Variations Updates!

The very BEST place to get all the latest updates, just as they are happening!


Movie: Added variant info and placeholders for movie color, mold, and pkg variants. (Did I really go a whole year without updates?)


Cassettes: Added additional modern chinese tape info.


Cassettes: Clarified painted steeljaw info; added painted frenzy pics.


Package: Added package variants for Seacons and G2 Cyberjets.


Other: Added placeholder for Starwars tfs. Added Animorph link.

Beastwars: Added placeholder in the Bonus section for BW10th anniversary Toys.


Pkg: added new Cybertron Package variants listing


Botcon: Added placholders for 2005 toys.

Package: Added Cybertron Primus Unleased packaging.

Cybertron: Added placeholders for 2006 recolors.

Universe: Added placeholders for Target 2-pks.

Autobots: Clarified Sandstorm feet variants.


Autobots/Decepticons: added american reissue Sideswipe and Astrotrain.

Package: Added 3 versions of Alt packaging. Clarified who came in what.

Jap/Euro: Added new Binaltech and BTA information and also clarified japanese G1 reissue info (later series).


Fastfood: added placeholders for Cybertron fastfood variants.


Package: Added Cybertron packaging variants.

Q and A: added corporate documents from Hasbro in the early 80's.


Cybertron: Added placeholders for Cybertron variants.


Collecting Dangers: Added new advice page on weeding tfs.


Japanese/European: Added RM 24 Reverse Convoy info and pics.


Korea: added more bw sticker pics

Japan: Added more bwr info

Diaclone: Added fake copter

Package: Added missing parts terradive. Also added mpop poster bio/tech.

Other Toys: Added vintage playschool racecar japan vs china variants.

Universe: Added Blastcharge pics.


Other Toys (Knockoffs): Added Betabot.

French TFs: Added French soundwave variants, clarified Prime info.

Japanese/European: Added Perceptor reissue.


Autobots: Clarified Perceptor variant information.


Cassettes: Built new HK tape section to house tgposs info. Crosslinked to pre-tf and fake tapes page. Massive update to telling real vs fake cassette weapons apart.


Mexico: Added link to Nevermore's Mexican tf article.

Other Toys: Added massive Hatch update to model kits section (including pics).


Japanese/European: Added reissue Soundblaster comparison pics.

Starriors: Added Bickore's uk Rats series.


Stampings: Added new bumble and Cliff stampings pics (thank you to ??).


Brazil: Updated minibots mold and package variant information.

Autobots: Added information on reissue Sideswipe.

Jap/Euro: Galaxy Force: Added info and pics on vs pack remolds.

Japanese/European: Package Variants: Added info from Argus on 6-language micro repacks.

Package variants: Added Universe Spychangers.

Diaclone/Pre-TF: Added Diaclone Snarl tail variants.

Energon: Added info and pics on recolor limbs. Also added E-aerialbot Stormjet hip mold variants. Also added in-pkg pics of Steamhammer variants. Also added Overcast vent variant.

Other Toys: Knockoffs: added pics and info on vintage ko gestaults. Also added information on fake versus real diaclone Snarl.

Korea: added pics of korean armada toys.


Other Toys: created Starriors page. Crosslinked to Prime.

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