Variations Updates Archive

Past updates to VariQuest, from a few months ago, all-the-way to the beginning. :-)

Other toys: added link to Hatch's picture pages of model kits.
Diaclone: added additional snarl info from Danny.

Fakes: moved Zybots to knockoffs section.

Fakes: added ko armada Megatron tank.
Japanese/European: Reissues: added Blitzwing turret peg variants.
Japanese/European: Galaxy Force: updated names listing.
Japanese/European: Germany: created placeholder for German tf variants.
Minibots: added two versions of yellow tf cliffjumper.
Decepticons: Astrotrain: added Dans white astro sticker sheet scans.
Decepticons: Reflector: added more pictures, clarified info.

Prime: added pics of Joustra Battle Convoy.
Diaclone/Pre-tfs: added pic of Italian GiG F-15 (Starscream). Also added comparison pics of Jap vs Gig dia Grimlock.
Brazil: added Electrix pics.
Other Toys: Brave: added pics of Brave micromaster bases.
Energon: added pics and info on tampo-stamping Torso-bot variants.
Japanese/European: added comparison of usa vs japanese Kicker. Also added euro energon 6 build. Also added euro magnus pkg correction.
Fast Food: added Takara lunchbots.
Korea: added Korean God Magnus.

Decep: added additional soundwave info and pics (type 1).
Stampings/Rubbies: updated section with the same.
Diaclone/Pre-tfs: added Battle Convoy page. Crosslinked to Prime.
Diaclone: added more finnish diaclone Black Tracks pics. Added additional regular vs chrome Powered Convoy pics.
Japanese/Euoropean: added several more SL and ML variant pics.
Minibots: added Bumblejumper card art.
Megatron: added himawari's variant pics to Maz' info.
Other Toys: Playschool: updated Playschool section with more info/pics.
Argentina: added radio robot info.

Minibots: created 'Bumblejumper is not a mistake' page.
Browning: added pre-tf Browning info to diaclone portion of site.

Finland: Added Martin's article on why a finnish diaclone Black Tracks can never happen again. :-).
Brazil: Added Frank's complete Estrela tf lineup listing.
Korea: added Martin's sonokong english site info. Added comparison of what korean company lisenced what tf toys. ;-).
Packaging: added Richard's bonus packs offer (tru, walmart).

Japanese/European: Pic update for Superlink, including ML prize pieces.
Energon: added Inferno vs Roadblock.
Korea: added Young Bboom, and boxed Prime pic.
Decepticons: added Gig Uncle set to World megatron page.
Pre-TFs: added more dinosaur robo pics(swoop, grimlock).

Cassettes: rebuilt decepticon tape section. Added many pics. Also rebuilt pre-tf tape page; added tons of ko comparison info/pics.

Major links update, brought out minibot main page/massive info added to it.

1-10-05: Japanese/European: added more of Shawn's robotmasters comparison pics. Also added several Tf juniors pics (including luckydraw).
Dinobots: expanded pics and description of fake diaclone grimlock differences.
Korea: added more of Fighbird's info and pics on Brave line in korea2 section. Also added more sonokong korean car-robots figs.

Japanese/European: added Australia and New Zealand variants page.
Italy: updated Italian Names conversion page (tripled size :-).

Japanese/European: created Finland variants page; moved Black Tracks info to there.

Minibots: created shell for a new main page to house all minibot info.
Stampings/Rubbies: clarified the Takara circle-stamp info for tfs.

Other toys: added new page for Kabaya and other model kit tfs.

Combiners: added individual pics of metal vs plastic Predaking.
Japanese/European: added comparison of original vs japanese reissue Predaking. Also added a number of variant pics/info in superlink section.
Energon: added Rodimus vs Checkpoint mold variant.

Korea: Skorbia restored! Uploaded it to new crazy-steve site.

Convention Exclusives: added 2004 Autocon exclusive freebies and created 'history' page for autocon exclusives.

Q and A: added a blurb on Toy Design from Doug on First TF page.

Japanese/European: added Ras' puffer blurbs.
Energon: added pics of costco Prime and Overload (the ronald mcdonald version).

(VariQuest #50): Mexico: rebuilt entire Mexican page. Crosslinked mexico page to bluestreak page. Added new figure sections, crosslinked minibots. Added pics of mexican seeker jets.
Package: added pics of 1st version e-carded Hotshot, towline, sharkticon, and downshift.
Japanese/European: added pics of binaltech zoomzoom, and yellow/blue tracks. Massive rebuild of G1.5 europen section.
Diaclone: added gig pre-soundwave.
Energon: added recolor pics of Dreadwing, E-Ironhide, Cyclonus, and Demolisher.
Universe: added aditional micro 6 combiner Universe Devastator info, crosslinked.
Dinobots: relinking of pages, additional info on spotting fake dinobots added.
Knockoffs: added additional 4-star jumpstarters information. Also added fake Quake.

retitled Japanese/European page to 'Worldwide'to more accurately reflect the content.

Diaclone: added Devvi article on Diaclone campaign cars. Also added Devvi's huge diaclone drivers archive. Also uploaded devvi's Overstock theory article.
Stampings/Rubbies: added Devvi's sparkle copyright article.
Japanese/European: added a number of crosslinks between reissues and Prime page. Also clarified information on pre-dreamwave reissue tfs.

Botcon: added Sentinel Maximus images to otfcc 04 subsection.

Japanese/European: added defensis' updates to micron legends and superlink. Also added Richard's Binaltech Jazz info.

Combiners: clarified reissue micro-sixcombiner info, added new links.
Autobots: added pic of reissue TRU Sideswipe.
Japanese/European: added Maz' pics of MB Prime packaging. Also added Luckydraw Robotmasters Starscream(black). Also added Luckydraw Binaltech Meister. Also added Maz info on sharp kickback reissue wings. Also added Orson info on reissue Bombshell legs. Also added comparison pics of chinese vs japanese Landcross packaging. Also added placeholder for new Galaxy Force line.

Armada: added subsection on Smokejumper/Dreadwing, and crosslinked to atb page.
Japanese/European(Robotmasters): added GigantBomb and Smokesniper mold variants.

Japanese/European: added reissue Bombshell leg variants.
Autobots/Decepticons: added G2 Cyberjets.
Universe: added Cyberjet recolors.
First Tfs: added dockachin symbol, and chinese palm tree logo.

Japanese/European: Rewrote the beastwars metals section. Also added a Brave link to item 4 on the main page. Also added pics of Prize version recolors of Robotmasters Prime and Megs. Also added Superlink Galvatron recolor. Also added vintage TF junions Prime and soundwave/blaster pics. Also added wst boxed pics and info. Also added Superion GS pic to World Giftset listing.
Package: uploaded pics of Decepticon cassette tech spec variants. Also added pics chinese Ironhide package. Also added pics of Universe Primal pkg changes. Also added tiny tins pkg pic.
Armada: added pics of MIA unproduced Minicons.
Energon: added pics of Arcee variants. Also added pics of TRU Prime and Megs. Also added pics of recolor Prowl/Checkpoint 2pk from Kmart.
Universe: added comparison pics of 1st Battle in a Box set(ba vs ss).
Beastwars: added K9 nose variant.
Decepticons: added Monstructor variants subsection, added Skowl pics.

Japanese/European: added scan of Claccic vs Spanish Classic paperwork.

Universe: added many pics of Whirl/Sandstorm/Rotorstorm variants.
Energon: added comparison pics for the Prowl/Starscream 2pk.

Universe: added BB comparison pics for Oilslick, Treadshot, Ransack, and Smokescreen.

Energon: added pics of TRU E-2pk of Prime and Megs(comparison).
Universe: added pics of Soundwave Lg missle variant.

Decepticons: rewrote entire Insecticons section.
Japanese/European: Reissues: added reissue Insecticons page.
Alternators: added comparison pics of swipe/end, and streak/screen.
Botcon: added pics of otfcc Megazarek, and Hasbro energy spears.
Machinewars: added/updated with Orson's paragraph on the line's origins.

Dinobots: *finally* uploaded Sludge variants (only took me a few years:-).

Autobots: added pics of orig vs reissue skids.
Japanese/European: added pics of reissue dreamwave Hound, and of E-Hobby Detrius. Also added pics of Robotmasters Prime and Mirage. Added more info on 2004 Binaltech series. Also added Torsten's info on Binaltech. Also added pics and info on Nemesis Prime vs Big Convoy.
Armada: added pic of version 1.5 of Unicron.
Korea: added pics of Brave and korean-stickered toys from Fighbird and Esteban.
Package: added pics of Armada jetfire, Combaticons w/without decoy, and E-divebomb.
Diaclone: added pics of Doublechangers.
Universe: added info on Battle in a box sets. Also added mold information on Universe Soundwave.
Energon: added info on the Prowl vs Starscream set. Also added Lewis' info on Arcee, Hotshot, and Cliffjumper. Also added placeholders and pics for Sixshot, Beachcomber, and Landquake.

Energon: added Lewis' downshift and towline variants.
Japanese/European: added Fighbird's paragraph on Jetfire vs Optimus article.

Korea: added more Brave info. Also subsectioned toy listing for future pics.
Japanese/European: added reissue numbers comparison from Frank and Defensis. Also added vintage vs reissue Stepper comparison.
Decepticons: added answer to Buzzsaw tape question.
Prime: added Fighbird's Spanish Classics Prime info.

Autobots: added more steeljaw cassette info from GMS.
Decepticons: added info on Ravage copystamp.
Japanese/European (eurolisting): added curt and argus's info on Jetfire vs Optimus in MB.
Japanese/European(scrambled city combiners): added crazy steve's huge archive on the five of them.

added Crow's ko Prowl to the knockoffs section.

