Saving Shrome Before it Flakes

I've read about Krylon Crystal Clear paint, thanks to numerous posts from BW Sidecutter archived in Deja. I was wondering if anyone can give me more information on it, such as cost, will it discolor over time (as I've heard some finishing products can do), personal experiences in general?

BW Sidecutter: "Krylon 1303 Crystal Clear Acrylic, yep. Hehe, good, maybe people will ask about that less often now if they'd just look it up. No, it won't yellow, sothe maker says. Everything I've treated is still just fine and dandy and glossy as day one."

If I do spray PriPri, should I do the insides of the arms and boots too? Would I have to unscrew the components to treat them, or is there a way to do this as is?

BW Sidecutter: "Well, there's obviously no reason to spray the insides of lower legs. If chrome chipped there, after all, you'd never even know, much less care, I imagine, since it wouldn't be visible. Spray all the visible parts for sure, and feel free to spray non-visible ones as well, to protect against possible progressive chopping starting from an unprotected area (though, honestly, chrome chipping in an area that never gets any wear or tear of any kidn is unlikely.

Quite simply, taking the chromed parts apart from the rest, where practical or possible, is the best way to go. In a case like Ultra Jetstorm or Black Convoy (Laser Op Repaint) I'd suggest you remove anything you can, like ball jointed limbs, and mask the rest off. I'd suffest using sheets cut from the sides of plastic grocery bags and masking tape to mask things off.

If you're worried about losing springs or screws, as PriPri has, I'd suggest removing the arms at the shoulders and "exploding" the blast armor off the lower arms. Then just mask the lower arms off from elbow all the way down to keep the spray off. For screws, here's what I do. Take a peice of cardboard or hard foam panel packing stuff. As you remove each screw, place it into the foam or cardboard to keep it from getting lost, and insert them in a pattern roughly approximating their position on the toy (putting a screw back in a differnt hole can actually result in stripping the hole out so the screw doesn't grip well). For one with a lot of screws, you might want to mark next to each one to remind where it goes. "LST" could be marked to mean it's the upper (top) of two screws in the left shoulder."

Any suggestions on doing the shoulder gears? They look like they may be the trickiest part of all.

BW Sidecutter: "Shouldn't be especially tricky, looking at my PriPri. As a general rule of thumb though, always take things apart *carefully* and slowly, and note where everything goes before it has a chance to rattle, fall, or pop out of a position so you know how to reassemble it correctly. Soundwave and Omega Supreme's tank were good lessons on this for me. If you need to, make a little sketch to remidn yourself, but very few toys are that internally complex."

Should I stuff some paper inside the peg holes while spraying, or will it be fine?

BW Sidecutter:"The holes ought to be just fine, as long as you don't overspray and cause buildup inside them, but feel free to stuff them full of paper towel or something to be sure."

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