NAME = Arthur
variquest = kudos
variquest = I was reading your page on Dealers and their Magazines. I came across the section about the fake Lucky Draw Black God Ginrais, and noticed Spencer mentioned as a displacement of blame from some other party. If it matters, I've done business with Spencer several times and each time he has come up with quality goods and even given me deals. I've seen his customs come up periodically and he does, indeed, sell them as what they are: his creations. Outside of this record of the bad Black Ginrais on eBay, I've never heard "Spencer" and "ripped off" in the same paragraph. I guess, what I'm trying to say, or ask, is would you consider giving some mention to Spencer's reputation as an addendum to this fiasco? Just to end his unfortunate mention in that scam on a higher note. It just seems like he was sorta passed over, there.