Blame Canada: Tarmac spends, 'A Night at the Museum'

Dateline: Toronto. Tarmac was on his way to Himawari's house for his latest adventure, riding with the Mounties, when suddenly...

"What the hell happened? Where are we?" -Chodebot

I dunno. One minute we're on a road, the next minute..." -Tarmac

"Hey guys, wait up..." -C bot

"Wow. Will you look at that view?" -Tarmac

"I think I'm getting a nosebleed." -Chodebot

"Hey, I think I see where we can ask for directions!" -C bot

"Hello, anybody home?" -C bot

"Hmm. Strange. The composition of this 'wood' is completely artificial. Almost if somebody built it..." -Tarmac

"Tarmac, come quick! C bot has completely lost it!" -Chodebot

"I see it! It's all clear from up here! I've been here before!" -C bot

"Get down from there, you idiot, before you hurt yourself!" -Tarmac

"You idiot! What the hell were you thinking? Come here so I can beat you!" -Chodebot

"You don't understand! I know where we are! This is ouch! Ow! Stop it, dammit!" -C bot