Created by Phil (Hellopike), Tarmac travels around the world in search of adventure! Join us as he visits the homes of Autocon members across the planet!

Adventure 0: Hellopike and Black Tracks!
Tarmac and Pearljack meet the newest member of the Hellopike family.

Adventure 1: Argus, and DutchbotConTF!
Arriving in the Netherlands, Tarmac checks out some nifty prototypes.

Adventure 2, Dairyland!
Tarmac visits Fred's Workshop...and gets more than he bargained for.

Adventure 3, Milwaukee!
Tarmac comes across the greatest collection of all.

Adventure 4, Cincinatti!
Revenge of the Rancor!!

Adventure 5, Little Chute!
Tarmac samples Jack's Pizza, as only Defensis Prime can cook it.

Adventure 6, Zebra!
Please insert witty line here!

Adventure 7, Portland!
It's Sweeps Week at the crash site...

Adventure 8, Tacoma!
Mr Tarmac goes to Washington. Tiki-Tiki.

Adventure 9, Blame Canada!
Where's Tarmac?! Byron shows us...eventually. He was lost here for months. What strange fate befell our heroes?

Adventure 10, Maz!
Tarmac travels across the pond for some kidney pie.

Intermission: Tarmac and Vector Sigma
On-vacation, Fernando and Chodebot get the offer of their life.

Adventure 12, Maryland!
Tarmac drowns while sportin' a mortin.

Adventure 13, 'A Scrambled City Artic Christmas'!
Tarmac guest-stars in 'Double-Sighted', and then goes where almost no Transformer has gone before.

Adventure 14, Denmark!
Tarmac searhes for the ancient Black Tracks relic.

Adventure 15, Massachusetts!
Tarmac and his friends in the clutches of...The Collection!.

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