Package: added powerlinks Battles red backercard deluxe info.
Japanese/European: rewrote section, combine all 3 lists into one page.

Korea: added additional korean info on the brave line from Fighbird.

Autobots: clarified cassette info, added more steeljaw info.

Universe: added four more Universe team recolors info and pics (Whirl, Stockade, and more).
Autobots: added Saltman X to the jumpstarter page. Also added major update to the metroplex section (info and pics).
Japanese/European(vjap2-Obliterators): added pyro sticker sheet.
Other toys: added additional Playschool information and pics.
Diaclone/Pre-tfs: added more constructor robo pics(copystamp, mold-changes).
Gestault: added more Devastator mold info (hook bumpers). Also added an 'unconfirmed' section on Scavanger.

Japanese/European: added compilation list of tf juniors from Maz, Himawari, and Ras. Also added partial listing of robotmasters toys to same.
Diaclone/Pre-tfs: added Fumi's presentation on the history of tfs in Japan.

Package: added mucho info from Tim on 84/85 transitional tech specs/boxbacks.
Collecting Dangers: added info on ebay dealer Mattingaz.

Other toys: added Roadbots to knockoffs page.

Decepticons: added better pics of Thunderwing color variants.
Alternators: added additional page construction and jumplinks.

Stampings and Rubbies: major rewrite, combined info, deleted vmark page.
New Page: created new page for Alternators, Cybertron, and 2006 movie toys. Updated all main VariQuest pages to accomodate.
Dinobots: major reworking of page, clarified info and type tables.

Package: added Hasbro rep sticker scans.

knockoffs: added another 4-star jet knockoff.
Jets: added reissue Dirge info; still need pics ;-).

Japanese/European: added Shawn's superlink Ratchet info to List One.

Japanese/European: added link to Maz' article from the veurolist page.

Diaclone/Pre-tf: added two maz article links from tf source to diaswipe page. Also added Himawari and Maz conversation to Powered Convoy page.
Greece: added Eric's greek Devastator color/mold difs.
China: significant pkg info added/new subpage created.
Autobots: added Zob's review of reissue Smokescreen and RedAlert.

Italy: created italian name conversion chart.

Autobots: added a new, somewhat controversial Steeljaw cassette sub-page. Also updeated Hound information, added sticker pics.
Diaclone/Pre-TF: added pages on Insecticons, Jazz, and Hound. Also added diaclone finnish grapple. Also added Road Vulcan proto pic to diaclone timeline page.
Combiners: added additional info and pics from Thomas on indentless Classic combaticons.
Japanese/European(list one): added Doubledealer variants. Also added Throttlebots no indents pics. Also added Micronlegends prize Unicron. Also added reissue Huffer mold-changes.
Deceptions: added pics of artifact cassettes.
Japanese/European(list 3): added carded versions of trakkons figures.
Autobots: added mexican smokescreen to the Bluestreaks page.
Italy: added a number of Italian boxed variants from all years. Also added the Devastator GS missle variant.
Mexico: added mexican Devastator color-changes, as well as some autobot cars differences.
France: added Jazz boxtop and sideflaps in the joustra section.
Package: added Starscream error-box to jets section.
Fastfood: added new foreign section to accomodate australian variants, and Lunchbots!.
China: added chinese Ironhide and Inferno.
Decepticons: added ace evader tot he G2 Dreadwing page.

Diaclone/Pre-tfs: added more info an pics on Powered Convoy.
Jets: added more pics of Thrust variants(lined vs unlined wings, red vs brown). Also added pics of 4-star and kingdam versions.
French Tfs: added new subpage on G1 french yellow constructicons.
Jumpstarters: added more fakes.
Foreign Tfs: moved Turbomasters/Predators/Trakkons/Lightformers to list 2.
Collecting Dangers: added an opinion column on knockoffs, and crosslinked to new ko page. Also added a fake reissue redfoot prime to the ebay section.
Giftsets: added a comparison shot of original vs reissue God Ginrai boxes.

Other Toys: created a small knockoffs sub-page to crosslink all the scattered articles.

Rewrote the entire history of the pre-Tfs :-).

Package: added unknown armada double-deluxe supercon pkg to list.
Superlink: added more variant figures to the series(arcee, mirage, etc).
Other Toys(playschool): added more pics and info.

Autobots: updated prowl gun types (5). Also added Gears leg variant.
Japanese/European(list one): added superlink info/pics(weapons, pkges, mold variants, etc).
Diaclone/Pre-Tf: added whirl. Also added dia Ratchet(with kanji). Also added Inferno chrome.

Combiners: added Hungurr and Cutthroat transitional variants.
Japanese/European: added pics and info on reissue minibots (regular, keychain, E-Hobby).
Package: added Tankor/Obsidion boxes pic.
Universe: added more prowl pics.
Diaclone/Pre-tf: created Powered Convoy and minibot pages.
Other Toys: updated playschool tfs section with new and vintage info/pics. Also added wave 2 in the smallese tfs section.

Japanese/European: big update to beast and superlink sections, courtesy of Shawn. Added variant waspinator, dinobot, blackarachnia. Added variant rodimus, wheeljack, scorponok, megatron, galvatron, and more.
Decepticons: added shawn's clip info to Megatrons around the World page.
Combiners: added Shawn's variant sixcombiner reissue Defensor info and pics.

Universe: updated info, added Zob's Depthcharge review.

Autobots: added Sunstreaker figure mold variant info. Also updated PBS and RedAlert to refelct non-existent mold types.

Canada: added curt's canadian mailaway minis. Also added canadian chromedome.
China: added himawari's hk soundwave pics.
Combiners: added justin's spanish Blastoff info, and Hotspot wheel pics.

Autobots: massive Rodimus Prime update.
Japanese/European: major additions to the World Giftset Listing.

Autobots: added massive additional info to the Hotrod section.
Japanese/European: added TM Hotrod info, crosslinked to american Hotrod info.

Energon/Universe: added Energon Hotshot variants, and King Atlas missle information.
Decepticons: added additional Blitzwing mold info.
Jumpstarters: added antes/estrela designations from Frank.

Jets: updated fist info, added additional fake jet info.

Combiners: added new subpage on Bruticus variations.

4-9-04 (VQ #48): Pre-Tf: added info and pics on dia trains, dia trailbreaker. Also added Devvi's diakron pkg variants info. Also added more honda city info. Also created a new page for cherry onebox vanette.
China: added pics and info for chinese minibots and Pretenders. Also added more explanatory material on chinese tfs.
Autobots/Decepticons: updated cassette info.

Massive Update to Armada/Universe/Energon, including pics.
Universe: added Shawn's Tankor barrel variant.
Euro/Jap: added info and pics on Classics tfs and their pkg.
Pre-tfs: added 357 Gunrobo. Also added new page on redstreaker. Also added black hilux. Also added black skids. Also rewrote and updated the dia'swipes page.

Package: added Energon deluxe pkg variants(4 of them so far). Also updated minicon pkg changes (Armada vs Energon).
Universe: added Zob's KingAtlas info. Also added Esteban's Prowl mold light info.
Decepticons: added Himawari's Megatron mold info.
China: added Himawari's Soundwave info.
Japanese/European: rewrote beginning paragraph of lists 1,2,3.
List one: added massive update, including Defensis' Superlink listing.

Updated Devastator type listings(and added new constructor robo info).

Created new 'Trademarks' search page by Zob.
Diaclone/Pre-tf: updated Constructor Robo page with real vs fake Pre-Dev Giftsets.

Japanese/European(list 2): major update to the micro sixcombiners page.
(list 3): added reissue Landcross.

China: rewrote the entire chinese variants page. Crosslinked to .
Japanese/European list3, and lunchtime specials.
Lunchtime Specials: added more plastics info to debunk Paul/Spacebridge :-).

Armada/Energon: combined spychangers into one subsection.

Lunchtime Specials: added additional information and links.
Prime: added elvin's Italian gig Prime variants.

Fast Food: linked images to save on bandwidth/load time. Also added sections for taco-morphs and brother-bear.

Package: updated Defensis' energon card info.

Package: added Defensis' info on card-changes for the Energon line.
Diaclone/Pre-tf: added info on version 2 of Trainrobo.
Patents: updated with new info, and a devvi link.
Autobots: combined Bluestreak pages into one section; added new info.

Japanese/European: added reissue astrotrain info.

Giftsets: added Defensis' and Zobovors' updates to the listings.

Giftsets: expanded the American giftset listing and added info.

Argentina/Brazil: added 3 versions of Antex Robocar Camaro.

Diaclone/Pre-tfs: created an article dealing with the 'Overstock' theory.

Japanese/European(list one): added Defensis' updates to Micron-b packs and cd-minicons.
Pre-tf: added Himawari's 357 HWY Gunrobo info to the 44 Gunrobo page.

(VQ#47)Autobots: added Tracks, Smokescreen, and Hoist comparison pics.
Decepticons: updated Soundwave info, created list.
Italy: added dia-GiG Hound.
Diaclone/Pre-tf: created a new Dasher subsection.
Armada/Universe/Energon: added SamsClub Magnus stamping. Also added Emergency, Sea, and RadpidRun redecos. Also added Energon Saber. Also added Universe Inferno and Depthcharge. Also added Universe Spychangers, and Ruination. Also added Unicron redeco.
Japanese/European(list one): added Crazy-Steve's minicon pins comparison. Also added Magnus and Ice-Magnus.
Package: added Universe square-vs-round cardback pics, and bubble info. Also added Ian's Unicron pack-variant info!.

