, and decide for yourself.”

Goldbug transforms, and rolls back into the direction he came from. Cheetor looks on a moment, then transforms as well, and runs off after him.


Prowl and Goldbug roll further into Iacon, following the strange aural-glow of the city around them. The closer they come to the Council Chambers, the stronger the glow. The fact has not gone unnoticed.

Goldbug: “Get the feeling we’re being drawn toward something?”

Prowl: “The clues seem rather obvious, don’t they? Still, we don’t have much to go on right now, so logically, following the glow is our only real option.”

Goldbug: “Have you noticed we seem to be alone in the city?”

Prowl: “I had noticed that, Goldbug. And truthfully, it bothers me. I know that they’re aren’t many Cybertonians running around yet, but from the reports I read, there should be some type of techno-organic life movement. And yet here, nothing. The city is dead, yet feels alive.”

Goldbug: “Maybe they’re hiding.”

Prowl: “Perhaps, but to what end?”

Goldbug: “Well, if not hiding, then perhaps waiting.”

Rodimus: (from inside their heads)“An excellent guess, child. All is in wait pending your arrival.”

Goldbug: “Um, Prowl, did you...”

Prowl:(transforming) “I heard it to, Goldbug. The voice again.”

Rodimus: (inside their heads)“Have you no faith? Do you really sense there is a danger here? From me? Quite the contrary. I am here to protect you. To protect all of Cybertron. For my children. From my children, if necessary. But I wouldn’t harm you.”

Prowl: “Your children? And who are they, may I ask?”

Rodimus: “Why, you are, as is Goldbug. As are all Cybertonians, of all factions.”

Prowl: “What?”

Goldbug: “Wait a minute, that’s not possible, unless you... are you...Primus?”

Rodimus: “You remember me, child. Excellent.”

Prowl: “Primus?!”

Goldbug: “Our...well, our God. We met...briefly, anyways. On a mission at the center of Cybertron. But he was just a big head, not a voice inside ours...”

Prowl: “I KNOW Primus, Goldbug. Everybody knows about Primus, and the Covenant. But what I want to know is how you have come to know this being that is claiming to be our God?”

Goldbug: “I DON’T. At least, I don’t think I know him...well, it’s all very confusing, actually.”

Rodimus: “Your faith is weak, child. Why?”

Prowl: “You claim to be our God. That is illogical. Primus is not, in the strictist sense, a single being.”

Rodimus: “And I am not.”

Prowl: “Show yourself.”

Rodimus: “I am all around you, child.”

Prowl: “You are being purposefully vague.”

Rodimus: “Even a God must have a sense of humor. Come. All will be revealed to you in the Council Chamber.”

Prowl: “Goldbug...go for help.”

Goldbug: “Aren’t I coming with you?”

Prowl: “You can join me as soon as you report back to the others. Right now, we need...”

Rodimus: (interrupting Prowl) “All that are needed have already arrived. Have Goldbug go back to the square.”

Goldbug: “Prowl...?”

Prowl: “He seems to know everything, doesn’t he? Very well, do it. I’ll wait here.”

Goldbug: “On my way.” He transforms, and heads off, certain that something big is about to happen. Not wanting to miss it, Goldbug puts a little extra speed on, hoping that his fleetness will not be in vain.

Prowl (watches Goldbug disappear) “So, you’re Primus?”

Rodimus: “You doubt me?”

Prowl: “Can you blame me?”

Rodimus: “Sigh. No, I suppose not. I seem to be having that conversation a lot recently. But patience; all will be answered shortly.”

Prowl: “So you say. I hope you are right.”

Rodimus: “So do I. All of Cybertron will depend on it.”

Prowl: “Indeed.”

To be Continued.


The Council Chamber; Rodimus sits, or rather, floats above the head member chair, communicating with others, when he is interrupted.

Vector-Sigma/Oracle/Matrix: “You indulge them.”

Rodimus: “It is within my right.”

Vector-Sigma/Oracle/Matrix: “Why do you even do this? You know the True Path. It is within your power. Simply will it, and all will be as I have proclaimed it.”

Rodimus: “You are so sure of yourself, then?”

Vector-Sigma/Oracle/Matrix: “You doubt my words, child?”

Rodimus: “I feel that there are some questions left unanswered in this Path, Oracle. I cannot blindly make it so without first consulting with those it most affects.”

Vector-Sigma/Oracle/Matrix: “Megatron almost destroyed Cybertron in his quest. Would you do the same?”

Rodimus: Megatron made a mistake. He had no regard for his fellow Cybertonians. He thought himself a God.”

Vector-Sigma/Oracle/Matrix: “And you don’t?”

Rodimus: “Of course I do. You have made us as such.”

Vector-Sigma/Oracle/Matrix: “And yet you hesitate to fufill our destiny.”

Rodimus: “Your destiny, perhaps.”

Vector-Sigma/Oracle/Matrix: “You question me again. You are letting your other self influence us unduly.”

Rodimus: “I do no such thing. It is your influence that makes us question as such. You gave me the power, and I will use it as I see fit.”

Vector-Sigma/Oracle/Matrix: “Even against my wishes?”

Rodimus: “Should that become necessary, yes.

Once again the internal dialogue falls silent as the multiple beings within one host contemplate their roles in the grand scheme of things.

To Be Continued.

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