Transformers Toy List


(Webmaster's Note: It seems that all the sites that used to keep such great toy lists aren't bothering to do it anymore. I began this list intending to document the Dark of the Moon line, but am now planning to keep this list going forwad. I am not going to go backwards, but will try to document everything from Dark of the Moon onward. If anything is missing or if I have any mistakes, please let me know. If you have any information to add, please send it to

Transformers 2010

Transformers Arms Micron

Transformers Bot Shots

Transformers Dark of the Moon

Transformers Dark of the Moon Japan Exclusives

Transformers Dark of the Moon Speed Stars

Transformers Generations 2010

Transformers Generations 2012

Transformers Kre-O

Transformers Movie Trilogy Series

Transformers Prime

Transformers Prime First Edition

Transformers Rescue Bots

Transformers Universal Studios Exclusives