Decepticons: added another fake Reflector to the mix.
Armada: added numberous Energon/Armada comparisons, including Magnus and Treadbolt. Also added Nemesis Prime, and rewrote the supercon Prime section. Also added Emergency and Sea Team redeco info. Also added Universe Skywarp info.
Japanese(list one): added Black Zarak chrome variants.
Pre-tfs: added additional diaclone Constructor Robo info and pics.
Autobots: added Comparison pics of Inferno and Grapple.
Greece: added additional Greek minibot info, and crosslinked to Ras.
Package: added gray vs white carbacker picsfor 84/85 cars.

Autobots: added reissue Grapple/Tracks/Smokescreen variants.
Decepticons: updated Reflector info; added pics to the microx sub-section.

Armada: added JetPrime giftset, Universe Machine Robos, and more Energon recolors.
Autobots: added missle comparisons for G2 sideswipe and Jazz.
Botcon: added the two versions of Rook.
Gestaults: added superion fist variants.

Package: added Nemesis Prime and PL Demolisher.
Jets: added additional information on pre-tf jet parts(for comparison).
Japanese/European: added new page on Greek tfs.

Japanese/European: added Shawn's Primal fur info.

Package: added a number of Armada and Energon package-variants.
(tru single non-bonus, energon wv3poster, overload-new, etc).

Package: added Walmart and Kmart Armada Bonus Packs (minicon, supercon).

Japanese/European: moved 6 exclusive hm heads to List 2.

Armada: added PL Hotshot spoiler-variants.
Decepticons: added Joebots Scourge headgun article.

Japanese/European(List one): added Defensis' update on micron legends sets.

Decepticons: added info and pics on Scourge headguns.

Package: added Walmart Bonus Packs of minicon teams.
Autobots: added comparison info/pics of reissue Hoist/Inferno.

Package: updated/revised cardback info on Armada supercon listing.

(VQ#46):Autobots: added G2 Jazz/Sideswipe info from Mike and Walt. Also added placeholders for reissue Hoist, Inferno, and Tracks.
Gunrobo: added italian silver variant.
Other Toys: added a smallest tf sub-page, and wave one of the series.
Armada: added mucho spychanger recolor info.
Diaclone/Pre-tf: added black snarl.
Japanese/European(list one): added Micron Legends Rampage(wheeljack) variants. Also added micron legends booster packs. Also added limited-issue carrobots crystal fireconvoy pics.
Prime: added italian GiG Prime.

Package: added 6th version of Armada Superpants Prime(w/cd). Also added Cosmos and Brawn(85 series) MOC.
Bluestreaks: added black-hooded version.
Korea: added additional info, a 6th catagory, and several pics.
Japanese/European(list one): added gold chrome MicronLegends Convoy. Also added 6 Limited Recolor minicon teams. .
Lunchtime Specials: added Smallest crystal prime.
Botcon: added Autocon 2003 Tetrajet prize.

Japanese/European: (list one)added G1 yellow Constructicons.
(List two) added chinese LioKaiser info.
Diaclone/Pre-tf: added HondaCity-S/Wrecker giftset. Also created a new TruckCrane, and FireTruck page.
Autobots: added Chromedome mold variant.
Decepticons: added Treadshot am partner variant.
Beastwars: added Optimal Optimus gun variant.
Botcon: added otfcc '03 toys.
Armada/Universe: added Cheetor mold variant, Jhiaxus recolor, and Prime/Magnus recolors. Also added spychanger Prime, and sparkplug minicon variants.

Armada: added a ton of powerlinx recolors pics; added new energon toys.
Diaclone/Pre-tf: created Hoist/Trailbreaker page.

Package: added additional Unicron Battles packaging variants.

Armada: added 4 Unicron variants.

Package: updated info on Armada(added Unicron Battles listings).
Armada: added Sideswipe mold variant.

RID: Added engledogg's variant Scourge info.

Lunchtime Specials: added a page of info on plastics types.
Beastwars: added Engledogg's knevil and ultragear variants.

Jets: updated fist-type listing.
Pre-Tfs: added more info/pics on real vs fake cassetteman. Also added 3 types of italian Mirage.
Japanese/European(list 2): added AM Circuit variants.

7-20-03:(VQ#45) Armada: added AirRazor decepticon molding, and Powerlinx Jetfire.
Japanese/European(list one): added Shockwave/Tidalwave, and recolor AirAssult minicons.
Autobots: added 3 versions of Cosmos.

Japanese/European(list one): added new dvd-recolors of the micron legends Race Team.
- also added Dreamwave Inferno.
Armada/Universe: added Iguanas, Tankor and Obsidian.
Autobots: Added Ironworks japan vs Macau copyright stamp.

Japanese/European(list one): added Dreamwave recolor Starscream. Also added Lucky-draw Blue Primal and Micron Legends Black Megatron. Also added mailaway S2 Moon variant.
Dinobots: added boxed pics of my fav fake dinos. Also added Machine Dragon to the Pre-TF Dinobots section.
Japanese/European(list two): added Galva-Lio.
Armada: added pics of Universe Beasts, and added recolor beast/minicon packs pics.
- also added Street Action Team mold variants.
Prime: added loose pic of jafcon Prime.
Autobots: added comparison pics of Prowl and Redalert(old vs new).

Armada: significant rewrite and updates; added several new variants:
-Street Speed and Hotshot recolors.
-race and destruction team recolors.
-supercon prime tampo-variant.
Gestault: added pics of japan vs Macau BlastOff.
Package: added pics of Tankorr packaging variants.

Autobots: added TRU-reissue Redalert info and tons of pics.

Micromasters: added recolor sections to autobot and decepticon pages.
-crosslinked with gestault and foreign micro-recolors.
Autobots: added more roadbuster info; added 4th transitional variant.

Magnus: added pic of head with no brow-indents.

Decepticons: added additional information on Cyclonus(transition units).

Autobots: added Wheeljack and Hound 'type' listing (2 and 3, respectively).

Combined Armada, Universe, and Energon pages; updated links on rest of site.

Dinobots: added information on Macau-transitional Dinobot variants.

Gestaults: rebuilt Bruticus, Devastator, and Defensor sections,.
did updates on all the rest(japan vs Macau, for example). Also clarified info, and added three new sub-pages for gestault teams.

Autobots: added Jason's info on Inferno, and split the Grapple/Inferno type listings.

6-2-03(VQ#44): Autobots: added pic of type-1 Sideswipe.

Japanese/European: added shawn's blurbs to the spychanger page.
Autobots: added curt's sideswipe/redalert info.

Japanese/European(list one): added 2 more recolors or the micron legends Destruction team.
(for those keeping track, the count now up to what, like 5 for these guys).
Korea: added pic of Vs32 set.
Jets: added Thundercracker boxed pics.
Gestaults: added 6-pack of Bruticus pics. Also added pics of boxed Onslaught and Hunn-Gurr to the gs listing).

5-9-03:Japanese/European(list one): added comparison-pic of dreamwave vs reissue starscream. Also added dreamwave prowl-gun variant.
Package: added pic of has/brad box-stamping.
Pre-tf: added pic of mc rumble.
Prime: added boxed pic of original Jap3 version.
Jets: added Skywarp pics.
Autobots: added more info and pics to reissue keychain section.

Diaclone/Pre-tf: created 2 new pages: Jumpstarter, and Ligier/Citaines.
Autobots: added chase black minis to keychain review.
Decepticons: added Astrotrain gun vriants.
Package: added Maz' info on the differences between Tran and TraS packaging. Also added a blurb on the reissue 'disney' starscream.
Japanese/European(list one): added reissue skywarp pic. Also added luckydraw Bravemax sword.
Megatron: added pics of Microman Uncle and Walther P-38.
Pre-tf: added pics of mechawarrior (Pre-TF Mini-Spies).
Mexico: added 2 comparison pics of US vs Mex Prowl.
Patents: added pic of a tf-inventor :-).
TfM3m: added a paypal section.

Autobots: added joebot's perceptor information(knobs and pads).
Japanese/European(list one): created a new spychangers page.
(list two): added Devastar version of Micromaster Sixbuild.
Mexico: created Mexican Prime page.
Other: added 4 pics of modern playschool tfs.

added 2 new pages: Gunrobo(pre-tf) and Megatrons around the World. Also added a ton of pics and info to those pages :-).
Japanese/European(List one): added bce Rook pic.

Armada: added Grimlock tail variant.
RID: added G1 Onslaught vs Rid MegaOctane gun pic.
Gestaults: added Hook handgun variant.
Prime: added another pic of diaclone boxed Prime.
Japanese/European: added dreamwave V2 launcher pic. Also added comparison pic of Jap vs US G2 waterlaunchers. Also added info and pics on metals Rattle(Rattrap) and Tripledecus(Tripredacus). Also added pic of V3 Micron Legends Destruction Team.
Lunchtime Specials: added Crystalcrackers and Crystalscream pics.

Package: added 2 versions of G2 Jazz instruction booklet.

Armada: added first batch of Landfill information and pics. Also added Zob's review of Armada(urban-camo) Ruination.

4-30-03:Japanese/European(list one): added more info on crosscut, clampdown, and deepcover.
Autobots: added additional info on mirage-launchers.
Pre-tfs: added a new section on diaclone vs diakron.
Lunchtime Specials: added origin-discussion.

Autobots: added more info on release-order for the 'Bluestreaks/World' page.
Jets: added additional TRU jet mold info from Zob(feet, landing pin, etc).

4-19-03(VQ#43): Removed clones from autobot/decepticon sections; added them to chinese-page. Also updated crosslinks between beastwars and Beastmachines/Armada Dinobots.

