Toy Reviews

Here is a collection of toy reviews. These can all be found in links from the variation pages, and most of them are heavily geared towards variation information, but they are collected here for your easy access. We hope to add many more reviews in the future.

Generation 1

Mexican Hoist
Maz's review of Mexican Hoist.

Mexican Skywarp
Maz's review of Mexican Skywarp.

Argus's review of the Motorvators.

Red Alert & Smokescreen
Zob's review of TRU Reissue Red Alert and Smokescreen.

Rodimus Prime
Zob's review of TRU Reissue Rodimus Prime.

Maz's review of EVERY version of Thundercracker (G1).

Ultra Magnus
Zob's review of TRU Reissue Ultra Magnus.

Robots in Disguise

Axer and Sideways
Zob Reviews Axer and Sideways.

Landfill vs. Build King
Particle's review of Landfill (RID) vs. Build King (Car Robots).

Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus
Particle's review of Optimus Prime & Ultra Magnus (RID) vs. Fire Convoy & God Magnus (Car Robots).

Ruination vs. Bruticus
Zob's review of Ruination (RID) vs. Bruticus (Car Robots).

Scourge vs. Lazer Optimus Prime
Zob's review of the mold differences between Scourge (RID) and Lazer Optimus Prime (G2).

Spychangers Zob's review of Spychangers (RID) vs. Gobots (G2)


Urban Camo Ruination
Zob's Review of Armada Urban Camo Ruination.


Zob's review of Universe Depthcharge.


Super Scramble Base Bot and Land Bison
Fred reviews Super Scrambe Base Bot and Land Bison.

721 Combination
Fred reviews 721 Combination.