Transformers Dark of the Moon

Cyberverse Action Sets Bumblebee (Wave 1)
  Starscream (Wave 1)
  Megatron (Wave 2)
  Optimus Prime (Wave 2)
  Shockwave (Wave 3)
  Ratchet (Wave 3)
Cyberverse Commander Optimus Prime (Preview w/3-D Glasses)
  Ironhide (Wave 1)
  Megatron (Wave 1)
  Optimus Prime (Wave 1)
  Sentinel Prime (Wave 1)
  Blackout (Wave 2)
  Powerglide (Wave 2)
  Optimus Prime (Battle Steel) (Wave 3)
  Hatchet (Wave 3)
  Sentinel Prime (Dark) (Wave 4)
  Guzzle (Wave 4)
Cyberverse Legion Barricade (Wave 1)
  Bumblebee (Wave 1)
  Crankcase (Wave 1)
  Sideswipe (Wave 1)
  Skids (Wave 1)
  Topspin (Wave 1)
  Bumblebee (Bolt) (Wave 2)
  Crowbar (Wave 2)
  Leadfoot (Wave 2)
  Mudflap (Wave 2)
  Ratchet (Wave 2)
  Bumblebee (Stealth) (Wave 3)
  Flak (Wave 3)
  Roadbuster (Wave 3)
  Starscream (Wave 3)
  Soundwave (Wave 4)
Cyberverse Multipacks Barricade (Legion), Bumblebee (Action Set), Crankcase
       (Legion), & Ironhide (Commander) (Cybertronain
       Warrior's Pack) [TRU]
  Bumblebee, Rodimus, & Soundwave (Legion) [Walmart]
  Bumblebee/Bumblebee & Starscream/Starscream
       (Legion) [TRU]
  Bumblebee (Legion) & Megatron (Commander) [Target]
  Bumblebee (Legion), Crowbar (Legion), Powerglide
       (Commander), Optimus Prime (Commander),
       Sideswipe (Legion) (Ultimate Gift Set) [Walmart]
  Crankcase (Legion), Optimus Prime (Action Set), &
       Ratchet (Legion) (Battle in the Moonlight) [TRU]
  Ironhide (Commander) & Leadfoot (Legion) [Target]
  The Ark w/Roller (Playset) & Sentinel Prime (Commander)
       (Special Value) [Target]
Cyberverse Playsets The Ark w/Roller
Deluxe Bumblebee (Wave 1)
  Crankcase (Wave 1)
  Roadbuster (Wave 1)
  Skids (Wave 1)
  Starscream (Wave 1)
  Ratchet (Wave 1)
  Barricade (Wave 2)
  Jolt (Wave 2)
  Sideswipe (Wave 2)
  Topspin (Wave 2)
  Bumblebee (Nitro) (Wave 3)
  Laserbeak (Wave 3)
  Mudflap (Wave 3)
  Thundercracker (Wave 3)
  Bumblebee (Cyberfire) (Wave 4)
  Ratchet (Specialist) (Wave 4)
  Air Raid (Wave 5)
  Topspin (Armor) (Wave 5)
  Dark Steel (Wave 5)
  Soundwave [Wave 6] [Australia, Japan Only]
  Wheeljack [Wave 6] [Australia, Japan Only]
  Bumblebee (Scanning) [TRU]
  Ironhide (Scanning) [TRU]
  Ratchet (Scanning) [TRU]
  Sideswipe (Scanning) [TRU]
  Arcee [Target]
  Bumblebee [Target]
  Jazz [Target]
  Space Case [Target]
  Bumblebee [Walmart]
  Optimus Prime [Walmart]
  Sideswipe (Sidearm) [Walmart]
  Optimus Prime (Lunar Fire) [Walmart]
  Roadbuster (Track Battle) [Walmart]
  Leadfoot & Twintwist [Target] [Canceled]
Human Alliance Basic Backfire with Spike Witwicky (Wave 1)
  Icepick with Seargeant Chaos (Wave 1)
  Sandstorm with Private Dedcliff (Wave 1)
  Thunderhead with Major Tungsten (Wave 1)
  Tailpipe with Noble (Wave 2)
  Whirl with Sparkplug (Wave 2)
  Drag Strip with Master Disaster (Wave 3)
  Half-Track with Major Altitude (Wave 3)
  Crosshairs with Seargeant Cahnay (Wave 4)
  Reverb with Seargeant Detour (Wave 4)
Human Alliance Deluxe Bumblebee (Stealth) with Sam Witwicky (Wave 1)
  Skids with Sargent Epps and Elita-1 (Wave 1)
  Roadbuster with Seargeant Recon (Wave 2)
  Soundwave (Wave 3) [Australia, Japan Only]
  Leadfoot w/ Seargeant Detour and Steeljaw [Target]
Leader Bumblebee (Wave 1)
  Sentinel Prime (Wave 1)
  Ironhide (Wave 2)
Burger King Bumblebee
  Optimus Prime
Mini-Cons Catilla [BBTS & ?]