Autobots: added reissue Jazz information. Also added reissue Silverstreak info.
Japanese/European(list one): added Agent Meister info. Also added chromestreak, and anime streak info.

created TF-Universe page. Updated links on 24 other main Vari-pages.
G1/G2/How-to: clarified info; added blurb about euro-Classic line.
Autobots: added 4th(transitional) classic PBS mold-variant.

Japanese:(list one)-added Clampdown and Deepcover. Also added lunchtime specials Jazz. Also added 3 metals pics. Also added Argus' micron legends Hotshot review. Also added 2nd recolor of the Street Speed(overdrive) team.
(giftsets)-added Magnaboss and Raideen.
Korea: added 2nd Hasbro International Prime, and Fireconvoy.
French(Joustra): added Condor.
Mexico: added astrotrain, and IgA logo.
Package: added moc Bumblejumper(cliffjumper card) and moc Mini-Spy Huffer.
Jets: added Bill's smoked-canopy rubsign pics and rebuttal to Himwari jet speculations.
page(which was a response to Karl's jet rubsign statements).

Japanese/European(list one): added Tigertrack, Wrecker-Hoist, and Micron Legends Starscream. Also added clear sixshot to the 'lunchtime specials' area.
(japanese giftsets): added microtrailer 7.
Prime: added original Ginrai and Godbomber(individual pk).
Armada: added Final-Battle Prime, and the 3 jets(Star, Thunder, and Sky).

Autobots: added Hound variant info; rewrote the blue bluestreak section.
Diaclone: created a new Bluestreak subsection, and added the three diaclone versions.

France: added 3 boxed Joustra diaclones.

Decepticons: added 3 Megatron silver gun variants.

3-13-03:Japanese/European(list two)-added pyro sticker-variants.

Japanese/European(list one) added micron legends starscream variants.
(french tfs)added cheetah, Pickup, and Truck.
(micros)added teams 5 and 11, and boxed groundshaker/skyhopper.

3-3-03(variQuest42): Japanese/European(giftsets)added King poseidan giftset. Also added Convobat vs Mega-alligatyor vs set.
Package: added MW Prime vs G2 laser Prime box-art.
Other toys: added Playschool Silverbolt vs Aerobot.
Japanese/European(List 2)added drillcar moc.
Cool tfs: added 2 stormtroopers.
Japanese/European(list one)added monstructor vs Dinoking shells.

Canada: added more artfire info/pics on Red slag.
Rid: Added landfill giftset, and comparison pics of G2 vs Rid Cycles.
Japanese/European:(giftset)-added VsX, and Computron.
(list one)added black sixshot.
Misc: added Crystalwarp to the Lunchtime specials line-up.

Armada: added the 6 recolored dino-beasts.
Jets: added additional reissue Starscream info in the G2++ section.
Japanese/European(List one): added pics of G2 gobots Prime and Megs(hood variant).
Italian tfs: added release-order information from Devvi.
French tfs: Added place-holder for upcoming info.

Brazil: updated page with Argentina minicar information.

Pre-tf: added astromagnum vs Shockwave vs Shackwave. Also added Omega vs Mechabot 1.
Package: added pic of 3 versions of original BW packaging(rock, smooth, smooth with art-change).
Giftsets: added a number of beast vs sets.
Decepticons: added us and japanese boxed versions of original G2 Dreadwing toy.

Jets: significant rewrite of page; added 'transitional' jet types, and reissue info.
Prime: added reissue Prime info.
Decepticons: added Thunderwing variants.

Combiners(giftsets)-added Tripredacus, and Magmatron.
Japanese/European(giftsets)-added Hero set, Pentabot, Buildking, Menasaur. Also added Turbomaster vs Predator 'vs' sets. Also added korean spychangers giftset.
. Also added vsy set.
(list one)-added loose pics of Battle Gaia and Guard City. Also added Cr skybyte. Also added Cr lucky draw bravemax.
Diaclone/Pre-tf: added Constructo robo giftset.
Armada: added recolor Air and Military teams. Also added Scourge/Bludgeon. Also added Megatron vs Galvatron.
Other: added 2nd series of playschool tfs(prowl, aerobot2, fire, reptron, dinobot).
Korea: added 2-up G2 Bruticus.

Japanese/European(list 1)-added Hero giftset.
Armada: added placeholders for upcoming recolors.
Autobots: added placeholder for Hound.

2-7-02:Japanese/European:(beastvs sets)added vs40primal(gold), x5, vs34, vs38.
(list one)added classic prowl w/dia markings. Also added micron legends cds. Also added destron/cybertron faction symbols for the bw metals. Also added Battle Gaia manufacturer-stamping info.
(giftsets)-added godfireconvoy and devastator giftset.
(micro-gestaults)-added sixturbo reissue pics.
Decepticons: added more unicron pics.
Package: began construction of page covering RiD text changes on cardbacks.

Japanese/European:(Giftsets)added 9 micro-sets w/trailer numbers.
Korea: added oversided Prime and Korean Giftset listing.
(list one) added pics of Fortmax(w/sword). Also added face-change pics of BlueBaccus and BlackShadow. Also added regular and justco versions of Towline/Skid-Z. Also added Scourge vs BlackConvoy pics. Also added mb/classic wheeljack hub variants. Also added info on Metrotitan mm-port connection. Also added Guard-city mold and color-changes.
Cool tfs: added Metalhawk, and Heinrad.
Combiners:(giftsets)added Ruination pic.
Autobots: added moc keychain pics(4).
Package: added tiny-tins packs of Spychangers.

2-5-03:(VariQuest#41)Japanese/European: added six-gestault reisue pics. Added more micron legends recolor pics.
Diaclone/Pre-tf: added MC giftset pics and blue mc Ravage pics.

Japanese/European:(list 1)added micron legends pics. Added reissue G1 pics. Also added exclusive powermasterengine pics.
(jap giftsets)added clear car brothers, and pre-tf uncle.
BM: added primal missle-button pics.
Decepticons: created seperate page for G2 Dreadwing(Megatron atb, armada smokejumper, etc).
MachineWars: added comparison pics between us and euro-versions.
Cool foriegn tfs: added comparison pic of Galaxy shuttle boxes.
Armada: added supercon prime light variants.

Japanese/European: added a number of images to the japanese beast vs sets listing.
RID: tightened up the wording, added several crosslinks to list 1 CarRobots variants. Also added Esteban's stormjet pip variants.
Mexico: added Mexican skywarp pics and links.
Other toys: added reworks playschool tf variants.

Japanese/European: significant rewrite/reorganization of list one. Added a number of Beast and reissue pics to list one as well.

Autobots: added Roadbuster mold variant. Added 'types' to PBS and Seaspray.
Also straightened up the text, and links on the entire page.

Package: added go-go-gobots to the package-stampings subsection.
Japanese/European: added the japbeast 'VS' listings.
also added meister and rodimus variants(working on pics).
Jets: added Himawari's response to Dirge rubsign placement.

Japanese/European: created seperate pages for Brazilian, Italian, and Korean variants.
Also added a number of pics to the Bw2 and Reissue sections.

Japanese/European: added list one beastwars and BW 2 variants.
Also added Tracks wheelhub variants, pics of Boss...and some Motorvators to the Argus review.

1-20-03:Combiners: added the us-recolors of the micro-combiners.

Japanese/European:(micro-sixcombiners)added robot-mode pics of Build, Turbo, and Wing.
(Cool Tfs)added 4-shot of Rescueforce. Added Starconvoy.

Japanese/European(list 1)added Firecons, Sureshot, Sixknight, Greatshot vs Sixshot.
(Cool Foriegn)added Clench/Pyro/Skygarry boxed, and Galaxy shuttle/Dezarus/HotRodimus loose.
(jap giftset)added Landcross loose.

Japanese/European:(list 1)added archforce.
(list 2)added Rescueforce car, and a loose-variant tank. Also added more Convoy Bw neo toys.
(jap giftset)added Goodby Convoy, Big-powered micros, Dinoking(regular and giftset versions).
Japanese/European(browning)added fake browning.
Diaclone/Pre-Tfs: added Powered Convoy giftset.

Armada: added Ruination and Sideways variants.
Japanese/European: (list one), added Twincast, Megastorm, Darkwings, and Chromestreak. .
(List two), added Flash Lioconvoy, Clear BigConvoy, and 2 pics of Rescueforce.
Diaclone/Pre-tf: added Insector-robo giftset.
Package: added armada Ruination pack-changes, and posterbox astrotrain.

1-9-02:Japanese/European: created seperate Mexican page.

Armada: added Primepants molding variant.
Package: added RiD and Armada pressed-stampings page. Also added carded Prime, Blurr, and boxed-Ruination pack-variants.

(VQ#40)Autobots: added Ratchet fist variants.
Prime: added 2nd variant of crystal prime(lunchtime special reissue). Also added Mexican Prime pic.
Autobot/Decepticons: added Clones sticker vs rub variants.
Diaclone/Pre-tf: added Police Sideswipe siren variant.
Japanese/European: added reissue Megatrons and Sideswipes to List One variants. Also added Omega Spreem variants to List Two.

Package: added a number of Armada pack-variants(boxes, fonts, stickers, etc).

Japanese/European: added vintage and reissue japanese sixcombiner images.
Added Classic Sludge face variant. Added Japanese Countdown giftset, and Greatshot.
Diaclone/Pre-tf: added Diaclone Swoop. Added insert pic of unreleased triplechanger.
Combiners: added Defensor eyes variant(japan vs Macau).
Combiner Giftsets: American: added Piranacon. Japanese: added VictorySabre.
Shills: added fake black ginrai.

