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All you'll ever need to know about getting rid of them!

"Getting rid of it when you have too-much..."

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This section was created after years of 'doing it the old way'; buying anything that Hasbro put out as long as they slapped a Transformers logo on it (remember Animorphs? Blearg). This is great for most folks, but there's always going to be that tiny fraction of people who wake up one day and realise that maybe, just maybe, this culture we're being spoon-fed isn't all there is.

This page is for them.

Call me old-school, if you must, but back in my day (sic) TFs were about something. They were characters that you could fall in-love with, not the power-ranger-style cardboard cutouts you see today.

Want to know more? Then read the articles below, and with any luck, you might be able to wake least for a moment.

Before the spectacle captures you again.

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