Fred's Fabulous 2011 Comicon Adventure!!

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There's not much to tell. My adventure started with Bozo the Clown and ended at Denny's.

There might have been one or two interesting experiences in-between. :-)

I set myself a limit this year. I would stop buying when I filled up my bag. Needless to say, I plan to take a much larger bag next year :-) I can't say I miss the big vendors (mattel, dc) setting up. There was more room in the aisles, plenty of famous people for autographs, and... a lot of weirdness.

I love being able to blend in to a crowd.

So, let's see... ran into those fine folks over at the cheesehead garrison, saw phil, got my picture taken with both R2D2 and a Dalek. Got to fondle Supergirl.

The Flash has slowed down in recent years:

There were three different Batmans, at least that many of Rogue. I think my favorite was a Stormtrooper in a hawaiian shirt. There were a number of wonderful costumes... and a few folks that really, really didn't belong in *any* costume. I won't say which, but if you look at the pictures, I'm sure you'll figure out who I mean. Far be it for me to judge.

This was the least I'd spent at a convention in a long time. I definately have to do this again next year.

I get a Free meal at Denny's with every person I take with me.