Japanese/European: added more pics of BlackShadow and BlueBaccus.
Also added new micro six-combiners section under the List One section.
Diaclone/Pre-tf: added crosslinks between here and Japanese/European regarding Browning and Raideen.

Japanese/European: added Zone micro recolor, some minibots, and vsz set pics.
Prime: added cab-seat-change.
Fastfood: added McArmada toys.
Diaclone/Pre-tf: added pics of italian gig dia-powerdashers.

Japanese/European: added Mexican Hoist article, and a page on euro box variants.

Evil Dealers: updated page, added 'boycot botcon' section.

Prime: added info and pics of the type-2 'supercharged' trailer.

Package: added minicon 3-pk font changes.

Prime: added all-clear Prime.
Japanese/European: added Grand vs Fortmax pic, and Saltman-Z pic.
Japanese/European: added mold/color changes for G1-Classic cars.

11-5-02:(VQ#39)Japanese/European: added pic of go-shooter, microtrains, and roadceaser.
Package: added robot-mode bumblebee, powerglide, scavanger, silver-frenzy, .
and a case of Ironhide.
Decepticons: added micro-cannon-transport variants.
Autobots: added Maz' pics and detailed descrips of Mirage and Swipe-launchers.
Prime: added pics of MIB pepsiprime.

Prime: added jtf online pics of 'supercharged' roller to Himawari's prime review.
Armada: added Lewis' variations to Race and Destruction teams.
Autobots: added article and pics on pre-rub/rub variants from Himawari and Esteban.

RID/Japanese: Added Particles review of Landfill vs Buildking.
Also added his review of Fireconvoy vs Prime, and Magnus vs Magnus.

Japanese/European: added loose pics of Kirk and Trizor heads.
Also added pics of the reissue red tracks and silver skids.
RiD: added pics of clear kb spychangers variants.

RID: added Zob's review of the RID autobot 3-pk variants, the Lazer-op.
vs Scourge variants, and the Sideways/Axer variants.
Autobots: moved minibots into one section, added Zob's keychain reviews.

Japanese/European(reissues): added Black Tracks.
Japanese/European(list 1): added MIB Soundblaster, and Movie Magnus cell.
Diaclone/Pre-tf: added more on marlboor wheeljack.
Armada: added first variant.

Japanese/European(giftsets): added Roadfire.
Japanese/European(Cool Foriegn Tfs): added all euro ams loose.
Japanese/European(list 1): added gold jazz/anime bluestreak to reissues section.
Package: added 3 variant catalogs, and 3 variant reflector mailaways.
Diaclone/Pre-tf: added diaclone Starscream.

Japanese/European: rewrote section, added Morg link.
Prime: moved vsx-like trailer to World section.

Autobots: added transitional G1 grapple/inferno arm-mold variants.

(VQ#38)Prime: added TONS of new info, inclusing a missle section, as well as.
a number of scans of the reissue prime mold changes. Weee!.

Japanese/European: added pics of Di Atlas, Landcross, and Japanese Bruticus giftset.

RiD: added detailed Obsidian review.
Prime: added Choro-Q versions of Prime.

Magnus: added mucho info and pics on reissue unit :-).
Beastwars: added Magnaboss gold vs Brown variant.

Japanese/European: added 'list-one' variants to car-robots/rid section.

Autobots: added reissue hotrod(type5) to list, with info and pics(like copystamp:-).
Prime: added 5 pics of Powermaster Prime(loose/boxed).

Pre-Tf: added pics of loose/boxed diaclone police sideswipe.
Beastwars: added Cheetor green-eyed pupils variant.
Japanese/European: added pic of (list-two)variant Takeoff.

Prime: added the Convoy Chronicles link from Hydra.
FastFood: added info/link from Raksha on St.Loius happymeal tfs.

Prime: added seperate 'movie prime' section. Updated/clarified parts/acc info.
-also added pics of black convoy, gray-roller Prime, and NY convoy.
Package: added Maz-corrections :-).

(VariQuest#37): Package: added Cyclonus and Demolisher pack-variants(3 types).
Deceps: added Blitzwing paint(4) and color(2) variants. Also added Trypticon stick-change.
Magnus: added TRU reissue Magnus info and pic.
Diaclone/Pre-tf: added massive Maz pre-tf product listing.

Autobots: added Ginrai Jetfire information. We've gone from 4 to 7 jettys :-).

Dinobots: added 4th Swoop variant.

Jap: added loose pics of artfire and stepper.
Jap Giftsets: added pics of Victory Sabre.
Decepticons: added Japanese Reflector.
Diaclone: added yellow Trailbreaker, Black Ironhide, and Red Hoist.
Autobots: added jetfire pics.
Package: added armada hotshot variants.

Japanese/European: added Grandmax.
Prime: added Japanese LazerOp Prime.
Autobots: added Landmine color variants. Also added SkyLynx variant.
Diaclone/Pre-Tf: added Marlboor Wheeljack.
Decepticons: added Megatron eyes variant.
RID: added pic of Scourge vs LazerOp loose.

Botcon: added Glyph, TapOut, Cyclonus, and Catscan pics.
Combiners: added 3 Superion head variants.
Fastfood: began construction on St Louis section.
Prime: added another diaclone convoy pic. Also added 3 cab paint variants.
Japanese/Euro: added BlackZarak insert pic. Also added Liokaiser vs Rescueforce variants.
Autobots: added PretenderGrimlock variants.
Decepticons: added Reflector flash-launcher variants.
Diaclone/Pre-Tf: added Trainrobo, and Microx pics.

Autobots: added-to/clarified Perceptor variant-shoulder info.
FastFood: added additional information on Arby's/Krystal zoids promos.

Prime: added more pics of Pepsi Prime, and a MIB orig Prime. Updated Primes listing.
Japanese/European: added Turbomaster Hurricane.
Canada: added artfire's pic of the back of Pepsi prime's trailer.
Machinewars: added pics of the 8 carded MW basics, and MIB Starscream.
Beastwars: added pic of the Bat/Gator 2pk that started off the series.

Prime: added Ginrai's 'vs' blurb to the p-p prime. Also added blue prime pics.
Japanese/European: added comparison pic of Metrotitan vs Metroplex.
Canada: added Autobot Megatron tech.

Package: added 6 G1 Hasbro box 'types' based on manufacturer.

7-10-02:(Variquest #36): Japanese/European: added pics of wrecker/Honda 2pk.
Jets: added two types of launchtabs for launchers.
Autobots: added Jazz hardware and headlight info.

Diaclone: added Blitzwing pics.
Japanese/European: added Dezaurus, Black Zarak, and Trakkon Fearswoop pics.
Prime: added Canadian Pepsi Prime, and French Prime pics.
RID: added comparison pics for Predacon and Autobot 3pks to their previous incarnations.
Also added pics of Landfill, Ruination, and Stormjet.
Machinewars: added Thunderclash.
Decepticons: added Bludgeon color and mold variants.

Japanese/European: Revamped page; added new section on foreign tfs that the USA.
didn't get. Also added Metrotitan and Overlord pics. Also added pics of 4 AM Elites, and .
canadian G2 Green Slag. Also added pics of Grandus and Roadfire.
Also added several Jap giftset pics. Also added Blue Baccus and Greatshot.
Combiners: added blurb on tab vs no-tab G1 Bruticus chestplates.
Japanese/European2: created a new section on non-variant(so far) tfs.
Diaclone: added pics of unreleased Triplechanger, and Police Sideswipe.
BeastMachines(ugh): added Tankdrone missle variant.

6-31-02:Prime: added LaserPrime, and red-footed Prime pics/variants.
Magnus: added the reissue variants info in table 10.
Diaclone: added boxed red sunstreaker pic.
RID: added Air-Attack Primal, and Scourge variants/pics.
Japanese/European: updated the canadian section with 3 variant error-techs. Also added Minerva pics.

Japanese/European: added more info to the three 'lists'.
Package: added the 4th card variant to the RID Combaticons(Ruination).
Translator: updated the translator and web-dictionaries links.
Also added a new page on the japanese language, and the problems in translating it to english.

Package: added 3 Machinewars autobot cardback variants. Also added a blurb.
on Hasbro vs Hasbro-Bradley for G1. Also added Spychanger and .
Super Car Brothers error-packs for RID. Also clarified RID Megatron pack variants.
Autobots: added more PBS variant info and pics (roof, stamping, etc).
Combiners: added info and pics to the American giftset listing.

Autobots: updated wheeljack variant info.
Combiners: added Predacon sword variants.

Autobots: added Metroplex acc variants.

6-19-02:Prime: added a new section on reissue Prime from TRU. Also updated the.
foriegn Prime listing.

updated Red Tracks review.

Prime: added French Prime.

Diaclone: added Red Tracks review.
Japanese/European: added Actionmaster Bombshell variants.
BeastMachines: added T-wrecks vs Megatron variants.
Prime: added pic to Ginrai's 'No-supergodginrai' review.
RID: added Obsidian variants.

RID: added Megabolt Megatron and recolor Sideburn variants.
Japanese/European: added euro-Overlord variant.
Combiners: began construction on American Giftset listing.

Stampings: added Mexican stampings page, clarified US stamp blocks.
Japanese/European: rebuilding page, added 3 sections for complete variant listing.
Decepticons: added crosslink to the just-added White Astrotrain review.

Pre-Tf: updated links, moved info from the jap page to here.

Machinewars: rebuilt page, added info, and artwork from Jackpot.
Stampings: added additional stampings information(indonesa).

