Frequently Asked Questions

How to Use This Site:

  • Do Not use Freds Workshop in water or near any electrical appliance.
  • Choking Hazard. Do not Eat Freds Workshop.
  • Do Not View Fred's Workshop. Set computer down carefully back slowly away.
  • Remember, Only You can prevent forest fires.
What IS Fred's Workshop?

Fred's Workshop is not a website! It is a set of aesthetic tactics for surviving the contradictions of life in a media-saturated, globalized, repulsively excessive capitalist society by poking fun through a shared knowledge set.

It is produced by a diverse assemblage of Transfandom, whose primary commonality is an ambivalent relationship towards the excess of the Franchise. Fred's Workshop engauges with and responds to deeper meanings within the fandom. It ironically performs to the cliches and representations of popular culture, reinvesting those concepts with hilarious new meaning through the Transformers subtext. It is the function of this website to blur the distinction between celebration and critique, and ultimately complicate any clear-cut or even theoretical opposition to the the bulk of the Hassenfeld excess.

Which makes their inclusion of us into their own Universe either the ultimate hilarity... or the most insidious counter-measure ever.

I'm quaking in my boots.