  Ravage [BBTS & ?]
  Triceradon [BBTS & ?]
  Dualor [BBTS & ?]
Miscellaeous Items Play Doh Transformers Autobot Workshop Set
  Play Doh Transformers Set
  Optimus Prime Ride-On
  Bumblebee Ride-On
  Optimus Prime Wagon
  Optimus Prime Electric Vehicle
Multipacks Optimus Prime (Voyager) & Comettor (Deluxe) (Bonus
       Pack) [Walmart]
  Bumblebee (Deluxe) & Backfire with Sam Witwicky
       (Human Alliance Basic) (Autobot Daredevil Squad)
  Sideswipe (Human Alliance Deluxe) & Icepick with
       Seargeant Chaos (Human Alliance Basic) (Flash
       Freeze Assault (Human Alliance) [K-Mart]
  Bumblebee (Leader) & Starscream (Deluxe) (Bonus
       Pack) [Walmart]
  Bumblebee (Deluxe), Optimus Prime (Voyager), &
       Shockwave (Voyager) (Streetside Bot Brawl) [TRU]
Robo Power Activators Bumblebee (Wave 1)
  Optimus Prime (Wave 1)
  Starscream (Wave 1)
  Megatron (Wave 2)
  Topspin (Wave 2)
  Bumblebee (Recon) (Wave 3)
  Ironhide (Wave 3)
Robo Power Bash Bots Bumblebee vs. Megatron (Wave 1)
  Optimus Prime vs. Starscream (Wave 1)
Robo Power Battle Masks Bumblebee
  Optimus Prime
Robo Power Costumes Bumblebee
  Optimus Prime
Robo Power Cine-Masks Bumblebee
  Optimus Prime
Robo Power Go-Bots Bumblebee (Wave 1)
  Sideswipe (Wave 1)
  Optimus Prime (Wave 2)
Robo Power Revving Robots Bumblebee (Wave 1)
  Optimus Prime (Wave 1)
Robo Power Robo Fighters Bumblebee (Wave 1)
  Ironhide (Wave 1)
  Optimus Prime (Wave 1)
  Starscream (Wave 1)
  Megatron (Wave 2)
  Roadbuster (Wave 2)
Robo Power Role Play Weapons Energon Shock Sword
  Optimus Prime Cyber Blaster
Supreme Optimus Prime (Jetwing) (DA-15) []
Voyager Ironhide (Wave 1)
  Megatron (Wave 1)
  Optimus Prime (Wave 1)
  Shockwave (Wave 2)
  Skyhammer (Wave 2)
  Optimus Prime (Fireburst) (Wave 3)
  Sentinel Prime (Wave 3)
  Ironhide (Cannon Force) (Wave 4)
Voyager (RotF) Starscream [Target]
  Ratchet [Target]
Ultimate Optimus Prime
  Optimus Prime [SDCC2011]
  Optimus Prime (Year of the Dragon) []