5-15-02:(Vari-Quest#35)Combiners: added G2 Combaticon camo variants.
Prime: uploaded a pic and a poster of diaclone prime.
Beastwars: uploaded green Ramulus.
Japanese/European: stared Canada page, added red Slag. Also added Jap headmasters.
Dinobots: added silver-chrome dinos, and swoop chest variants.
Jets: added 'gamma scans' of Jet tailfins.
Decepticons: added Cyclonus gun variants.

Autobots: added Blaster gun and Jazz hood variants.

Japanese/Euro: added pics of Overlord, Japanese giftsets, and Big-Powered.
Diaclone: added pics of grey skids, blue blaster, and yellow sideswipe.
Decepticons: added Megatron silver gun variant.

Decepticons: updated information on insecticon rubsign indents.
Combiners: added uk swindle-bolt variant. Also added notes on stampings .
for Aerialbots and Combaticons. Also added Blades-stamping pic(japan).
RID: added Megs vs Cryotek teeth pic.
Autobots: added wheeljack slat-variant.
Stampings: uploaded the expanded list of manufacturer-stampings.

Autobots: added a blurb on the 'whys' of Bluestreak.
Stampings: uploaded additions to the list of manufacturer-stampings.

Prime: updated wording on pm prime.
Beastwars: added Tarantulas chromeless weapon variant.
RID: added Grimlock and Heavyload paint variants.
also added Megatron/Galvatron stampings, and Cryotek/Megatron head variants.
Beastmachines: added Battle Unicorn horn variants.
Decepticons: added am megatron waist/hand variants.
Japanese/European: added pic of Trakkons and Lightformers.

Autobots: added Prowl with 'I'-shaped bracket.

Translator: added bablefish to the top spot.

Diaclone: added Skids information and links.

RID: added Prime 'O' vs 'D' missle launchers.
Package: added the 4 Prime package variants.
Decepticons: added a better pic of Reflector missle variants.

Gestaults: corrected spelling of TerrorCons (thanks, Steve!).

Fastfood: added completed info on arbys beastbots from Defensis.

Autobots: added copyright info on Grapple/Inferno grill variants.

Decepticons: added Reflector sticker variants. Also added Ruffstuff mm variants.
Combiners: added 3 Firstaid variants. Also added Skydive and Blades variants.
Stampings: added 3 new manufacturer-stampings(China, Macau, and H/T/Macau).
Also added Cosmos stampings. RID: added Bruticus feet, Wedge treads,.
Windsheer wings, and Sideswipe tailights.
Beastwars: added Cybershark pic.

3-03-02:(VQ#34) RID: added pics and variants for the regular vs super car brothers,.
Megatron vs Galvatron, Megatron vs Cryotek, Gaskunk, .
Prowl missles, Skidz, Skybyte vs Cybershark, and Crosswise.

Prime: added RMT guide for telling nozzles apart.
Jets: added huge Thundercracker world review.
Also added RMT guide for telling apart landing gears.

RID: added Prime chest variants, and Skybyte color variants.
Package: added Skybyte warning label change.

Added two new sections to the site; Armada, and Other.
Also added new header image to the Patent Page.

Beastwars: added TM2 Megatron mold changes.
RID: added Cryotek variants, and changes between Megatron and Cryotek molds.

Autobots: added the 2 versions of Warpath.
Also added more Trailbreaker variant info.
RID: added Movor and MegaOctane variants.
Combiners: added Onslaught cammo variants.

vquanda: added new banner for vari-quest, created by crazysteve.

RID: fixed pic and filename for jrx team, uploaded correct pic (thanks, C!).

RID: added Railspike window variant pics.
VPackage: clarified RID train toy-variants as compared to package variants.

Decepticons: added new Frenzy/Rumble gun info.
Q and A: added a new Q/A section on 'what variations "count"'.
Stampings: added a paragraph on what the 'japanese blurks' mean on the manufacturer-.
stampings of tfs.

1-7-02:(variquest#33):Prime: added an ungodly amount of Prime trailer info.
Also added 2 reissue Prime acc pics.
Diaclone: added red Sunstreaker canopy variants. Also reformatted links secion on page.

Merry Christmas! Package: added RID train logo variants.
Botcon: added jumplinks, and a Masterforce review of Arcee.
Jets: Some slight reformatting, added jumplinks, and rubsign/canopy variants.
Decepticons: added Ginrai's Microman vs Reisue Megatron review.
also added pic of skullgrin canopy paint changes.
Prime: reformatted page, added jumplinks, and a ton of new part info.
Beastwars: added polarclaw robot eyes variant.
Autobots: modified wording to clarify Rewind/Eject variants.

Japanese/European: added a link to rework's g2 european gallery.

Valks:(off jetfire subsection of autobot page): added Ginrai's HUGE.
History of Macross/Mospeda:Click here!

Combiners: added RMT Guide for identifying Combaticon parts.

12-6-01:(VQ#32)RID: added pics and info on jrx team to the trains section. Also added .
comparison pics of Ruination versus G2 Bruticus. Also added Skybyte purple vs white teeth.
Autobots: added BB and CJ keyhcain info and pics. Also added G1 Inferno grill variant.
Prime: added another ginrai comparison pic to the reissue Prime section.
BeastWars: added polarclaw 'claw' variant.

RID: Added Zob's reviews of Ruination, Spychangers, and the 2-packs.
also added variations on the RID trains.
Autobots: added valk catalog pics to the jetfire section.

FastFood: added 'Commandrons' mc-changeables to the top of the page.

11-14-01:(vari-quest#31)RID: added pics of Rollbar variant.
Autobots: added Grapple grill variant. Also added add Magnus launcher and sm fist variants.
BeastWars: added Primal(monkey) arm variant.
Decepticons: added skullgrin fist variants. Also added Galvatron sticker variant.

RID: changed all image files to links for faster loading.
Botcon: changed all image files to links for faster loading.

Packaging: added two versions of RID combaticon cards.

Decepticons: changed all image files to links for faster loading.

BeastMachines: changed all image files to links for faster loading.
Decepticons: added additional info on the 2 kickback body variants.

Jets: changed all image files to links for faster loading.
Also added information and pics on inner fist variations.

Dinobots: changed all image files to links for faster loading.

updated shills section of the site with autocon posts.

Magnus: changed all images to links for faster loading. .
Also added info on the four magnus gun variants.

Prime: changed all image files to links for faster loading.

BeastWars: changed all images to links for faster page loading.

9-24-01:(vari-quest #30): Vquanda: added a page/link on 'who invented the first tf'.
Beastwars: added a song by turbo magnus :-).
Gestaults: added rub vs norub combaticons, and a 'mutant' Blastoff.
RID: added the autobot/decepticon 2-packs and variants.

Package: added RID towline with or without grill pack variant.

Patents: added Beachcomber, Sandstorm, Broadside, Gears, Mirage, Outback, .
Hardhead, The autobot and decepticon Cassettes, Devastator and the Constructicons,.
Superion, Hotspot, Blades, FirstAid, Swindle, Abominus and the Terrocons,.
Predacons and Predaking, Groove, Wildrider, Deadend, Vortex, .
Blastoff, Bruticus, Computron and the Technobots, Blitzwing, Ramjet, Dirge,.
Thrust, and Soundwave to the patents section. Whew!.

Gestaults: added Bruticus silver accs variants.
Rid: added Daytonus window variant. Also added CarRobots vs RID review.
Autobots: added PBS mold variants! Also, testing new page where all pics are now links.
Fast Food: changed most images to links to speed up loading.

Magnus: added chestplate info, and a paragraph on parts matching.
Fast Food: added pic of Arby's Beasts.

Pkg variants: added Jetfire, and several RID variants. .
Prime: added Ginrai variants.

Fast Food: added McBeastmachines, Dairyqueen, and Rally/Checkers toys.

Fast Food: added the McBeast Transmetal changers and variants.
Also added Wendybots and the original McBeasts.

(vari-quest 29)New! Added a new section on fast food tf variants.
RID: added predacon, spychanger, megatron, Xbrawn, and Magnus variants.

RID: added the Spychangers vs the G2 Gobots variants.

Pre-tf: added a second site to Mexican variants.

(Vari-quest28)Prime: added a new Prime variant.
Botcon: added the 2001 Botcon exclusive toys.
Decepticons: added Quake turret variant. Also added the third Reflector gun variant. .
Also added 3 variant Blitzwing swords and two variant guns. Also added Cyclonus wing variation.
Autobots: added Roadbuster color variants. Also added Perceptor.
scope variants. Also added Grapple/Inferno gun variants.
Gestaults: added Superion main gun mold variant.

Autobots: added Mirage launcher variant.
Variations Q and A: added two new pages on Hasbro/Takara molds.
Patents: added patents for Trypticon, Dreadwing, Flywheels, Squakbox, Squalktalk, Beastbox,.
Pounce, Wingspan, Mindwipe, Wierdwolf, Skullcruncher, Octane, Misfire, Triggerhappy, and .
several Microman. Also added a link to several new patent search options.

(vari-quest#27): Japanese/European tfs: added uk versions of G2 autobot cars. Also added.
MachAlert variations. Autobots: added Perceptor gun variants.

Gestault: added Computron accs variants and pics.

Magnus: added pics and info on the seven different large-fist variants.
Diaclone/Pre-Tf: added link to detailed pics of red tracks.

Patents: added Quickmix, Hound, Brainstorm, Cosmos, 4 Throttlebots, .
Tracks, Hound, Highbrow, Doublecross, Grotesque, Repungas, Powerglide,.
Slag, Airraid, Slingshot, Silverbolt.

Hotrod: added additional comparison pics of the original versus rerelease unit.
Dinobots: added pics on the slag tail variants. Also added g1 vs G2 gun variants.
Decepticons: added another pic of the Cyclonus 'transition' variant.

Decepticons: added additional Reflector robot variant info.
Dinobots: added Grimlock launcher variant.

Jap/Pre-TFs: added another link to the translator page. .
Autobots: added information on G2 Prime variants.
Decepticons: added the third Blitzwing variant.

Patents: added patents for Wheeljack, Sureshot, Sunstreaker, Seaspray, .
Metroplex, Perceptor, and Blaster.

Japanese/Euro Tfs: added a FOURTH variant catagory. Also added Motorvator variants.

Decepticons: added Blitzwing 'under-turret' and body variants.

5-15-01:(vari-quest#26) Autobots: added pbs gun variants.
MachineWars: added Starscream missle variant.
Dinobots: added Grimlock gun variant.

Decepticons: added 'transitional' Cyclonus variant.
Autobots: added Snarl leg-tab variant, and Slag tail-variant. .
Also added Hotrod re-release variants.

Autobots: added Sunstreaker canopy variant.

Patents: added Fortress Maximus. .
Dealer Rants: added dealer response/rant to dealer pricing section.

Patents: added patents for the following; Nightbeat, Sideswipe, Ruckus, Autoceptor, .
Lightspeed, Pointblank, Throttlebots, Streetwise, Breakdown, Tailgate, and Defensor.

Magnus: added additional information on chestplates and trailers.

BeastMachines: added Stryka, Rapticon,.
NightSlash Cheetor, Ultra Jetstorm, and Spystreak Variants.(whew!).
BeastWars: added Tripredacus Agent and variants.
The Rants: added dealer rant, and responses.

(vari-quest 25)tfm3m-area: increased the size of the error-section on toy guides.
to include pricing-rant cross-links.
Autobots: added round versus pointed Gen2 Rotorforce rotors.

Patent Page: brought link forward from the diaclone page to the main variant pages.

Autobots: added an exclusive section for UltraMagnus. Many NEW pics!.

Combiners: added Menasaur gestault accs variants.
Autobots: added Perceptor chest variants.

Autobots: added the 'full-armed' Ironhide variant.

Autobots: added Perceptor launch-tab variant.

(vari-quest#24):split the Dinobots into a seperate page from the Autobots.
Also created a new section for the upcoming RID line.

Autobots: added additional info and pics on Jazz mold changes.
Also added additional info and pics on Snarl mold changes.
Decepticons: added G2 Megatron tank variants.
Autobots: added dinobot Slag arm/fist variants.

Beastmachines: added Terranotron(plus variants).
and Rapticon to the Dinobots section. Also added Beastchanger canopy variants.
BeastWars: added Arachnid Micro playset variants.
Autobots: added AM Wheeljack color variants.

Decepticons: added G2 Ransack canopy variant.

Gestaults: added outline for 3-types of Devastator variants.
Also updated mold information on forearm launchers.

Gestaults: added Hotspot headlight variants.

BeastMachines: added lousy pics of the regular and recolor versions .
of Che and Mechatron.

2-14-01:(vari-quest#23)Autobots: added info and pics on mold changes.
between the two versions of Ratchet.

2-11-01:Vari_Q and A: added link to page of reasons/theories behind variations.
Japanese/European Tfs: added a new link to Rjung's Toy List.

Beastwars: added the bat Primal variant and pics.
Beastmachines: added recolor Mol back variant and pics.

Decepticons: Bombshell: added additional mold info and pics.
BeastMachines: added additional info and pics on PrimalPrime/OpOp variants.
Prime: removed mention of the possible 'hollow-hose' due to new info.

Autobots: added Jetfire gun-handle variant and pic.

2-2-01:(vari-quest#22) Optimus Prime: added info and pics on the reissue Convoy variant.
Also added additional pictures on the PMOP bumber variant. BeastMachines: added pics and info on BM RatTrap variant.

Jets: added additional solid-wing information and pics.
Gestaults: added pic and link to a second 'ArtGuy' piece.

Jets: added Thrust color variant and Ramjet wing variant.
BeastMachines: added Sonic Attack Jet variant to Jetstorm variants.

Jets: added main-wing peg variants (pics and info) on first three jets.

Japanese Tfs: added pics for Artfire and Stepper. Crosslinked to Autobots section.
Combiners: added pics of unreleased G2 Defensor and Mensasaur.

1-24-01:(vari-quest#21) Decepticons: added Soundwave gun variants.

Beastwars: Added pics of the third original tm airazor variant. .
Also added fuzor Noctorro variant, and a pic of the walrat variant.
BeastMachines: added pic of snarl mane variant. .
Autobots: added Ratchet/Ironhide gun variant.

Jets: added info/pics on the peg-variants to the main wings of the first three jets.

Autobots: substantially rewrote the section on Swoop; added 3rd variant, and more pics.
Also added Grimlock gold missle variant. Pkg variants: added Tankor boxart change.

1-5-01:(vari-quest#20) BeastMachines: added info and pics on the Deployer color variants.
Decepticons: added the Rumble/Frenzy gun molding variants.

Japanese/Euro tfs: added pics and info on Soundblaster variant.
Autobots: added Trailbreaker canopy variant.
BeastWars: added Mutants Soundwave and Razorclaw variants.
BeastMachines: added Hammerstrike head variant.
Combiners/Gestault: added unchromed mixmaster grill pic.

BeastMachines: added info and scan of BM Cheetor head variant.
Also added several new translator links to the pre-tf page.

Beastmachines: added pics of the Primal Prime recolor.

12-5-00:(vari-quest#19) Optimus Prime: added ridged versus smooth pm prime guns. Decepticons: added Kickback gun variant.

Autobots: added Grimlock chest-tab variants, and .
added Trailbreaker shoulder-screw variants.
BeastWars/BeastMachines: updated/crosslinked info on Optimal Optimus/Primal Prime Variants.

Beastmachines: added info and pics on the third Blastcharge variant.
Also added scans of the Skydive beak variant.

Autobots: added additional info on the Brawn variant. Also added a featured print from Dan the Art Guy! Foriegn Transformers: added info/link to Brazilian transformers.

11-11-00:(vari-quest#18)Autobots: added Hardhead leg variant.

BeastMachines: updated Jetstorm info. PKG Variants: added Machinewars basic asst pkg variants. Note: I will begin adding briefs about all foreign tfs currently listed on the site, and cross-link them to the Japanese/European page. I will begin with Optimus Prime.

Stampings: added Skywarp manufacturer stamping variants. Pre-Tf: added Godaikin information, links, etc. Foriegn Tfs: added link to Mexican variants.

BeastMachines: added pics for NightViper, Silverbolt, and Gekkobot variants. BeastWars: added original tm Rattrap (red) variants. Combiners: added G1 Brawl color variant.

Jets: added skywarp Lg-wing variants, and washer vs no-washer canopy variants. Autobots: added Swoop weapon variants, and additional wing mold changes.

10-29-00:(vari-quest#17) BeastMachines: added Blastcharge Variant. Added jumplinks to all.
parts of page, and also divided the jumplinks by factions. Also made mention.
of the upcoming NightViper, SilverBolt, and Snarl Variants. PrimeTime: added information on Canadian vs American hose/nozzle variants.

Japanese/European Tfs: substantially rewrote/revised this section. Lots of new info!.

Stampings/Rubbies: updated information, added Mixmaster and Bumblebee stamping pics.

Combiners: added Gen-1 Devastator forearm variants.
Also added information on the molding differences between the G-1 versions of Dev.

Pre-tf/Diaclone: doubled the size of the patent page, with a ton of new links.

10-11-00(vari-quest 16)Pre-Tfs: put the patent links to transformers on one easy-to-find page. BeastMachines: added Nightscream variant. Autobots: added Wheeljack cockpit variant.

Autobots: added a TON of patent links for various tfs (too-many to mention).
Pkg Variants: added a ton of info on Cheetor, Tarantulas, Injector, and Tigerhawk. BeastWars: added additional information and pics on the original cheetor variants. Also added information and pics on the tm Terrasaur beak variants. Diaclone/Pre-Tf: added two more links ( one microman and one diaclone).

Diaclone: added a translation link to the japanese diaclone net page.
PkG Variants: added error-packed MW Soundwave and BM Scavanger.

(vari-quest 15th issue!) Added Sinnertwin weapon variants to Combiners page.

Autobots: added narrow-headed Bumblebee variant. Pics Uploaded!.
Also added additional Magnus trailer peg and color info.
Combiners: added Hook mold-stamping variant. Pics Uploaded!.
Also uploaded pics of the variant chestplates to Blades and FirstAid.
Also uploaded pics of the variant Vortex weapons.

NEW! Created The Pre-Tf/Diaclone section! Pics Uploaded!.
Autobots: added Magnus trailer-light variant. Pics Uploaded! .
Decepticons: added tm Spinister canopy variant. Pics Uploaded!.

Autobots: added pics and additional info on the four jetfire variants.
BeastMachines: added info on Skydive beak variant.

9-19-00 (Vari-quest#14): BeastWARS: added pics and info on the third .
TM Tarantulas color variant. Also added info on the 'pink' TM AirRazor.

Beast Machines: added Thrust color variants.

BeastMachines: added Dinotron leg variant pics. Decepticons: added Quake chest sticker variant. Stampings/Rubbies: added info.

Autobots: added the fourth jetfire variant. Added a TON.
of pics for him as well. Enjoy. Botcon: added info and photos on the BC'00 Shokaract and ApelinQ.

Combiners: added the Gen-1 Devastator thumb-variants. PKG Variants: added the Fox Kids Recolor TM Rhinox variant pack.

(vari-quest #13) Decepticons: added the Bombshell gun variants, and the Buzzsaw/Lazerbeak gun variants. Decepticon Jets: added a section on 'fake' launchers/guns. Beastwars: added the fox kids tm waspinator, and added info on the blue/purple walrat variant. Optimus Prime: revamped the nozzle/hose variants section. .

Autobots: added the Gen1/Gen2 Jazz gun mold variant.

BeastWARS: added fuzor Airhammer head-color variant.

(vari-quest#12) BeastWARS: added the fox kids recolor Airrazor, and her variants. .
Also added the fox kids TM Rattrap color variant. BeastMACHINES: added the Scavanger tread variant. .
Also added variants to Gekkobot and Quickstrike.

Decepticons: added the three Ravage painted-eye variants.

PKG Variants: added a LOT of info, thanks to your submissions.

6-17-00 (vari-quest#11): AUTOBOTS: added the rest of the minibot mold/color changes. BEASTWARS: added the Op minor orange/red tail variant. PACKAGING Variants: added the framework, and the first few entries. Who-hoo!.

AUTOBOTS: added the Blurr sticker variation.

6-7-00:(vari-quest#10) Combiners: added the unchromed Menasaur sword variant. All Sections: added appropriate credit to all pics on vari-site.

Autobots: added the Mirage gun variant.

Decepticons: Reflector: added new info and photos on the gun variants. Autobots: made SIGNIFICANT changes to the section covering Hotrod, Blurr, and Kup. New info!.
Also added the Rodimus golden-spoiler/yellow-spoiler variant.

5-30-00:(vari-quest#9)Optimus Prime: added additional information and photos. Decepticons: added additional information on the Soundwave variants. Stamping/Rubbies: added the four Soundwave stamping variants (w/pics).

Combiners: added the gen-one devastator gun variants. Autobots: added info and pics on the variant Wreck-gar wheels.

(vari-quest#8): BeastMachines: added info on the Mirage color variant.

Decepticons: added updated information and photos on the Gen2 Megatron ATB.

Autobots: added additional info and pics on the Ratchet/Ironhide variants. Beastwars: Added photos of TM2 Scourge and TM2 BlackArachnia mandible variants.

BeastMachines: added Dinotron, Triceradon, and Buzzsaw color variants.

Autobots: added pics and info on the Ironhide/Ratchet red peg variation.

Mayday! :-) (Vari-Quest #7) BeastMachines: added Longhorn variant. Beastwars: added detailed info on the Tigerhawk variants.

Optimus Prime: added additional info and pics on the gun variants. MachineWars: added pics and info on the 8 carded units.

Optimus Prime: added pics and info on the the hose/nozzle variants.

Beastwars: added pics and info on the Optimal Optimus variants.

4-9-00:(vari-quest#6) Beastwars: added pics for the three Tigerhawk armor variants. Decepticons: added additional info and pics on the jet launcher variants; ie 'flat' versus 'beveled'. Also added pics and info on the Reflector missle variants.

Beastwars: added variant pics for Stinkbomb, Spittor, and Sonar. Autobots: added better Blaster scans. .

Beastwars: added pics for the TM2 Iguanas variant. Added pic for the fourth Scarem variation. Brokedown the jumplinks into specific groupings, and added section dividers.

4-2-00:(Vari-quest#5)created two new sections for the variants page,'Botcon Exclusives', and 'MachineWars Variants.' Uploaded pics for all BotCon Exclusives. Added information and pics on the rubsign indent variants on the insecticons, and the mold change on the Blurr gun. Added sections for the recolors on all the Gen2 Gobots to their respective affiliations.

added Pics of new BM variants, including cheetor, and scavenger. Added pics of Tigerhawk and Megatron to the BW page.

3-17-00(vari-quest#4): added the Omega Supreme leg armor variant. Added Actionmaster Jazz to the 'unconfirmed' pile. Pics uploaded.

added additional information and photos on the TM2 Cheetor and Ramulus variants to the Beastwars Page.

added Megatron Gen1 gun variant pic to decepticon section. Added pics of four tm op minors to the BM section.

(Vari-quest 3)Beastmachines: Added the first BeastMachines Variation; 
Jetstorm with 
deep-knee versus shallow knee, and one-pip versus 2-pip 
arms. Pics Uploaded.
Added a Join form for the Variations Quest mailer.
Beastwars: added pics for two more Op minor variants, bringing the total to four: silver, light gold, medium gold, and dark gold.
Tigerhawk: added light blue and dark blue, and small and large pupils to the site. Pics uploaded.
======= Constructicons: Gen 1 There is a rumor of two, possibly THREE different versions of the main gun for the original constructicons:
1. Large shallow rectangular-hole (box to me) in very back on each side, right above handle peg, smaller box-hole in front of that.
2. Same size boxes but deeper, and this small line right at the top of the gun straight above where the 2 boxes meet each other ends farther back. There's the #2 in the box on the right side of the gun. Truncated cone in back is much thinner than other 2.
3. Box in the back is smaller, front one is bigger, both as deep as #2, depression under line mentioned above is therefore wider from front of gun to back. #3 in right box. Cone is as thick as #1.

Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 13:26:13 -0800 (PST)
To: Vari-Quest Mailer
From: (Fred's Workshop)
Subject: Variations Quest, Issue 2: 2-29-00

Hello, All!

Yep, me again. I'm such a pest :-)

Just thought I'd pass along this month's variations, brought to us courtesy
of CrazySteve. Thanks, crazy! Up on the variations page, we have updated
photos for the Ultra-Magnus chestplate variant. Didn't know he had one?
Neither did we, until now! Appears that between the rubber and
plastic-wheeled versions, they hacked out (or added, if you prefer) a set of
three small cannons on either side of the center ridge of the blue
chestplate attachemnt. Photos uploaded!

In addition, we have a variant to Swoop! Yes, Swoop joins his Dinobot
buddies with a wing variation. One wingtype sports short tabs on the outer
dino-wing pieces, allowing the wings to dip down at an angle, while the
other version has longer tabs, keeping the wings ramrod straight at the
pivot! Photos uploaded! Now all we need is a variation to Sludge, and the
circle will be complete :-)

A variaton on Beastwars Grimlock has been found, thanks to Obe-1-kenoby.
Apparently, some of the later releases of that unit have ratcheting dino
legs (or robot arms, if you prefer) just like the Fox Kids Recolored
Dinobot! Not all of them...some still have smooth-rotating joints, like
original Dinobot...but one has to wonder exactly when and why they made the
change on Grimlock...and if we should call the recolor Fox Kids Grimlock,
instead :-) Kidding! No pics available at this time...mostly, I can't crack
open the arms without breaking them :-) But if you happen to have an extra
Beastwars Grimlock with ratcheting joints, let me know :-) I'd love to get
one from you.

More updates as they come in. As always, I encourage you to review M Siphers
text Complete Variations List for differences worldwide...and if you want
strictly American Variants, with pics, come see me!


An update from e-mail #1: We have someone who thinks they found item #3, and
#2 We await scans. As of this time, no one has come forward to me with
further information on the other two. I'm still waiting to hear back from
Greg, as he is the one who listed #s 1 and 4 on his site :-) Come-on, M!
Tell us what ya know!

#1 Yellow-eyed Hotspot
#2 Blue-eyed Silverbolt (to Magnaboss)
#3 Defensor fist-tab Variant
#4 Metal-wheeled Wreck-garr

As always, thanks for reading! And lets keep the information coming!


Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2000 08:36:22 -0800 (PST)
To: Vari-Quest Mailer
From:(Fred's Workshop)
Subject: Variations Quest: The First E-Mail

Hello, all!

If you are recieving this e-mail, then you and I have communicated about
Variations on the Transformers at some point. I've decided to create one
adddress book for this purpose :-) This way, I'm not repeating myself over
and over again to several different people. I can say it once, and
accomplish the same thing. 

As you all know, I am a collector of variations on the American Toy Line. To
that end, I've gone completely off the deep end in my collecting habits, to
the point of the well-known Needs List on my site, as well as dedicating a
large portion of aformentioned site to a listing of (and large numbers of
pics of) these variations. With all of your input, I've not only increased
my own collection of the known variants, but also, thanks to your help,
stumbled upon a number of previously-unknown variants. Who-hoo! Go, TEAM!

So why am I doing this e-mail seemingly so late in the game? Simple. Number
one, I'm actually still missing a number of variants. You folks are in the
best position to know what I am talking about, thus have a great chance of
possibly finding them...and hopefully selling/trading them to me :-) hehe.
Second, new variations are being discovered everyday...and I'd like to be
on-top of all these discoveries, both in terms of collecting, and in terms
of adding the info to my site/passing it along to others. We can hopefully
all help each other out.

So, what is there to do at this point? Well, if it interests you, it never
hurts to review MSiphers text Vari-list...and then, why not review Freds
Vari-List :-) (shameless plug) Hey, you never know what's been
missed...hopefully the extra entries, and the countless number of pics,
have filled in the blanks for some of you. All I ask is that you be
patient...with the number of pics, it takes a minute to load:


And what could be at the tail-end of this e-mail? Easy...the Question Forum
:-) There are a few items in particular that are still 'urban legends' in
the tf-variant kingdom...namely, we hear about them, but no one has offered
any solid proof. So here they are, in random order...let me know if you know
about them...or better yet, have them...or even better still, have one you
wnt to trade/sell me :-) hehe.

Yellow-eyed Hotspot
Blue-eyed Silverbolt (to Magnaboss)
Defensor fist-tab Variant
Metal-wheeled Wreck-garr

Thanks for reading!